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  1. Ok, I have to say this.. I LIVE for your personality. seen several videos and I really like the way do them.. and also the joking and sarcasm you put in every now and then <3 I just love it. keep up the good work 🙂

  2. If i’m not mistaken. the only memorial on property is to the little boy who passed a few years ago at the Grand Floridian.

  3. Came across your channel after reading too much about the ultimate fate of the universe. Nihilistic journeys are neverending ^^ This is really good information to learn

  4. I was in Disney at the time of that contractor’s death. Made me think to myself that I was waiting in line for a ride, not a care in the world, while this man’s life was over in the blink of an eye just a short distance away.

  5. I think it’s important to analyze everything you love for the good and true bad. I love Disney because I love Disney movies and Disney series and the Disney parks, but as a corporation, outside of their creative teams, they are cold bloooooddddded

  6. Growing up with my mom working for reedy creek as a dispatcher she told me alot of horror stories mostly everyone that jumps off the hotels and alot of people dieing on the toilet. So yes people do die at disney, only the worse ones do make the news like pluto getting run overed by a float, the monorail crashes and a cast member falling into a vat of oil behind the Ratatouille ride at epcot. My mom and I always knew death wasn't a dark topic in my house even told her my death plans if I was to die young and she told me hers.

  7. A N.E. Ohio co-worker retired early to be a tram driver in the FL. park. Fell from his tram while on an overpass. No doubt his DNA became part of the park instantly.

  8. 8 years without a sponsor and uses said sponsorship to help the homeless be put to rest respectfully instead of using said monetary gain for herself. My. Effing. Hero. Ive been homeless off and on for 8 years and ive seen some good people get discarded like trash after death. This donation made me cry so hard ❤

  9. Your Disney videos are some of my favorite that you’ve done! 🖤
    BTW….how do you get your bangs to look so good??!!

  10. The workers being paid less than a living wage is a problem all over America. In most first world countries, companies pay their employees properly and tips are just an optional bonus that the customer can choose to give them in recognition of their good service. In America, they pay very insufficient wages and instead, force their workers to rely on tips just to survive. Unfortunately, there's no precedent for tipping Disney's "cast members" as they call them except those working in restaurants or possibly shops. The people with jobs like cleaning, sweltering in padded costumes, working at the rides etc. have no system of getting the tips they desperately need or even letting the visitors know that tipping them is a thing. It's ridiculous. The whole tipping thing is just one of the reasons why I don't consider America to be a civilised country, at least not yet. If they ever learn how to properly look after their own people, I'll revise my opinion but right now, they're still very much a developing nation in my eyes.

  11. Ask A Mortician, Caitlyn, congrats! No one deserves sponsors like you. Yay, Audible, may many others follow your lead! Excellent series on Disney and death. 👏👏💓☮️🎃

  12. With all due respect Caitlyn, stick to videos about stiffs. No one is forcing anyone to work at Disney. If you don't like the wages, look for a better job and/or get the skills needed for a higher paying job. If Colonfornia is too expensive, which it is, consider leaving the Golden Showers State. The coastal weather may be great; but that's no longer enough of a reason to live in that leftist shit hole.

  13. I have a super random bizarre kinda morbid question. If a person and their pet died at the same time for some reason, like a car accident, or gas leak, and the family wanted to put them in the same casket, would that be possible? Like anything from a hamster to a dog. I’m writing a book and when a child dies the parents sneak the child’s dead chihuahua into the coffin. And I’m wondering if that would be unnecessary because there’d be an easier way. Or if there’d even be an opportunity to do it without being noticed.

  14. After going on the Disney death tour site, you can see there is a memorial for the little boy Lane Thomas, that was eaten by a gater in 2016 😔

  15. My ex-husband worked for Didney and it was horrid. The pay was barely above minimum wage. Behind the scene, it's not so happy.

  16. A construction worker died from a fall in Epcot earlier this year; he was working on the new rattoille ride. And a worker died at Disneyland in the early 1970’s after being crushed by a rotating wall in a ride.

  17. I’m still voting for donations to go to the funeral strippers and making sure everyone who can’t afford them for their grandmas funeral can have them.. at least one

  18. One has to be downright stupid and/or drunk to die on the People Mover as that was the only ride I liked at Disneyland as it was peaceful compared to the standard amusement park rides.

  19. A friend of mine grew to resent his mother due to her rampant abuse of pain medication, and utter disregard for the hell she was constantly putting him through as he worked his butt of to care for her. Her suicide caused him to lose any remaining respect. A few times, when we were on weapons grade psychedelics, he pulled the bag of cremains out of the box for the purpose of mocking and ridicule. He'd toss them around, leave them out, and eventually quit sticking them back in the box. Months later he confessed to me that he had been leaving little dime bags, and sometimes individual lines with cut pieces of a straw around Dallas at various skeevy parties he'd attend. . . and he took great satisfaction in finding them gone by the end of the night. I've never shared this story with anyone, but this seemed like the right place.

