National Taiwan library | vlog 3 – Taipei

National Taiwan library | vlog 3 – Taipei

National taiwan library Is a library In Zhonghe district, New Taipei Taiwan It is The oldest library In taiwan The library was founded In 1914 During Japanese colonial period

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  1. beruntung sekali kak punya hobi baca buku pasti berpandangan luas dan banyak wawasan yang di miliki..buku jendela dunia jangan lupa bahagia

  2. Taiwan library tempatnya bersih rapi enak buat nyantai sambil baca buku pastinya yang datang kesini bisa baca semua dan suka

  3. Wow thank You for featuring Taiwan library my Friend. I like to watch cause I love reading books and love also going to the library where we can get some knowledge and past time as well we enjoy 😉

  4. Wow this library is huge and looks really clean. I like to spend our dayoff in the library with our daughter one of her fav place to be. I want to visit taiwan one day 🤗😬🤩

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