My Struggles With OCD

My Struggles With OCD

Hi, my name is Jennie and this story is
about my OCD. You may think OCD is about having to keep things clean and tidy all
the time. But some people’s OCD is actually about keeping things even. Say
there were two books next to each other on a table, but they weren’t completely
lined up with each other exactly. I wouldn’t put them straight
right away. I would have to kind of swap them around so that they both would have
the right amount of time in front of the other book. Only after a couple of
minutes I would be able to straighten them out so that they were in line. Way
more complicated than you thought, right? So I was about nine years old when I
started making little changes to my everyday life. You see, I was right-handed,
and I very much favored my right hand. In fact, I did just about everything I could
with my right hand, or my right leg. Anything like that. I would just hate
using my left hand for anything. I even had to step on cracks in the road or
pavement with my right foot. Crazy, right? Anyway, when I was 10 years old, one day, I suddenly thought, what was I doing? Why was I completely leaving out my left
hand? Notice how I say leaving out – that was what it felt like. It felt like I
needed to even things out to make it fair. That was when my OCD started, I
guess. First of all, I told myself, I would have to go a whole year only using my
left hand and to make up for the year before. After about a year, I finally felt
like it was even between my left and right hands, but then I had to go
around using my right and left sides equally. And I can tell you, it was not
easy. My OCD only started getting worse from there. For example, I had to count all
the time in my head, every time I breathe or even blinked. It was tedious, but I
just couldn’t stop myself. Another thing that a lot of people with OCD experience
is constantly feeling like somebody is listening to your thoughts. You feel like
you’ll be punished somehow if you don’t think the right things. OCD is awful to
live with. If you think you may have OCD, talk to someone. Don’t keep it to
yourself like I did. One day, I told my parents.
They took me to a counselor. She really helped to improve how I was feeling.
I hardly ever have to do any of my little OCD rituals anymore. I guess
there is a lesson to this story. Don’t suffer in silence.

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  1. Omg i have the same thing as you! I once burnt both of my hands because i put once i put my hand under boiling water and then had to do it again because of my ocd. I haven’t told anyone about it but this video really helped thank you!


    Right I’m now confused

    When I touch something say with my right I have to touch it with my left hand but in the same place I have been like this since I was 9 or 10 and I’m now 16 I kinda thought it was normal wtf do I do 😂

    I suffered from OCD for years and years and one day I have enough of it and said let’s just not overthink stuff and once I stopped doing that I felt like everything is all over the place and I lost control which made me feel even worse but as the days went by I started to realize that oh wow nothing bad happened, it was just some shitty thoughts and that’s it, ever since I never ever overthink stuff anymore, I’m not saying it’s as easy as that but hey it worked for me and I hope it works for you too! Sending love and positive vibes your way guys and girls! 🤗❤️

  4. Ocd is the worst Im hoping pms treatment will help ease the majority of my symptoms realizing that pms trigger my ocd 9-10 has been a huge help now I know how to id ocd from real thoughts still hard not to act on them when your hormones are basically triggering pyschosis.

  5. I have/had OCD too for three years and it’s made everything a mess. Just know that you aren’t alone in your struggles and things will get better if you attempt to stay positive 🙂

  6. This could have been prevented if the parents gave a damn about their daughter. God almighty, some parents are just so blind.

  7. This could have been prevented if the parents gave a damn about their daughter. God almighty, some parents are just so blind.

  8. Mine isn't to bad i just have like a little bot of OCD i have all my games in alphabetical order and stuff like that

  9. I have OCD To its hard becuse i always get called miss perfecr and i just lagh it of but inside im hurt. I dint think i had it but when i found out what it means i just dint feel lonly anymore! this video was very helpfull 😊

  10. Always thought I was just a germaphobe. Went to a psychiatrist just to make sure and got diagnosed with OCD instead…… life ain’t good

    my psychiatrist never made me feel comfortable so I stopped going.
    stopped my medications and everything.
    it’s been getting worse since.
    sigh what is life


  12. Storybooth: real stories Other stories: I wish that my husband never listen to Billie Eilish because he went and tried to kill my kids.

