My Ramadan Journal Around the World – Joe Bradford #InsideMyLIbrary Book Review

My Ramadan Journal Around the World – Joe Bradford #InsideMyLIbrary Book Review

Salam Alaikum, I’m Joe Bradford and welcome
to #InsideMyLibrary. Today we’ll be talking about this book,͞My
Ramadan Journal Around the World͟ by BismillahBabies which is a very unique approach to educating
kids about Ramadan and Muslim cultures. But first, if this is your first time here
I do book reviews every Wednesday, be sure to subscribe to my channel below and enable
alerts to be able to get the latest videos. So back to this book [My Ramadan Journal]
It opens with a signature page where your child can write their name, and then follows
with a supplication for sighting to new moon, narrated in Tirmidhi. [Read Dua from book] The book then follows
each day of Ramadan, introducing children to how people around the world spend their
time during the holy month with neat facts about the different areas. Some days will feature a cultural highlight,
others will have activities that you can perform with your kids. Take for example Day 2, where you can make
a Ramadan lantern by tracing the patterns on the page and coloring them in with your
kids. Ramadan lanterns are a very prominent sign
of Ramadan in Egypt, where making an actual lantern by hand was a custom for preparing
for Ramadan. I’m told by some elders and mentors that
nowadays most people just buy lanterns pre-made. The areas covered in the book are very diverse,
from Australia to Indonesia, Norway to Pakistan, the USA to Mali to Brazil to Germany, along
with many others. Interspersed in between these are a few recipes
for Iftar as well. At the end of each ten days there’s an achievement
page with a certificate and an activity, and the book ends with an Eid Plan that you can
create with your kids, and a few pages to use as a scrap book for collecting memories. All and all this is a very unique book, and
one that I’d highly recommend for those of you with kids that are fasting for their
first time in Ramadan. I’ve used it with my younger children and
they loved it and I’m sure yours will too. My Ramadan Journal Around the world is available
in the USA on and in the GCC and parts of Asia in your local bookstores. [END] Thanks for watching if you’ve read
this book or have a similar title that you think may be a better read let me hear from
you in the comments and see you next time #InsideMyLIbrary

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  1. Apologies for unsubscribing. I did not realize this was a religion based channel. I still like you and your reviews though. I wish you well. I started getting Pinterest listings based on your reviews. I did not want that. I think we may pray to the same God by different names and sacraments. May your spiritual connection remain strong.

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