My HONEST UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE at a “TOP” UK UNIVERSITY | York St John and Bristol University

My HONEST UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE at a “TOP” UK UNIVERSITY | York St John and Bristol University

So during one of my lessons I can
still remember how there was this tutor and he was explaining the difference
between these two concepts, but he brushed over these two concepts so
quickly that I couldn’t quite understand the difference between them. So I
remember I just, you know, put my hand up and I said “I’m really sorry, can you
explain the difference between those two again because it really wasn’t clear?”. He
then walked over to my desk, this was in front of the entire class. He came up to
me and he said “there is this thing called Google, you can use it to look for
your question” and I thought to myself “why the hell am I paying to be here when
one of the tutors here is telling me go and Google?”. So I’m always always always receiving
requests from people asking me to talk about my university experience in
England and also abroad so that’s what I’m going to talk about today. Now, I have
studied in the UK I also did a year abroad in Spain, so I want to talk a
little bit about that and I’ve also studied at another university in England
for my master’s degree, so this could be a very very very long video. Go grab
yourself a cup of tea, turn on the subtitles if you need to and just use
this as listening practice. So before I get started telling you about my
university life and education, welcome back if you are a returning subscriber.
If you are not and you are completely new here, then hello and welcome. If you
are interested in improving your British accent and pronunciation and learning
more about England and the culture here then consider hitting that subscribe
button, I post new videos every single Friday. So
let’s get started with freshers week, I think that’s probably where everything
begins in university life. So university in England normally lasts for three
years, before you start your first year you will arrive a little bit earlier
because what normally happens in England is you actually move away to university.
It’s not very common to actually go to the university that’s closest to you and
that’s in your town or city. Many many many students in England and all
throughout the UK they actually move away to go closer to the university, this
is simply because 1. you may want to be more independent you may want to live
away from your parents and 2. maybe the university in your town or city
doesn’t do the course that you’re interested in so you might have to move
away. Also depending on what you want to study, certain universities are
considered more prestigious than others, so let’s say you want to study law, they
are quite snobbish about it so you do have to study at particular universities
if you want to be considered as.. I don’t like saying
it but.. like like genuine or real it’s just so stupid but that’s how it is in
England, you know, so if you want to study law and you want a good job and you want
to make lots of money and you want to be considered more seriously and so on then
you have to do your degree at, you know, higher level universities what are known
as Red Brick universities. If you go to another kind of university which is not
considered prestigious enough then you you may be looked down on but anyway I’m
not going to go into that, so university degrees normally last for three years,
before you start you will arrive early, as I said, and normally you arrive about
two weeks early, maybe one week early, and during those two weeks or one week,
depends on the university, you will have freshers or freshers week. So during this
time it’s basically where you meet other people so other students as well, you get
settled, you get familiar with your surroundings, your new city, your new room,
your new roommates and so on and maybe you start, like, joining some clubs and
societies with things that you’re interested in and that’s that, that is
freshers. So it is just essentially a week or two weeks dedicated to helping
students make friends at university, that’s all that’s for. Now, I absolutely
loved freshers because it gave me the chance to, you know, go out to clubs go
out to bars for the first time, it gave me the chance to, I dunno, join
different clubs and societies that I never thought I’d be able to do and yes
I got to do so much it was great. I loved my freshers experience. Some people do go absolutely crazy during freshers and they go out drinking, like, every single
night and they go out partying every night, which is fine, you know. If
you’re not into that then that is fine, there are plenty of other activities
going on which do not have any drinking or alcohol or anything involved, so don’t
feel pressured during freshers week if people say things like “okay, let’s go out
for drinks” “let’s go on a pub crawl” which is when you go to different pubs in one
night, don’t feel pressure to go out drinking, there are plenty of other
activities to do but do be warned that in the UK, if you’re not a big drinker,
drinking culture in the UK at university is still quite a big thing. It doesn’t mean
that all students are drunk all the time it just means that, you know, it’s one way
that we like to spend our time and have fun, that is it. So when freshers week is
