My Facebook Ad Library – The BEST Facebook Ads In Your Competitors Library

My Facebook Ad Library – The BEST Facebook Ads In Your Competitors Library

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna show you my own Facebook ad library and I’m gonna show you the Facebook ad library to any one of your competitors Now the thing that you got to keep in mind with this is if you see someone else’s facebook ads Don’t just go rip them off. Don’t copy them exactly But it’s important to see the flow of what ads are running which ads maybe are working maybe they have a type of style that works really well and then you can click out to see what laney page what website what webinar Registration they’re sending people to so you can kind of do you know the Russell Brunson? Funnel hack and check out what the whole strategy is on the ads of they’re running All right, so basically and I’ll add a link to the Facebook ad library right down below in this video But if you don’t see that link, all you got to do is come to google and type in Facebook ad Library right there. So you type that in and then Facebook they used to show all the Facebook ads This was just a few months ago on the Facebook business page to whatever business that is running the ads But they have changed that they’ve moved it to this Facebook ad library So you got a do click on this top link. You see right here four slash ads for slash library I’ll just click on that and then it pops us up and all you got to do is type in the name the topic the organization whatever the Facebook business page is and then you can see all of The different Facebook ads that that specific Facebook business page is running So for example, I’ll use myself as an example. If we type in Jason Wardrop right here. I’ve got two pages, right? So this one is most of you guys know for some reason this one got unpublished I don’t even know why I’ve kind of appealed but Facebook they’ve always got their own reasons why they do things So if you pull this one up you can see there are no ads that matched your search criteria That’s because they upload to publish the page and stop running all my ads. I don’t know why but that’s the case right there So if we come over here and we click on my other page So you can see this is a newer one 500 to live sources almost 40,000 here. This is the page I’m actually running my ads on right so you can see when it was launched. So how new these ads were You can see which ads are running so you can see a couple of different ads right here You can see the ad details click on that. You can click out and see where I’m running them to so Obviously, this is a long long copy ad it doesn’t show all the copy which I think is a benefit to You as well as the business owner so that someone doesn’t like just totally copy and paste it completely But then you can see like okay, this is the ad and then they click on it and this is the landing page that I’m sending people to right so we come down here and You can see these ones launch made 2019. It’s kind of nice You can see how new the ads are so if they’re newer that probably means that they’re still testing the ads right Whereas if they’re older ads as prod means that they work and they’ve been working for a long time so you can come back here Kind of see some of these ads Which I’m actually running a little bit lighter ads right now a little lighter ad spend probably out a thousand dollars a day just because we’re working on our product updates and You user interface complete redesign is if you guys been following me you guys know that They kind of see all the different ads that are going on on this page Now, let’s say you’re you know, you’re not wanting to go check out my ads you don’t really care You’re like Jason. I really care about your ass. Will you come in here you could type in any person’s Facebook page So let’s say Gary Vaynerchuk you want to see like, oh man, I wonder what to have ads. He’s running Will you come in here and he’s got a lot of pages? So you just got to know like which page you got to maybe find a couple pages to see which ads which page he’s running ads on So we just click on this right here and that’s gonna pull up and he does a lot of just branding ads, right? He’s got a huge brand. So his is not going to be exact like direct response-type marketing And so it’s maybe like, okay. He’s only running these two ads right here. Okay, and he start launching June 2019 So this is probably like if you’re like a big personal brand like Gary Vee yet You might want to do something similar But you know like Gary B’s kind of won and it’s like his own box his own category. So let’s see over here Let’s say grant cardone. Okay, so grant cardone. He’s got once again a lot of pages just like Gary Vee So we can come in here and see what type of ad he’s running So he’s doing a little bit more direct response Facebook Ads here. So it says schedule a call now So how would you like to earn 6 to 15% per year? This sounds like he is trying to get people in for his Cardone capital Which is basically his real estate investing portfolio. So you come in here check out the ad what the style is see the ad details Kind of see what it looks like there and then we click on this see which landing page which website there He’s sending people to and once again, you can see it’s his card own capital. So he’s trying to get people to schedule call So they can put money and invest money into that. So anyway guys, this is a huge tool Like I said before this was all on each Individual Facebook page, but now you just come in here You can do some quick research. You can see he’s running a lot of the same ad right here So anyway, you just come in here type whatever whoever you’re like competitor is whatever type of You know business page if you want to see like what they’re running are they running straight to a webinar Are they running to a landing pages trying to get email opt-ins? Are they trying to go through and get software free trial? Users or something like that, or are they trying to schedule calls? So you can kind of see like it’s not just looking at the Facebook ad and seeing like what the copy is But it’s really important to see like what is the flow? Like, where are they sending people to? All right, because like I’ve said a number of times on this YouTube channel, you could have the best Facebook ad in the world But if you don’t have the right back-end process the right sales strategy Really doesn’t matter if you’re getting leads for just $1, right? If you don’t have that back-end way to actually make sales from those Facebook ads just doesn’t matter so Check out the whole flow is good is kind of see the price points of where they’re selling things for if they’re doing scheduling calls You know, okay, are they selling it for three thousand five thousand ten thousand dollars if they’re just going straight to go through and have an opt-in and so on a digital course what price point are they selling the course for and once again guys, I’m stressing this big time because If you just copy somebody else Everyone’s going to go through especially these bigger like a grant cardone Garyvee all these people. They’re gonna be spending a lot more money than you probably are everyone’s gonna see that like All you did was just copy everything that they did right so you don’t want to be just a copycat I know alex becker has a ton of youtube ads or it’s like, you know, if you give me 45 seconds then i’ll you know show you whatever and then you see all these other youtubers popping up saying if you give me 45 seconds and then Everyone knows cuz alex Becker’s spend a whole lot more money than these guys They know that they’re just copying Alex Becker which you know You look at those ads they never last that long because they’re just copycats So anyway guys, hopefully this helped out as far as taking a look at this new Facebook ad library It’s been around for a little bit for a couple of months now. But anyway, so go through check this out I’ll add a link to the Facebook ads library down below. Once again, if you just go to Google type in Facebook ad Library, it’s gonna pop up and you’re gonna find it as well So anyway, if this video is helpful, go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what business you’re in what type of pages that you’re gonna go through and do the research on Also, if you are brand new here welcome and make sure you subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell because we launched new videos Every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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  1. Would this be good to see what potential clients are currently doing and use that to help?
    I’m using arsenal agency and getting into real estate marketing.

