Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems’ wealth tax plans, new book

Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems’ wealth tax plans, new book

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  1. If you give away 1000 dollars to people who do not want to work then isnt it unfair to workers who have to work to make that 1000 dollars? Or do you plan on giving them a 1000 dollars too? And if you do wouldnt they just take a few days off and not work either? The dems, drowning in hatred and ignorance.

  2. If people cant move up in society due to background records, lack of opportunity, or affordable education,  Of course they will take free money why wouldn't they? They have already been kicked out of social circles, and the economy at large, and mocked for their poverty for quite a long time. Don't see that changing much, to much resistance.   How many outcasts does America want, they already got 1/3rd the country.
    Democrats offer money and Trump offers Jobs.  Who will win i wonder.

  3. 8 steps to topple a nation and create a socialist state

    1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

    2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

    6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

  4. Problem with his logic. The ones that dont have to pay the 97.5% will finally have chance to create. These people need to QUIT and STOP protecting the billionaries that got their wealth from commit crimes DAILY and destorying competiton through monopoloy. Income inequality is a huge issue, we need to face it head on. We tried giving tax brakes to the fortune 500, what did they do? yep buy their own stock…. thats enough.

  5. Beware of governments & politicians promising to give away money, housing, food, medical services and free education all in exchange for giving up your rights & freedoms. That is not realistic. They can not deliver. Where do you think the money is going to come from? If you buy into their lies you will end up paying for it with your life. Ask the people in Venezuela, China, Hong Kong, any Communist country. Don't believe the propaganda.

  6. And when you have Bernie with 3 mansions empty with all these homeless, what is he doing about it? "Nothing just talk"

  7. Mike Rowe is like a good bottle of wine. Mike, why in God’s good earth are you living in the hellhole that has become California? Move to Florida ASAP! No state taxes and we have a wonderful Republican Governor that keeps making Florida greater.

  8. Mike, I now know why you have always been one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE. You make so much sense in a place where sense has flown out the window. Thank you.

  9. Want to know why there's a special group of people having such a large amount of wealth?
    It's because of people like Sanders.

    I mean after all they were the ones that doctor the financial books, create all sorts of excuses to carry larger debts, with an extended period of payment time, instead of paying debts off reasonably they have become worse than drug addicts when it comes to spending, thus ultimately have allowed a run away inflation.


  11. Beware of Democratic campaign promises, they will dig deeper into your pocketbook and fill their own pockets with your taxes and spend your tax dollars as they please with no accountability to the American people.

  12. Rich elite Democrats don't give a dam when 20 u.s. military veterans are committing suicide daily .
    Ask Democratic house speaker Nancy Pelosi where did she get over 400million dollars in her own posession while serving the Democratic party and also ask Nancy Pelosi where did billions of u.s. dollars come up unaccountable, missing and disappeared while she is serving the American people. And the crisis at the u.s. southern border is a calculated assault on hard working Americans worker's pay checks deduction to pay for illegal immigrants and socialism in America. American , taxpayers, don't you think the Democratic party are indorcing criminal behavior and should be fine and arrested. Sanctuary cities indorce criminal Democratic party
    allowing 17 million undocumented illegal immigrants to meddle in American politics and elections is treason against American citizens an attempt to overthrow American sovereignty, security and government.
    Don't you think that is criminal and an act of treason against American citizens and should be the job of the national guard to probe illegal documents from Mexico and undocumented illegal immigrants in America.

  13. The United states of America to reinstate the u.s. communist control act of 1954 and remove those communist insurgents out of American government.

  14. The American national guard to arrest any business employees, schools teachers, public or state job employees or organizations that are in violation of the u.s. code law 1324 and 1325 heavy fines and arrest and long term probation. Too stop the calculated assault on hard working Americans worker's pay checks deduction to pay for illegal immigrants and socialism in America indorced by the criminal Democratic party.