over, you’re all settled and you’re happy with your new flatmates and whatever,
then you start your classes. Now, the first year of your degree, your grades
don’t actually count towards your final grade, it’s essentially just a nice
transition period where they just get you into the… into the rhythm of writing
essays and taking exams and things like that. Now, this might change for different
universities, it may be different now but at least at my university the first-year
grades didn’t count, so I mean you could literally just pass everything with the
minimum kind of grade to pass and you’d be fine, but in the second and third year your grades do actually count so you do need
to work quite hard. So in my personal experience, during the first year of uni
I really enjoyed it. I learnt so much about my topic, for those of you who
don’t know, I studied English language in linguistics. What was great about my
course is that I could also choose a language in the second semester so I
actually chose to do a module in British sign language and I had to do an exam in
sign language and it was it was… it was good actually. I think it was probably one of
the exams where I was the least nervous about.
I remember my tutor she was so great, she was just so funny. She was
born deaf so, I mean, sign language was her first
language and so she would, like, teach us some slang and things like that. It was
just great I really really liked that part of my course. In terms of, you know,
non academic stuff so, like, going out and, like, my living experience, I lived in two
different places in my first year so in the first part of the academic year, I
should say, so in the first semester, I lived with a group of girls who were not
the nicest, they were very very bitchy. For some reason every single time I went
home at the weekend they would just literally have a little meeting in one
of the girl’s bedrooms and just talk about me.
I’m glad that I was interesting enough to talk about, but yeah, that was a little
bit strange and they just became really horrible negative bitchy. I just didn’t
like being around them I mean, we had nothing in common, and I guess the only
thing those guys had in common was talking shit about me so whatever floats
your boat, I guess. But yeah, I ended up leaving because I was quite sick of
their behaviour, it was just too childish for me and so I decided to move and I
moved to a different flat. I had to go through this process with the university
where they tried to find out what happened, why I was moving and stuff like
that because it’s not easy. But I’m very very glad that I did move. I found a new
place within, like, two weeks, so well done York St. John for moving me very quickly
out of that original hellhole and into a very very nice flat with new people. This
time it was a mix of males and female students and it was great it was great
being mixed because I think sometimes when you’re in a flat with just girls, at
least in my experience, it can become very bitchy, so I was quite happy to be
in a kind of mixed flat. Now my second year was different to
probably many other people’s because I actually decided to study abroad. I was
supposed to go abroad for one semester so that’s essentially from, like,
Christmas, sorry, from September until Christmas but they put me down for one
year, so I had to stay for one year and I can still remember, I got there and it
was in the middle of a heat wave and it was so hot. I’d never been abroad in my
life it was just terrible, it was so terrible. I I couldn’t deal with the
sexism. I couldn’t deal with, like, walking down the street and people, you know,
whistling or making stupid comments or trying to flirt with me when I was, like,
in the supermarket, like, I just never ever experienced that in my life and I
found it such a huge culture shock. I felt incredibly uncomfortable. My anxiety
levels were like level 5,000 the entire time.
I just felt so uncomfortable. I wanted to leave and I remember, I was actually torn
between going to Canada and Spain and I just remember thinking “why didn’t I go
to Canada? I really really wish I’d gone to Canada instead of Spain”. I ended up
contacting York St. John and I contacted my Canadian university, the Canadian university not MY
Canadian University but the Canadian University that was partnered with York
St. John. The University in Canada said “yes, you can come here in the second
semester, that’s no problem” but York St. John essentially didn’t want to go
through all the paperwork and they didn’t want to send me over to Canada so
you lost the point there York St. John. Anyway, I didn’t get to go to Canada. I
remember speaking to my dad at Christmas and saying I really really really don’t
want to go back to Spain. I hate it so much and my dad was like” just go and
then put the experience down on your CV and just never go back to Spain” that’s
it. But something change
in the second semester. I started making more friends with local people instead
of going out with the Erasmus students. I wasn’t much of a fan of the Erasmus
students because all they did was go out drinking all the time again, they were
very bitchy, they were very cliquey, you know. I just really didn’t like them that
much and so I stopped going out with them because I just got so bored of
going out and, like, drinking in bars all the time.
It was boring and the conversation was boring. I’m not saying that they were
