Mare di Carta Bookshop, Venice-NAVIGAR IN LAGUNA

I’m here today to talk to you about my bookshop Which is an independent bookshop And my little publishing house We publish mainly books on maritime And laguna matters I would like to show you my preferred book of my publishing house Which is called Navigar in Laguna The two authors are Lele Vianello and Guido Fuga Lele is a very interesting painter and he also publishes comics And the book talks about the islands And some stories that come from the fishermen Or the old people My bookshop is specialised in maritime Because I started sailing when I was a four I always liked water I swim, I kayak and water is very important for me And it is very important for Venice So I think it is a very good link between our business And the town I’ve always been a very good reader so I have the chance to mix my passion Which is the sea and the sailing And my professional field which is the books I’m very happy every morning to wake up And say “OK today I’m going to work to Mare di Carta” I think it’s not every day that you can say every morning “I’m happy to go to work”!

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