  15. Oh yeah a whole 1000 dollars? I can pay my rent on time for once. Smh…I'm gonna be rich of this..maybe be able to get my head above water for a min and breathe.

  16. If a gun grabbing democrat becomes president you can expect a serious uptic in the current pace of Civil War 2.0 against the federal government.

  17. My own Mel Brooks story.
    I was 8 years old and spent the day on the 20th Century Fox Studios backlot with my family. My Grandmother had some pretty famous friends. At the end of the day. I stopped to use the commissary bathroom. A man stepped up to the urinal next to me. It was Mr. Mel Brooks.
    I had lunch with Walter Matthau and pee'd with Mel Brooks. It was a great day but strange day.

  18. Bernie’s quote about the rich at the start of the video. Said by the man worth over $2 million….who’s now in the top 1%. My guess is the Bern will hide his money in off shore accounts to avoid paying his own tax plan. What a joke.

  19. Tax the rich, . . .smoke and mirror argument.  The wealthy already have their money. You can only tax their active investments and interest on the money they already have.  Don't be stupid sheep. Understand that if we tax their investments and interest two things will occur, . . .they will limit their investing (destroying the economy) and they will still have their millions and billions. Unless of course the Left is really talking about confiscating their money.

  20. The Republican party is finished. Seventy percent said they supported providing "Medicare for all," also known as single-payer health care. TheReaper!

  21. Mike Rowe is an idiot. Not only will I refuse to watch anything he is in, I turn off the shows where he has done the voiceover work.

  22. Every time the Democrats talk about taxing the wealthiest. I hold my wallet tight and I'm not even close to being one the wealthiest. People need to realize when the Democrats talk about taxing it's going to be the ones of us that has a job and goes to work every day. Wake up America.

  23. Just on Bernie's intro. Isn't stealing from productive people to do unproductive things immoral? We can slice and dice that up, I am one that strongly believes in charity, but not at the point of gun. We had solved human poverty for the most part until government stepped in. Government pushed out the family, church and look at what's left? We don't even have mental institutions and trust me, I live near a big town, mayor rainbow brights big town. The homeless are attracted here like the bears getting fed in the zoo and a great deal of them would be probably safer not in the streets. Our mayor has gone out of his way in making our big town comfortable to the cost of the productive, meanwhile the solutions he's tried only made more problems. Government isn't the solution. It's the problem. Expecting the same entity that made the problem to magically fix the problem it made is the definition of insanity. I believe the American people would be far more better off in the long run without all that insanity, plus the cost of their insanity.

  24. Why are the rich so hated by the left????? What's wrong with being rich as long as it was gotten legally or with work??

  25. a wealth tax? considering the money they've squandered? they looted the social security fund. and now they want more. a fire is more satisfied than they will ever be.

  26. Mike Rowe does not know how a wealth tax works or is deliberately lying about how a wealth tax works because he is rich. You don’t get taxed at a 92 percent on all of your wealth. You get taxed at that rate once you hit a certain threshold. The elitist mindset of calling everyday Americans lazy after showing a basic fundamental lack of knowledge on taxing is disgusting. No reason to buy his book of stories He overheard or read from another book. Mike Rowe is a talentless hack.

  27. If you ever have the chance to listen to Mike talk, make every effort to listen because he is very intelligent, sincere, succinct, honest humble and down to earth.
    A great role model for any young realist with the courage to face facts and have a go at life.
    I'm certainly buying his book.
    Congratulations Mike and goodluck.
    Bob. Australia.

  28. If the wealthy Americans want to give away their money, that is THEIR Prerogative, NOT YOURS, Mr. Sanders. I strongly feel that through charity and other religious/non-religious groups you can serve the poor. But basically FORCING rich people to give up their money only causes resentment in the long-term. But hey, if YOU, Mr. Sanders, want to give all of your money away to homeless people, GO RIGHT AHEAD!!!

  29. Don’t think for a second these liberals are trying to make people’s lives better!!! They truly hate this country. They want to bankrupt wealthier people to force our country to financially crash. So they can push for they’re socialist / communist agenda!!!