boring people but they just weren’t my kind of people, so I started making
friends with some Spanish and Catalan people from that town and I found my
experience in the second semester to be so much better. It was so good in fact,
that I actually didn’t want to leave. I decided to become an au pair during the
summer and that was it. It’s also during that time when I
started teaching so I was basically working as a…. what was it… like a language
assistant during my time there but instead of getting paid I essentially
worked for free and they they gave me credits, so I took it as, like, a class, you
could say, and that was that. So that’s how I basically got into teaching. Now, in
terms of studying while I was in Spain, it was completely different to when I
was at York St. John so in England. They do not spoon feed you the information,
they basically give you a very very basic general overview of the topic and
then they’ll give you suggested reading and you have to go out and research on
your own, however, in Spain I was shocked to find that everything was literally
given to me, like, just, you know, they would have these slides and
presentations and everything and they would just tell me everything and then
say “remember this for the exam, you’ve got an exam in two weeks”
it was crazy, I’d never had… I’d never had so many… so many exams
in such a short amount of time, you know, there was one class I did where there
was an exam every single month and it was crazy, and yeah, it’s just not a good
way to test students, it’s really not. Having an having an exam every month is
not a healthy way or it’s just not a good way to test students because you
just retain information for a short period of time and then you need to
forget it quickly and start remembering for the next exam which is in, like, three
or four weeks, it was just absolutely crazy, but I studied hard and I did well
so I can’t complain too much there. So my final year, I moved back after my lovely
summer in Spain as an au pair, I moved back. I think it was like the weekend
before I was supposed to start university and during your third year of
your degree you need to write a ten thousand, I think it’s ten thousand, oh I
needed to double check that, but never mind, you need to… you needed to write a
10,000 word dissertation. So a dissertation is your final research
project and it will look something like this. So this is actually my Master’s
dissertation, this is not my undergrad dissertation, that is hiding somewhere in
a box and I have no idea where it is but you will be asked to write a paper about
this size. Now, this one is a little bit bigger because it’s 15,000 words, to be
specific… to be specific this one is a 16 thousand words in total, but this was
again for my masters and I think it was there 15 thousand words was the word
count here but god I can’t speak but for the undergrad I’m pretty sure it was
ten thousand, although I I will check that and add a note somewhere in this
video. So when all of that’s done, you’ve submitted all of your work and
everything is good, you then have your graduation ceremony and I graduated in
the York Minster. In England you do have to wear, you know,
like the typical gown, you can rent it or you can buy it most
students rent it though because you only need it just for that one day, but you
pay a stupid amount of money to rent that because if you don’t rent it then
you can’t attend your own graduation, you’re normally only given two tickets
as well so if you have, like, your mum and your dad and then, you know, husband or
wife or whoever who wants to come, you’ve got to choose very carefully who you
want to go to your own graduation because you’re not necessarily
guaranteed to have extra tickets. You can apply for extra tickets, but as I said,
they’re not guaranteed. So that was my time at York St. John. I
had a fantastic time during my degree. I absolutely loved the teachers, they were
so helpful, whenever you needed to meet them and talk about things they were
just so passionate about their topics. I had no complaints whatsoever about the
staff at York St. John, only maybe, like, the admin, they were a bit of a pain
sometimes, they’re really really not good with the admin, however, the admin at York
St. John were so good in comparison to my experience with Bristol University. So
for my master’s degree I studied Education, more specifically Education
TESOL, so Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and I was a
little bit different because I studied part-time so I actually, instead of studying
for just one year, which we normally do in the UK for a masters, I studied for
two years, and I stretched my degree out part-time over two years. Now, the problem
with that is that the admin staff didn’t really quite consider me as like a full
student and so they would miss me off emails. I was always off email lists for
some reason so they would email about, like, room changes and updates and I just
wouldn’t receive those emails and it used to piss me
off so much because I used to be waiting outside my lecture room. I would just be,
you know, waiting waiting waiting, quarter of an hour has passed, nothing has happened,
there are none of my classmates around and I would just be like “what happened?”. I
would go to the desk in the Education department and they would say “oh that’s
been a room change”. Great, well why didn’t you tell me?
