Meet the Pyro

Meet the Pyro

♫ [Team Fortress intro music] ♫ I fear no man. But that thing… it scares me. (Masked breathing) No, I… I ain’t, I ain’t talking about that freak, alright? He’s not here, is she? How do I get this f#@%ing thing off!? One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask. [O.S.] What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty? ♫ Do you believe in magic? ♫ ♫ In a young girl’s heart… ♫ ♫ how the music can free her whenever it starts. ♫ ♫ And it’s magic, if the music is groovy. ♫ ♫ It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie. ♫ ♫ I’ll tell you about the magic, it’ll free your soul, ♫ ♫ but it’s like trying to tell a stranger about rock and roll. ♫ [Heavy screams!] ♫ If you believe in magic… ♫ ♫ don’t bother to choose. ♫ ♫ If it’s jug band music or rhythm and blues. ♫ [Scout screams!] ♫ Your feet start tapping and you can’t seem to find… ♫ ♫ how you got there, so just blow your mind. ♫ No! [Medic screams!] ♫ If you believe in magic, come along with me. ♫ ♫ We’ll dance until morning, just you and me. ♫ ♫ And maybe, if the music is right… ♫ I’m burning! [Scout screams!] Help! [O.S.] Aaahhh! ♫ [Team Fortress closing theme music] ♫ ♫ If you believe in magic… ♫ ♫ [Whistling.] ♫

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  1. People still come back to these videos to this day. It warms my heart… but that thing… Team Fortress 2 is dying … it scares me.

  2. Pyro is the most badass character because if you can drive fear into people's hearts (some who kill for a living) you definitely deserve respect from me.

  3. I got a theory about Pyro and I wanna share it with all of you. What Iwill tell u is in my imagination not real. U know how Pyro mumbles in his mask all the time when Pyro talks? U how to atleast understand him a little bit. Pyro might be a man who has bandages wrapped around his half burnt face and showes us one of his eyes are normal and the other one is kinda messed up. I heard a bunch of theories about Pyro being a female, I'm not saving there wrong maybe they are right mine is just a theory coming from my imagination. U can see a red/blue bag with a flower on it, they may be right that pyro is a female but what I think is that Pyro is a gay male. But thats just my theory (Pls comment about my theory and tell me what u think).

  4. Pyro is probably scared about death and pain and sadness so mann. Co invented the pyrovision goggles so he wont be scared about all the death hes caused

  5. 1:52 this part always terrified me, how sniper looks up in desperation looking for help and screams at the realization it is the pyro
    that fuckin head turn with the fire in his eyes, that was the most terrifying for me

  6. I honestly feel bad for pyro.

    He thinks she's helping a bunch of helpless children, and after breathing in too much gas, he starts seeing these things, while in reality she's murdering hundreds.

  7. I dont even think pyro knows this is a war and his goggles are whats making him see his fantasy-world, and the worst part about it is that for the others it seems pyro has no empathy over them but pyro dosen't know this and he thinks he is just helping everyone.

  8. Saeko Busujima: "I Fear No Man… But That Thing"

    Fang From Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal

    Saeko Busujima: "It Scares Me"

  9. Now, let’s be really honest here. Pyro has no clue that this is a war. The goggles are making him see what he’s seeing. So don’t call Pyro insane.

  10. If there's one thing i hate the most, then it's hearing a human scream at the top of their lungs while burning. Poor Sniper.

  11. How the meet the pyro vid wants you to feel: this mumbling psychotic abomination lives in a fake fantasy that he believes is real, the actions he commits is horrific and gruesome and he doesn't even know what he's really doing.
    What most pyro mains think: I can't wait to play as my fursona!

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