My Dad’s Big Boobs And Me | MY TRANS LIFE

My Dad’s Big Boobs And Me | MY TRANS LIFE

Maxine: I asked myself this question, Do I ever want to be perceived as a male? And the answer was an immediate No. It’s just too real. I’m still her father, I’m just a woman and a dad. I am a caregiver for my partner, Melissa, my boobs are 2200 cc’s. I sometimes wonder if I want to go bigger. So these are my hormones. This is a testosterone blocker that a lot of trans women end up on. helps us increase our oestrogen levels, trying to get the T out and the E in. Been about a year and a half, that I’ve been taking my hormones. I am planning on getting bottom surgery. basically, you have the testicles removed. my doctors told me if I get those removed, she can probably lower my dosage of testosterone blockers or take me off it completely. And less medication is of course, always preferred And yeah, I have zero attachment to those girls so they can go. You know, I’m a big girl, so I just down them all at once. It just changed everything in a way that I could never have anticipated. It has made a world of difference in the way I feel. My name is Maxine. I am a transgender woman. And I am a veteran of the United States Air Force. My mother really wanted me to join the military, I was raised in a very sheltered conservative household. Where’s Afghanistan? Honestly don’t have very fond memories of my experiences there. I was in a culture that did not accept me. This picture one of the last pictures of me before I committed to my transition and I wasn’t happy. You can … see it, I can see it. So my boobs, they are 2200 cc’s, each. somewhere in the neighbourhood of a 42 double J. I couldn’t be happier with the results that I got from my breast augmentation. Maxine: Why this big? I see this as something empowering that exaggeration of the feminine, and what it represents. Bob Ross is always talks about it being relaxing. Yeah, I kind of feel that. It’s a way of me expressing my femininity in a way that’s right up front and really obvious. When I started cross dressing, I was still in the military. The way they wanted their men to behave was very specific. And I was not at all that kind a person. Like if I was Mia’s age now, With all the information that’s available now on the internet, I probably would have done this a lot sooner. She came out when she was nine, because, she was surrounded by so many positive influences Alexa, turn off the kitchen light. Mia: Being bisexual and having a transgender parent around helped immensely. Maxine: We can finish the season. Oh my God. Mia: If my dad had never transitioned, I probably would not have come out as soon as I did. I don’t think I would have been able to do that without the other LGBTQ figure in my life, who, you know I knew was going to love me no matter what Maxine: She and I are so similar. We have such a unique personal relationship. Because of how similar our brains work. Mia: There was never any need for me to change what I called my dad because my dad always You know, “I fathered you.” So you can continue to call me by that name. Maxine: I see no reason why a trans man couldn’t be a mother and a trans woman couldn’t be a father. I’m still her father. I’m just a woman and a dad. People have sometimes assumed that I am attracted to men because I’m female now. or people approach me online, going “Oh, do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a husband” and it’s like I’m gay. Maxine: Its just too real. I’m a caregiver for my partner. Really big common misconception comes from the nature of my relationship with Melissa. No, nobody wants to assume that we’re a couple. I can kiss her in public and people looking at us like trying to understand what this means and how does this happen? Melissa: I have muscular dystrophy. I met Maxine through one of my good friends in high school. Maxine: This is Melissa and I on graduation day. We go way back Maxine: We’re going to Mission Beach, to roll around on the boardwalk. Maxine: I’m not dressing this way to blend in I present to stand out. Maxine: It’s so hard to go that slow. Mia: I saw my dad and that’s how I see her. Maxine: Chocolate vanilla swirl in the ice cream bowl. Mia: It’s really just everyone else’s perception of who she is that changes people’s opinion. Maxine: There are always haters, there are always people that love to share their opinions. That’s their opinion. They can have it. this is your struggle, not mine.

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  1. Is this the chick who wanted to get their down stairs Brazilian waxed but the place they went to didn't have the proper technicians who could do a male body. Made a big deal here… Caused drama. Unnecessary drama.

  2. Unless u are transgender u could never understand. These people already have to hi through hell trying to figure out who they are. They deserve more understanding. Of they are lucky enough to finally find happiness then god bless them. We are all gods children. The world is too judgemental

  3. I'm not in love with title, but it is not that bad. In my opinion association with such a video is better than association with some old and not so good sitcom

  4. They re a loving and caring family so, if the father enjoys big boobs well, That s her thing and I don t care. It s beautiful how after transitioning all the family didn t break apart. True love <3

  5. You have such a beautiful family! And I love that your daughter was more confident in coming out because she knew her father wouldn’t get outraged because he understands 🙂

  6. Barcroft needs to stop making vidoes of sexual predators that use being fake trans to go after women and young girls that daughter needs to be taking away now

  7. Good for you Maxine! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I loved the last thing you said, "This is your struggle not mine"!!!!!

  8. Mental disorder on top of doctors out for profit on top of the tv pushing for mental illness's to be considered normal and if you don't accept it your not normal.

  9. It's their right to do whatever they want with themselves. But I still can't accept it as normal (for myself) and I am really trying hard to understand. In my eyes, there is something wrong with them psychologically – something that they can't even process/understand themselves. But then again, live and let live I guess.

  10. I just don't understand why people like boobs like that i know that everyone is attracted to different types of body but boobs like that must be so uncomfortable

  11. Being trans is so disrespectful to a real woman and man. The fact that you think you can just feel like a certain gender and become it is very offensive. It's more being a woman then just to feel like one.. smh this is sad

  12. But the boobs don't hide her masculine face. I wouldn't be fooled by this. I feel bad about what she perceives as feminine or beautiful.

  13. No offense, and this is not meant to be mean because it is just my opinion. BUT those huge FAKE boobs are not a reflection of your "femininity"! You're just screaming out for everyone to notice that you are now a WOMAN! SEE MY BIG 22 cc's?? and there's nothing wrong with that! It's your life, not mine!

  14. They are all happy – thats what matters – to pursue your happiness is your inalienable right as long as you are not interfering with such right of others. Less soldiers and more happy people please – warrior what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

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