My Vitiligo Stopped Me Wearing Bikinis – Until Now | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

My Vitiligo Stopped Me Wearing Bikinis – Until Now | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Ash: I still feel nervous about people seeing my skin. I just have to teach myself that it’s okay to be different. I’m still learning to love
myself every day. Wearing a swimsuit is always hard for me. I’m scared. I would never
imagine myself like being here in a swimming pool. My name is Ash Soto and I have a skin condition called Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes you to have white spots all over your skin. You lose all pigment in your body. So it started when I was 12 with a really small spot on my neck. It was really tiny. I didn’t really
think anything of it at all. I showed the doctor and she immediately diagnosed me, with Vitiligo. I started Googling and reading and just seeing that there is basically
no cure for it. The spots on my elbows and in my arms were getting bigger and bigger. So I felt very helpless. You remember like my personality before? Jorge: Yeah. Ash: Didn’t really like. Jorge: You went from like this confident, really outgoing, actuated young child to this completely introverted, insecure… lack of confidence every time you used to go out, You always used to think people were talking about you all the time. Ash: I’ve had a lot
of negative comments with my skin, especially in school, they would act like I was contagious or something. Kids asked me if I had taken a shower with bleach. And that was like the comment that I will never forget even years later, and I was kind of like a shell of the person that I used to be I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. It was kind of like I lost my identity. I was tired of
looking at my skin in a negative light. And I didn’t want to be so sad. I wanted to be confident. This was actually
the first picture I posted with Vitiligo, ever. And I was so nervous, my fingers were shaking. I know how cruel social media can be. I kind of just let people know that “hey,
I have this skin condition,” “but it’s okay.” I posted it and it got such a good response. And then other people started
writing to me that they also had
this skin condition and we kind of started
relating stories, and I’m like,” Oh my
God, I’m not alone.” Till this day, even being in this outfit, this is something I would never wear. When I was first diagnosed, you would never
catch me in shorts, or shirt like this ever. I just have teach myself that it’s okay to be different. Okay, well … inside the lines. [laughs] Ash: You’ve always seen it, but you’ve never actually Paulina: Yeah. traced it. One day, I was just literally just drawing just randomness. And … I started to trace, I remember the first
thing I’ve ever traced, was my arm. I just kept going and going, By the time I looked, I did my whole body well as much as I
could in the mirror, I just started
like whichever way like the pen wants to go for me. I’m like, “Don’t I look like the world?” And after that, I just realized
how cool it looked. It’s like, You’re like a human
coloring book. I did it, over and over again. Like see how beautiful like artwork it is, and then just like mixing that with what something that people
might not think is beautiful when I saw thatin such a positive feedback from everybody, I knew that that’s why
I wanted to continue to post and post and post. It makes me feel cool. Like this is like
natural tattoo. It brings my confidence up, Paulina: Yeah. like, when I’m not really feeling all that great. My best friend Paulina, she has seen me at my darkest, lowest moments and she’s here today to support me to go to the pool today. Going to a swimming pool with a swimsuit makes me really nervous. I remember when I was invited to like this community pool with all the kids
from my neighborhood. And the moment that I got there, it was kind of like, “Oh, there she is.” “Here’s a target let’s say something.” I just stood there crying because I couldn’t understand so after that happened, I was like no more
swimming pools. I didn’t think there was
going to be this many people see I still get nervous. Paulina: Relax mire. Ash: No. Ash: I still feel nervous about people seeing my skin because I still
do get the stares, Ash: I’m scared I’m like, I think it’s just the
fact that we’re like and they’re all going to like yeah. Paulina: Look
they’re little kids they probably won’t
remember this. Ash: I hope that. Paulina: Let me take you to the pool, Ash:Oh wait,
this is a heated pool, even better. Paulina: Here? Ash: Yeah. I think that’s good. [laughing] Ash: I would never
imagine myself like being here in a swimming pool. This is already
challenging me a lot, But wow, I did it. Paulina: I’d been with her through like hard
times, you know? So I feel like, that’s how she inspires people by being herself, by not being afraid of, you know, accepting those challenges that life throws at her. That makes me very proud of you. Yeah. Ash: Now when I
look in the mirror, I’m super confident I don’t see this as
monster skin anymore. I see it as … the extra specialness that adds to my uniqueness. I just try to remind myself that all those things
that I’ve gone through have gotten me here.

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  1. My betterhalf didn't like her stretch marks until she heard them referred to as earning her tiger stripes now she is a proud tiger .its awesome you represent different hues so simply you are a human being perfect as you are .

  2. This is what the world needs to remember

    We all bleed red we all are pink inside the only difference is the wrapper for the present that is inside which is our soul connection to our Heavenly Father

  3. Vitiligo are more common now.Bleaching your skins body parts are very inexpensive these days.Bleach your skins or go into tanning bed a lots.The skins showing parts of your body will matches into one color.

  4. If she can read this… she is beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God! He doesn't make mistakes! She is perfect and beautiful outside and inside stay strong and courageous you are an inspiration to many! Hugs!

  5. I have vitiligo. But I just have small patches here and there on my body. But I’m soooo happy that vitiligo is having more recognition! She is beautiful with her vitiligo 💕

  6. Girl your beautiful. ❤️Your skin is what makes you special and unique. Screw anyone who says different ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I can relate sooo much, I always hated getting asked what’s wrong with my skin. I’ve had vitiligo since birth and it’s only been recently that I finally stopped letting it bug me

  8. I love your self drawings!! Wish I could do that!! It’s awesome. Amd you are beautiful thanks for sharing yourself. God bless u

  9. Ash, I’m so proud of you hun! I remember when you were first diagnosed how worried your mom was about you, and how this would affect you! But you have come so far with accepting your unique beauty, and I appreciate you being a positive image for girls with the same condition!!! Keep going!! They need your voice!!❤️❤️❤️ Love ya!!!

  10. There r so many people around the world who have worst skin condition than u n thanks god u dnt have that in ur face.. so live young n live freely.

  11. I have someone in my class with the same thing! I don't know if it's that intense but she ain't ugly (it would be weird to call her pretty cuz we're just classmates xD)

  12. Vitaligo looks beautiful, however i imagine it must be so confronting and scarey for your skin to literally change colour and to have no control.

  13. Shes really pretty🙂 dunno why people were saying negative comments smh the fact that I seen that she likes anime is even 100% better lol

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