  2. Get The FREE Facebook Ads Mini Course Here 👉
    Start Your Own $10k/Mo Marketing Agency Here 👉

  3. I tried it, but the only result I get, is: There are no ads that match your search criteria.
    What's up with Facebook?

  4. What if I have a small business. I have a bakery and want to offer a coupon to get potential customers. Is that possible with a landing page and how would I go about it. Maybe you can do a video on this subject. I can't find any examples.

  5. Hey I have a question so I saw your past videos about the arsenal mkg and how you can use it for smma clients but I have a question who actually makes the account me or my client and how do I get them to see their leads and everything. If anyone is reading this this is really urgent and I'd really appreciate a response thanks

  6. 🔥Quick 2 questions Jason (or anyone):
    1. When do you recommend having a call with the leads that want to BUY properties? 5 minutes after they give us their contact info? 15 min? 2 days? when?
    2. At what moment should i start sending them the email marketing sequence? (I ask this because i think it depends on when you called him on the phone and what was the outcome of the call)
    Thanks for the answers 🙂

  7. Hey Jason!

    When i go into Facebook ads library and click "see ad details" it shows more details but it won't show the entire ad! I want to see the whole ad. Because ads with long form copy, it gets cut off after a few lines.

    Do you know how i can see the entire ad with Facebook ads library?

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