NX reuse library tutorial part 1: add new part

NX reuse library tutorial part 1: add new part

Welcome to CADAMES Youtube channel this video shows you how to add new model file in NX library In machine design, we need to use the key many times Depend on the shaft diameter, we have the differential key which have different parameters To save the design time when you need to use many key with different parameters, we can create a key part and add it in NX library In this video, I separate into 5 parts First, create a new model file in NX Second step is add the folder in NX library Third, create a excel file which contain all key parameters Fourth, link to excel file to NX part Finally, you can use the key as a library file Depend on the shaft diameter then key has the length, width and height, respectively

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  1. Hi tenks your video tutorial. I creat one but my created part no have outside pocket componet secont solid geometri. Have can creat pocket componet gometri and add in library part. Tenks.

  2. Link download all NX part files:


    http://www.4file.net/users/cadames/7499/gearbox reducer

  3. Thanks! And how create component with non-fixed dimension? I want translate dimension in re-use component from expression list of my assembly, it is possible?

  4. Hello. Thank you for this useful video. How do you add expressions or parameters for a reuse "2D Section" instead of a part?

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