“There was an email sent out”. Well, where’s my email? “Oh it’ll be in your folder”.
I remember guys I literally stood there with my phone, checking the university
emails and it was not there, they had not added me on to this email list, so I was
missing out on loads of important stuff and it was so ridiculous that they they
would email really really important things so, you know, changes about, I
don’t know, like, deadlines and things like that
and I didn’t know because someone was too lazy to take 5 to 10 minutes of
their time, during their job, doing their job, and adding me to an email list, so I
ended up missing out on a lot of stuff. Now, I also forgot to mention that the
reason why I chose to study part-time is because I actually started my business
then so I was running a business and teaching at the same time as studying so,
I’m already stressed from my business and then I’ve got this on top of it so
they were just canceling things and changing things all the time and I
couldn’t keep up and I needed to know exactly when they were canceling things
and when they were doing room changes and so on, because that would affect my
calendar, it’s not like I was, you know, a student that had my calendar completely
empty so if a room change happened or if there was a time change or day change or
whatever, then I could just, you know, change it and it’s no problem, like, I
actually ended up missing lessons because they decided to change the day
of a lesson and it was just ridiculous. ,I you know, I remember thinking to myself
like “well that lesson was worth 300 pounds… gone”. Do you know what I mean? It’s just such a waste of my time and my money going… going to that university, but
that wasn’t even the worst part there. During one of my lessons, I can still
remember how there was this tutor and he was explaining the difference between
these two concepts but he brushed over these two concepts so quickly that I
couldn’t quite understand the difference between them, so I remember I just, you
know, put my hand up and I said “I’m really sorry, can you explain the
difference between those two again because it really wasn’t clear?”. He then
walked over to my desk, this was in front of the entire class, he came up to me and
he said “there is this thing called Google, you can use it to look for your
question”. And I thought to myself “why the hell am I paying to be here when one of
the tutors here is telling me go and Google?”. If you don’t understand a concept
well enough to explain it simply then you don’t know that concept and you
shouldn’t be teaching about it. To be all smug about it and come up to someone in
front of the class and be like “google it”, I just thought that was incredibly
unprofessional. I complained about that lecturer. I complained about, you know, his
attitude in doing that and the embarrassment it caused and nothing was
done. I received no apology from that lecturer. I received no apology from the
university. I received nothing. That’s the price of going to a top 10 University in
England, guys. On top of that, so as I said, I had problems with you know running my
own business at the same time as studying and, yes, this really
got to me at one point, especially when it was during the second year, so
remember, you know, a university master’s degree in the UK’s normally one
year, mine was stretched over two, in the second year, when I was doing my
dissertation. Where is it? Here it is. When I was writing this bad boy, I got very very
very ill. I mean, I was diagnosed with vertigo, maybe I still remember the name
benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, I think I was diagnosed with, so I was
diagnosed with that and my trigger for this type of vertigo that I had was every
time I laid down, so at night I would go to bed, and every time I laid down in bed
the room would just start spinning, it was horrible,
so I got that and I was also suffering from really really bad chest pains, so I
was, you know, suffering from headaches from the stress. I was essentially
suffering from, you know, the strange dizziness, like, it was like being
drunk, it was just so horrible and I couldn’t make it stop and then I had
chest pains and I had this feeling like I wanted to be sick all the time but I
couldn’t, so I kept thinking like “what’s wrong with me?”. So I finally went to the
doctor and, yeah, she diagnosed me with vertigo and acid reflux, now the problem
with acid reflux is, you know, it’s essentially your stomach acid coming up
and it’s just burning your esophagus, so that was very very painful and that’s
why I had the sensation of wanting to vomit because it’s essentially my
stomach acid coming up but I couldn’t vomit it, you know, and the chest pain
was being caused by the acid so it was just burning all here just myself
against my throat everything everything was on fire it was just so much pain. So
she gave me some medication for that and I still remember saying to this doctor
“what do you think has caused this?”, you know with the vertigo and everything is
it you know because I’m, I don’t know, drinking too much coffee
or something like that and she said “no no it’s normally caused by stress, is
that anything that you’re stressed about at this moment?” and I said “yes I’m really
stressed because, you know, I have my dissertation” this ermm “my dissertation I
have my other classes and my other assignments to do. I’m also running a
business at the same time I’m teaching almost every single day” and it became