  20. ***Hey Caitlin, actually you can only return an Audible purchase within 365 days. You got me all excited, I've got a couple of duds that need to go in the bin. Q_Q Yours are big winners tho!

  21. True story. I remember about 7 years ago staying at a Disney World resort in Florida near the Magic Kingdom. Won’t name it for privacy. It was a happy family trip, and the resort hotel grounds are beautiful. One morning while everyone was still getting up and out of bed at the resort, I decided to go and walk myself to the resort restaurant for some coffee. As I was getting closer to the restaurant, I saw people standing in the openings of their rooms, staring down at the grass ahead. They were shaking their heads and some women had hands over their mouths. I thought hmmm this is strange. Why…… ? As I walked on there it was, right beside me, on the grass. A slightly overweight man who looked to be in his 60’s was laying there, face up, like he was asleep on the grass. Meticulously dressed, new sandals on. Nice watch and clothes. Balding head. But he was blue. His skin was almost all blue. I never saw that before and it shocked me. If he wasn’t dead yet, he was darn close I suspect. Almost as soon as that scene registered in my head I heard the ambulance and in what seemed almost instantaneous they had him on a stretcher and hooked up to some kind of automatic compression machine over his chest pumping him. I’ll never forget that sound. Ever. Silence except for that damn sound. I of course didn’t say anything to my family to spoil the fun at the parks, and in fact I didn’t tell them that story until just this year. Right after it happened, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Some family had just lost grandpa at a Disney resort. If he didn’t die, I was sure he was still in tough shape. That man, like me, was probably getting out of the room for some breakfast on his own while his family was still waking up getting excited to see the parks. They were probably wondering why he never came back from breakfast……for a while…. until they knew. That scene bothered me so much days after it happened I contacted Disney via email and asked if they could tell me the outcome. Was he dead? Did he survive? Of course they didn’t tell me specifics, they told me something like We hope the ambulance crew worked their magic on him. I’ll never forget it.

  22. It would be cool if Disney offered to hold a person's ashes on the ride of choice for awhile for a fee and that money could go to feeding, housing, and educating atrisk kids. Then after like a month Disney could have the ashes shipped back to the family.

  23. What a place to ashes. I could see some mad teenager that their mom or dad just passed away just taking their ashes and throwing them in a trashcan at Disney.

  24. Oh no way! I am so proud of you and HUGE congrats on your new partnership with Audible! You have earned the heckle out of it <3

  25. I watched until the last second, because I knew she couldn't resist not sliding a "Disney's head" into the video somewhere.

  26. I worked at another large American amusement park…I I have some fantastic hot tea about people dying there, all types of dirty info. I'll spill if you want the info for a video, my favorite mortician ✌🏼

  27. I'm surprised Disney hasn't built a mausoleum so they could charge insanely high prices to store the cremains of great aunt Frink in the magic kingdom for all time.

  28. Caitlyn: Now, Disney does NOT want you to scatter your loved one's ashes at the park…
    Me: Really? I think Walt would love it XD

  29. You failed to mention Debbie Stones horrific death in the "America Sings" attraction. She got wedged between the rotating stage wall and a solid wall was was crushed to death. Her twisted, mangled corpse left little doubt that she was, as the coroner of the land of OZ would say, "She is most sincerely dead" at Disneylsnd.


  31. Wouldn't the Haunted Mansion's statement, at the end " Hurry Back, be sure to bring your death certificate, make final arrangements now" be seen as permission…

  32. If I was to have my ashes scattered anywhere in Disney world I would want it scattered on the 20000 leagues under the Sea ride. Coincidentally I've heard that It was not operating anymore. But 20000 leagues under the Sea was one of my all-time favorite Disney movies.

  33. Just a little faux pas, but as a member of the Disney community, and you make a lot of great points, but if you could be more supportive of the Disney World People Mover. That would be awesome! It’s just cuz it’s a beloved part of the Original,in Disneyland, and if you abide by the rules of the ride, can be a memorable experience! It’s not fast. Just a gentle glide with a tour of Tomorrowland!

    I give my deepest condolences to the young man that lost his life, but I don’t think the ride itself is inherently dangerous. The experience is really like nothing else, especially if you’re a longtime fan of the park!
    Btw- I don’t know how fame and Hollywood work these days but you should currently be on a hit show right now! You’re so enjoyable to watch on screen! Nothing too silly, but you should be playing the role of best friend to the Star on a Sitcom on a major network! You’re timing is that good! Even if you don’t talk about death! You have profound likability and obvious talent! Sky’s the world for you!

  34. It’s so perfect that your first sponsor is a book app since you write books. I’m so happy they’re sponsoring!!! Now if Patreon would just take my damn card…ANY of them…

  35. As a former cm… yes. People smuggle ashes, not everyday, but it happens. Yes. They shut rides down if you dick around, big brother is there. Yes. Your cremated family members are removed, vaccumed or otherwise destroyed if found. (By chance or cause you were caught.. doesn't matter.)

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