MurrMurr ASMR első videója – az üvegcsupor visszatér – glass tapping

MurrMurr ASMR első videója – az üvegcsupor visszatér – glass tapping

Hi! some of you may already know i was MurrMurr ASMR once it is okay too if you haven’t heard of what is MurrMurr ASMR whatever so my point is, that I had a channel which i started in 2018, February it was a couple months old then I deleted it all of the videos are lost except one the very first one in which I am tapping and scratching on a glass mug I’d like to show you this video again I hope you will like it enjoy the video! awkward outro Hi Welcome on my channel this is my first asmr video I’d ike to say sorry in advance because of the image and audio quality I am doing my best I gladly accept constructive criticism I am kind of new in this topic I got to know the concept of asmr in 2017, September ever since then i have been eager to discover it as I see this community is very conforming and kind and I’d like to be part of it in this video I am going to be tapping and scratching on a glass mug enjoy! *tap*tap*tap* thank you for watching the video!

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  1. A körmeidet követvén talán jobban elálmosodom, mint az üvegnek a hangjától. 😄 De különben sokat fejlődtél azóta. 🙂

    Alapvetően éjjeli bagoly vagyok, nem gondoltam volna, hogy 8 elő… 😪💤

  2. Szerintem jó lett, már a régi videód is, a lényege megvolt, ellazított. De nagyon sokat fejlődtél az óta☺️

  3. That is so incredible for a first video 👏 I love glass scratching, that part gave me so many tingles😍 And thank you for the subtitles😃

  4. Hahahh ugyan ezt az üveget vásároltam meg a coopban 1-2 éve, csak sárga kockás tetővel. A ruhádat és a körmeidet meg imádom ^^ Kár, hogy a többi videó elveszett 🙁

  5. hello my friend ^ㅡ^ are you beauti youtuber right?? 😝😝😝kkkk i was subscribed your channel i will wait next video kkkk if you have any time, please visit my channel and converaation🙏🙏

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