just way too much and now the mental health at Bristol University, the mental
health support I should say, at Bristol University is really not very good. The
doctor turn around to me and she said “why are you working at the same time as
studying?” because I’ve got bills to pay, because I’ve got to actually pay for my
Master’s, because I’ve got rent to pay, yea,h what kind of question is that? It
was just so stupid, like, the support for mental health at Bristol University is so
terrible, friends of mine they went to go and get some advice for mental
health and some support with mental health and they were put on a waiting
list for months before they could go and see someone and then they were given, I
think it was five sessions, it may be more, it may be less, I really don’t
remember, but they were given a certain number of sessions where they could go
and talk to someone and that’s it, that is the help that Bristol University
provides for the students. I was so shocked and so disappointed because the
support that YorkSst. John gave to their students was far far far better and
considering that Bristol University is supposed to be one of the top ten
universities in the UK, one of the top 30 at the time of me going and studying
there, one of the top 30 universities in the world, it was shit in terms of the
kind of support that it gave. I thought it was absolutely
disgusting and appalling how they… how they treat students there and also how
they treated me, how they treated the international students, they really
really really didn’t care and I’m just so so disappointed that a university in
the UK that’s supposed to be one of the best treats students like that, it’s not
just the admin staff that treat their students like that but it’s also some of
the teaching staff. Now, I have talked about Bristol University in a very
negative way but there were some really really good points so I know that a lot
of the lecturers, the majority of the lecturers, were really really nice they
were very passionate about their topic, they loved their topic, my supervisor who
helped me with the dissertation that I’ve showed about two hundred times now,
she was fantastic and I was so sad to find out that she was retiring the year
that I was finishing because she was just great. When I finished my
dissertation she did push me to go and like study a PhD and I said “no I think I
want to be a YouTuber” so I gave up a life of… I didn’t give it up… I just chose
not to go down that route but I chose not to go down the academic route and do a PhD because I wanted to start a YouTube channel. it sounds so crazy when I say it, like, yeah, I
quit a life of academics so, you know, to make youtube videos, but it’s something
that makes me so much happier and just, you know, talking about my youtube channel,
I feel really happy about that when I look at PhDs and I talk to my
friends who are doing PhDs and I just think I don’t want that life. I think I’m done
with academics, maybe in the future I’ll do a PhD, I don’t know, but I think I’m
pretty much done with academics for now. I just wanna focus on my youtube channel. So that was it, basically, that was my
university experience. I’m gonna guess that this video has been going on for
about half an hour now, so I’m just gonna stop but I do hope that you’ve enjoyed
this video, that you’ve learned something about me, that you’ve learned something
about my experience. If you do have any other questions about the university
education in the UK do let me know in the comments and I will answer those or
if you have any other questions about this video about my experience at uni, do
let me know, put them in the comments and I will reply. All in all though, I
did enjoy my experience of university, even at Bristol University, I did enjoy
the experience. I’ve come away with some really really good friends. I’ve come
away with so much knowledge about the topics that I studied and I guess that’s
the main thing, right? I mean you pay to go to university to learn about these
things and that’s what I did, so I’m really really happy about that. One thing
that I did forget to mention though is what my dissertation topics were about
so if you are curious to know what my dissertation topics were, my topic for my
masters was entitled “Susan open the window, please: a study into the
development and perceptions of L2 English learners in the mitigation of
requests” so it basically looks at how English learners develop and acquire, or
if it is possible to acquire, pragmatic competence in requests, that’s basically
what I looked at. For my undergrad degree, my dissertation was about… it was about,
like, the perceptions of English learners and whether they believed that, you know,
they should be taught non-standard forms of pronunciation and non-standard forms
of English and non-standard forms of grammar, so yeah that was that, that’s
hiding somewhere in a box, I’m sure I could have found it for this video but I
couldn’t. It must be deep in a box somewhere, but anyway,
that’s what that topic was about, as I said, any questions about this video, do
let me know in the comments and I’ll be very happy to answer them, I hope you
have a lovely week I’m gonna go rest my voice now and go grab a cup of tea,
you’ve probably definitely finished your cup of tea now, if not it’s probably cold
so go finish it. I will see you next week. Bye bye, guys