  30. F$%K ME!! I have always loved Mike! We need someone like him in 2024. Such intelligent common sense and, dare I say, wisdom. He is definitely a Patriot. How much are you?

  31. Yes mike for president!! He has good conservative ideas and thinks well and he knows how Americans work for there country.

  32. Here's four very wealthy people afraid the status quo will change. Their healthcare is fine. They have a few million stashed away for retirement and elder care. What's all the fuss?

  33. Pareto disruption? No, laws of the universe only applies to Literally Everything. From Galaxy clusters to stars to planets to atmosphere to oceans to life to molecular structures into the quantum realm into life into society into wealth and into anything and everything that can observe. There will ALWAYS be those who have just about all of it. Unless the rebound of reality is what they plan for…

  34. Sanders is a f——-g commie as well as the rest of demo circus . They want my guns and my $$$ . Let them try !!!

  35. So this is the real Amrica? Nasty hate people…. I mean.. reading the reactiios… It is like going to Hitlers blog…. Lot of Nasty in America… But fascinating seing an Empire destroying them self on life tv and social media. Realy… amazing. Fox… from the Murdoch fascist family.. destroying a country…. realy amazing.

  36. Wealth taxes are sold to the public in a very palatable way. Should some people have a thousand times more than everyone else? Maybe, maybe not. But that "wealth tax" almost always turns out to be a tax the middle class pays.

    When they talk about the horrible weathly people they're really talking about you and me any other person who makes a reasonably good living. It will be us who takes care of many who genuinely need help and others who just as genuinely rob the system.

  37. Hi bernie, how big are your houses. How about you give your cash away. Na!

    Talk the talk. Can't walk… Hypocrisy

    Wanting others to have a leg up is not exactly a unique or perogative of one party. Left people make it sound like they make people's lives better. Exclusive to them. That's just not true.

  38. I do agree that wealth taxes are stupid. There are good reasons why almost all of the EU countries that tried it no longer have it. I'm against income taxes in general as they discourage work for the vast majority of people. I'm much more in favor of consumption taxes as they discourage frivolous consumption. I do agree that the main concern of a ubi is determining how much and how to keep it from continually increasing. Though I don't really agree with the idea that humans are generally lazy. I think that the average base state of a healthy human is one of curious exploration. I think that what often comes across as lazy is in fact a human in a diseased state whose body is instinctually lowering its energy expenditure in order to try and maximize the amount of energy allocated to fighting the disease. I think one of the most promising aspects of a ubi is that it takes into account areas and activities in life which produce value that the market doesn't. This is very important as the current means tested programs lock the recipient into existing established avenues of market accepted value creation. But that leaves very little room for the individual to adapt and change in our continually changing society, a society that is becoming increasingly complex and changing at an increasing rate. A ubi greatly increases the populations adaptability by creating something of an economic area of redundancy. It is the economic equivalent of how the body overcompensates and builds more muscle when you stress it by working out. Antifragility in a sense.

  39. The democrats running are either…A) Blithering Idiots. B) Evil as Sin. C) On Drugs. D) or All the Above….. Any answer could be taken to the square root if needed (This is only used to pronounce emotional and mental disgust ).

  40. Berniey sanders explain what number wealthy is? how much are you giving away first? and last of all, how will you stop the person next to me that has more then i from living the country?

  41. the fair share argument is incoherent. Fair is a word children use when they don't get their way. It's not an objective truth to base any kind of policy around.
    Reform the tax code to get rid of the income tax, which hurts the poor and the middle class. Rich people don't earn income.

  42. ..thats 3 million sleeping on the street BY CHOICE! (ask EVERY ONE of them where all the drugs and drug dealers are located , and you'll get DIRECT answers!), and 3 % of people owing 1/2 the wealth CAUSE THEY MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES, DAILY!!!!
    ..lets be clear Muppet character Bernie. Stop coveting your neighbors goods!

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