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  1. Don’t worry UVA.You got this.You are my favorite and I think you will make it to NCAA tournament Champions.And hi Ty Jerome.

  2. I love VA but why is Jay Huff a 5 star recruit on bench all game and a 5ft 7 guy in clark plays and get eat up by guys half foot taller.Dont make sense to me.

  3. stop recruiting 5'7 players and maybe u dont have excuse every time u lose a game opponent is more physical. I mean umbc is more physical team. Its actually getting old.

  4. Florida State is better than people here are giving them credit. Great size and very physical! Credit where do! UVA will be ready for the tournament. May have been a blessing?

  5. Tony needs to be able to make in games adjustments. It's like he's unwilling to make changes in the game. Make changes and tweak the line up. Clark had no business being in the game. Line up needs to change after this, it's one and done after this. UVa should be the number one over all seed they have the best record over all.

  6. Florida State was good last night. Hit big shots and were more physical. FSU is hot right now. They are no pushover. Go Hoos! Let’s make it all the way!!!

  7. Why can't coach Bennett see that Clark is overmatched during crunch time. Even before crunch time, during the last two games before Florida State, when he played almost all both first halfs, we were behind at the end of the halfs. I'm a former basketball coach and I can't understand a 5'8" player trying to guard much taller players or why he constantly drives toward the basket and either loses the ball, gets swatted or passes out to other players. We have much more competent players without the size problem.

  8. As painful was this was for Tony, Guy, Jerome and the whole team, and after 24 hours of letting this sink in, I think it may turn out to be not a blessing but helpful. Now this group has tasted fresh the agony of defeat. It will only make them more focused and determined to not experience this heartbreak again. Go Hoos. We wish you luck. You deserve it.

  9. great ending; from coach….I am pretty blessed….God love Charlotte, God love Virginia, God love ACC and God love basketball…..jeff

  10. If UVA wants a title, it's time to play the top 7 recruiting class that we've waited years to see. Jerome, Guy, Hunter, Diakite, and Huff. That squad will hang a banner, and I simply don't understand why this lineup is not utilized.

  11. Is it just me, or is Kyle Guy saying "I don't think this is anything to hang our hat on?" instead of "hang our heads on? I noticed that in another post-game presser too, but I thought I was hearing him wrong.

    Kyle: If you're saying "hat," you might want to correct it next time to "heads." The meaning is quite different for the two sayings. (You're welcome. Good luck in the FF. Lot of folks in Wisconsin rooting for UVA because of your coach.)

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