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  14. In the first minute of your video I was like: "I really feel that, bro". I have this awful English teacher and when someone ask something she says "Búscalo en Google" or "Vamos a esperar a la maestra Macola a ver que nos dice". It's so anoying! Our class have noticed she doesn't love or like teaching and it's disappointing because I'm study to become a English teacher:(

  15. Thank you, Utuber! 😄😄😄 It was lovely to listen to your story. We are also very happy that you have ended up in our loop-hole as an English teacher. Ms. Utuber..😄😄😄

  16. Just finished watching. Thanks for sharing. You have an absolutely fantastic journey when you were a student. And I always complain about my university😅. it's like all the people always like to complain about their own university but they don't really want to hear other people judge their university in negative way. hahaha, That's very interesting.😜

  17. Hello Emma, when I was listening to you I remembered what happened to me when I was studying abroad in Poland two years ago it was really hard for me to live with some girls as roommates that do not respect other culture and they were trying to make fun of me just because I have a different opinion but what relieves it was the stuff in my University that were helpful and professors were wonderful except one tutor who hated my hijab but in general polish people were friendly and I really appreciate every single favor do to me of them.

  18. Hi emma…i have just completed my graduation and wantto go abroad for my masters…. probably england …could u please tell me the process and the best universities i can join for my masters …. I'll be doing LLM in my masters course

  19. Hey, you are awesome teacher, good friend & so pretty human, I am very glad that I could be your friend on Instagram thank Emma dear

  20. Hi Emma 🙋🏼‍♀️
    So interesting , I’ve enjoyed it
    I’m a student at Uni ( linguistics collage)
    English Dept. ( second grade)

  21. Thanks for your video. I am sorry to complain about this. I was an international student in the UK last year, and I really think the education system in the UK is bullocks.

  22. Hello Emma, I've been watching your video carefully and I've found it extremely interesting! First of all congratulations for your videos, you 're a fantastic teacher, you know how to keep people's attention alive, your pronunciation is very clear and your style informal and pleasant. I know what it means to be a teacher as I used to be a teacher myself! And also I know what it means suffering from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo as I experienced it three times in these last five years…..We've got two things in common, haha! But I want to tell you my age, as I think I'm the oldest of your followers, I'm 71 and still motivated to improve my English! All the best and thank you!

  23. Hola Emma Thank U so much for your video, U are a strong woman who pursues her goals despite the difficulties.
    You are an honest person, it’s not easy to meet someone like u nowadays.
    I’m sorry for your not good experience in Spain at the beginning..
    I was sick of vertigo psychogenic for stress I understand your bad experience wit this illness.
    Thank U for telling us your experiences at the University.
    U are a successful woman, your number of subscribers are growing very fast , U are a famous YouTuber now,
    I want to apologize for my long comment, I promise U this is the last one so long.
    Hasta Pronto!
    Muchas Gracias

  24. Life's made of experiences and going through these tough situations at the university allowed you to fathom better what makes people happy, not always is having a degree or a master's degree at your fingertips, but instead of that, fighting against all odds getting out of the mainstream to work on what makes you happy. I know before you start up on YouTube, it would be safer for you, having a backup plan just in case, and I think that's the right thing to be done. I do like Whenever you tell these stories because there's a lot of new structures of words to learn.

  25. Well, I'm glad you decided to do YouTube rather than a Ph.D. haha! My friend went for a Ph.D after we got done with TESOL, but I told myself, I'm DONE! No more school; I need $ instead! lol

  26. Emma, ​​thank you very much for sharing your university experience with us. I'm really sorry for all the annoying and unpleasant situations that you had to face and I totally agree with you for all the complaints you have expressed: you are right on the whole line. To the bitchy girls who bothered our Emma: how did you allow yourself, "little/small minds" 😤? I wish you that your YouTube channel has the great success you deserve because you're a great Teacher and a really brilliant girl, keep it up! 👏✌

  27. Emma, you can't imagine how much I understand you! I've studied English teaching in Argentina for free (yes! our universities are FREE) but that makes teacher treat students as if we were less than nothing… A student life can be amazing in some aspects but at the same time so miserable in others! It's a good but difficult experience.
    Your videos are inspiring, go on with your channel!
    Greetings from Argentina!

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