  13. I have had ocd before and I HAD to blink an even amount of times and step an even amount of times and it was so tiring also I could only ever look at the path when I walked into couldn't look up only when I was being spoken to it was so tiring and when I was outside I would count down from ten and I had to do like 12 steps in 10 seconds but I'm past that stage and hopefully it won't come back again I just wanted to share my story because I felt alone since I've seen this video 😊😊😊

  14. i feel like i have a little bit of OCB because i have to say certain things a number of times, for example if i say something 3 times i then have to say it another 2 times to get it up to 5 times which is a number i “accept” in a way. here are all the numbers i allow myself to say a number of times, 1,2,5,10 15 and so on basically anything that isn’t odd or dosent end in 5.

    another i do is before i go to bed i have to close all my wardrobes and drawers in my room and nothing can be poking out or anything or it stresses my out and i can’t fall asleep.

    another thing i do is all my books in my bag when i go to school must be in rainbow order or i start panicking. this may all sound crazy to you but it’s real life for me please can someone tell me whether this is OCD or not?
    i also do a lot more things like this.

  15. I really could have OCD Since I am pretty obssesive all the time if the smallest thing goes wrong I Would go crazy about it And have to make it Perfect and the reason I don't tell My Parents is because that they don't care and because they are doctors they think they know everything plus I have autism and social Problems I won't say that my parents don't care of that cuz since I am an introvert my mom chose friend for me and makes me be sociable unlike my dad however She believes that I don't have autisms and Plus I. am depressed but my parents Never notice anything I don't know why they are so blind,😞😞😞😞

  16. For anyone struggling with OCD, please read the book BRAINLOCK: Free Yourself From Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, MD. It will change your life! It changed mine

  17. This is my problem:
    I will always go back to check the stove, gas or even lights multiple times knowing that I turned it off earlier.

  18. True confession. I actually did exactly what you did. With favoring a side. And evenness. It lasted about a year and somehow got over it. But if it did something with left hand, I had to replicate with right. Everything had to be balanced and even. It happened a few years ago and now I dont do it anymore. It was only when I thought of it, then had to do it. But hey, I understand exactly what you go through

  19. As someone with the exact same kind of OCD, I relate way too hard to this. I have to keep everything even, al the time. and it drives me crazy with anxiety if i don’t. It’s exhausting, and I’ve had to deal with it my whole life. Nothing has worked so far. Every time one tic starts fading away after a few years, another one pops up in its place. Hopefully I can get the help I need for it.

  20. I have to step an even amount of time in between cracks in the sidewalk and if it messes up I have to walk all the way back

  21. I try to make things perfect and i thought people could read my mind so i would get scared most of my time if i thought of something bad

  22. I'm sick of people who are like "OMG this triggers my OCD!", I'm diagnosed and I don't have it according to the fact that I'm not neat

  23. Thank you for making this video. It amazes me how many people still think OCD is about being clean. No, it’s not. It’s a serious condition that takes over you life

    As someone who has OCD, I can very much relate to you and your story. I have gotten better, over the years, but I still have it. I also did the “right arm and leg” thing you mentioned, except it was my left arm and leg

    Thank you for making this video, I hope you have a great day

  24. Girl, I feel you! I also suffer from OCD, a very similar type to you. It’s difficult, but with help, everything will get better x

  25. I get OCD where I have to do certain things, for example touch a door handle on a door I walk past, for no reason whatsoever. If I don’t do it, I get a really bad feeling for some reason.

  26. She has Geometric OCD. I realized I had some of this when I started counting things. I couldn't go past a building without trying to count the windows. If I saw a flock of birds I'd try to count them. Its a strange thing how the brain works. XD

  27. Wait.. pthen I feel like I have a slight case of OCD. For example, whenever I tap my hands, I always have to make it even…

  28. After I wash my hands and turn off the sink, I have leave a hand in the water before I turn off the water. But when I do this I have to do it to the other side. Also when I look at the gum on the concrete it give m just the urge to scream. Idk if this is OCD but yeah.

  29. Suck it up. My OCD is just about as bad, and I’m not crying about it. I do almost all the things you do, and I take it like a normal person. The intrusive thoughts are where it gets worse though. Every time someone walks into a room I imagine murdering them with the closest object to me, or doing something else really fucked up. The trick to getting over OCD it just to coexist with it. That’s what I’ve been doing.

  30. I do this thing where I do same movements and equally thing, if I itch one arm, I have to do it to the other or blink with one eye, I have to do it to the other

  31. I Think i maybe have it? Everytime i Cough i have to cough at the exact same height and if i tap the screen off my phone with my right hand 2 times i have to do the same thing with my left hand. And when i switch on a light i have to do it with my left and right…is that OCD?

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