My Crush™ on Crafting

My Crush™ on Crafting

If you’ve got a crush, now is the time to
show it! With the sweet new My Crush™ line it’ll be easier than ever to show off all the things you LOVE about your life. My Crush™ books are the perfect home for all of your ephemera and memorabilia. The pages in the books are designed with a variety of fun patterns, and quotes,
frames and photos to help draw attention to your memories and
keepsakes. You can also purchase coordinating embellishments
and stamps to go with your My Crush™ book of choice. My Crush™ books are designed to reflect
your personality. You can be as organic and whimsical as you
would like with the design. Don’t worry about making a perfect layout these books are a place for you to crush in
all of your memorabilia in a fun and interesting way. Let me walk you through a few of the different
ways you can use the versatile book. In this book, the In the Pink – My Crush™, I had a friend, Erin, who put together all
her great memories, and different photos, ticket stubs, notes
from friends, Let’s take a look inside and see what she’s
done here. On this page, she’s hand water colored a beautiful card and then just torn out a
quote from a magazine that she thought was fun, and then added a title, with the stickers that come in the assortment. On this page here she’s just added some of her fun photos, and kept the ticket stubs that she wanted
to collect, in this pocket, that again comes in the assortment with the My Crush™ pieces. Here is a beautiful note from a friend that she just glued down but has kept so you
can open it and still read the message inside. On this page, the Happy was already printed
on the background paper. So she’s just added a list of the ten things
that make her happy. You can look through the book and see the
beautiful designs of the pages themselves. And how to work that in to where you add your photos and embellishments. Here she’s done a full page of just the journaling. This is a way to really showcase the background
papers, as well as your handwriting. And even if you don’t like your handwriting It’s important to keep that for your posterity. And lastly, here’s another idea with some photos, some fun embellishments and just using the beautiful space and the design as your background. As you can see, My Crush™ books are the perfect way to showcase all your mementos and any keepsake you want to remember. Keep the things you love about your life in the spotlight by filling up one of your
own! For more information about the My Crush™
books, contact your Independent Consultant, or visit to find one near

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  1. I just love these "my crush books", they are so versatile and you can do most anything you can think of with them. You won't regret ordering them, get yours today! I sure love mine! Sheryl Musslewhite

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