Oasis 21 ~outdoor shopping center~ 【オアシス21】日英字幕

Oasis 21 ~outdoor shopping center~ 【オアシス21】日英字幕

Today we’re in Nagoya (because usually we
take a video in a semi-rural city) but this is the actual city
part of Nagoya. We’re at a specific station
called Sakae and one of the places we wanted to
show is called Oasis 21. And it’s this
shopping center here! And a lot of foreigners visit this
place so if you come here this is one of the main shopping centers
that people go to in Nagoya. It’s really cool because it has
a pool on the roof and on the bottom floor they always have
something exciting going on. Sometimes they’re even filming
TV shows and things like that. So that’s what we’re
going to show you today! Here you can see like typically they–I don’t
know if they have more in back stock but they always only have like one of
each size out on the racks. Sometimes it seems like you can only
buy one and then it’s gone forever. Well, those–they
have more over there. Maybe they’re in storage? Yeah, that’s kind of
what I wondered, too. But some of them they have
more than one. I guess. I think it depends on how big the
store is I think. That’s true. Like when you get to Uniqlo
they have a ton of them. Well, yeah Uniqlo–they
would have a lot. They’re have like bar
seating at McDonald’s! It’s kind of cute, actually. It looks like almost all
of it is bar seating. As always there’s
Starbucks coffee! In the summer, especially here, it can be
really hard to find a place to sit down. Even if you get food. It’s another bakery! Actually that goes for a lot of
places in the summer in Japan. Especially if they get
really busy like here. Sometimes you have to wait a long time
to get seating or you find a table and then you put all of your stuff on the
table and then you order your food. Like people will just leave
their purses on the table. And walk away. And no one steals their stuff. We found the Ghibli store! There are so many Jiji! Oh my gosh, is this
for the cat bus? Nekobasu. $210. Cute. I kind of want this to
display in our genkani. That’d be nice. I thought about getting it
before but it was sold out. I’d wanna put real plants in there. This is awesome. Tape dispenser! Jump shop! They have a whole shop for
Shonen Jump manga merchandise. I don’t think we’re allowed to
take videos inside, though. Yeah, even looking out
here you can just see how much stuff they have they
have for Shonen Jump. I remember coming here!
I can’t believe I forgot. I swear there used to be
a Pokemon store here! Really? I swear it was here! It was right across from the Ghibli
store and the Shonen Jump store. Mmkay. Now it’s Willcom! I guess maybe they just got rid of it?
Maybe it was just a one time thing? Maybe they moved. I know it was there!
I went inside! We’re going up! The top is called
“Spaceship Aqua.” Oh! There really is water. Oh yeah, I forgot about
these weird benches. You can’t sit on these! Oh! It’s coming over the edge. So I guess this is the Sakae exit off of…
What’s the subway line? Higashiyama-sen.
Ah, Higashiyama-sen. And Exit 4 is Oasis 21. Central Park! They have people
performing here all the time. Amateurs perform music
here all the time. Yeah, so that’s
pretty cool, too. It’s so close!
And big. o_o Big? Oh, it flew away.

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  1. Why there are so many people with hospital masks entering shops or even sharing food.. is there any virus infeccion there ?

  2. You should make a video if you haven't already addressing the issue of Japan's decreasing population. Apparently it's an issue of younger couples not wanting to have kids. I'm just curious if you and Jun could shed a little light on why that might be the case. Is there some sort of mindset in Japan amongst the younger generations that makes young people/couples especially resistant to the idea of children?

  3. Great job with the cameo. I knew something was up when I saw Victor walking Maggie after I saw Y'all in Victors video with Tomoko. The interview with Victor and Tomoko makes it all come together. Great job. But I didn't see Tomoko here.

  4. watching your videos really make me wanna stay in japan (short term maybe?)!! >.< but i'm afraid of going to a foreign land alone to stay… =[

  5. And then I unexpectedly hear SHINee's "Replay (Kimi wa Boku no Everything)" playing in the background at 2:24 😮 I'm not a huge fan of the song compared to a lot of their other stuff, but it was still a nice surprise!

    Also, that rooftop… so trippy o_o

  6. Literally watched this video a while back
    I finished watching your card game video, after seeing him at the end with the French Bulldog I was like wwaaiiiiit. Waaaiittt a second! 

  7. Yup. That's definitely Victor with the reindeer suit with Maggie. For a better look at his face for proof, go to 0:36. I don't know if this is mere coincidence, but I have a feeling this was an intentional appearance. They knew each other before then or something. LOL. But I could be wrong/right.

  8. I used to live in Okazaki, a bit to the south-east of Nagoya, so I'm happy to see places I've been to ^o^ 懐かしい~~ ^^

    Also, TOTORO~~!!! ^o^ 

  9. 名古屋が恋しいなーと言いたいところだがポケモンセンターはどうしたんだ!?

  10. 0:27 I love how that man in the background is wearing a reindeer suit and his dog a Santa suit. That dog chain should be around that man's neck.

  11. Do you guys know any other channel like this one but of other country ? I would like to learn more of other cultures .

  12. after you guys taking about the pool, i was curious whats the stance on bikini's in japan? you talked about how cleavage is pretty taboo, so what are Japanese swimsuits like?

  13. Wow, that brought back memories when I was there in 1996.  Love the improvements.  Does Nagoya still have a Hollywood walk of fame??  I forget where it was, but I think it was not too many stops from Sakae.  In 1996 I thought that LA and Nagoya shared the same smog….

  14. I was watching the video while petting my cat and when the bird came at the end she was almost ready to attack my screen! Hahaha 😀 I love your videos, I think you do a great job explaining things and educating people, keep it going, I wish you were my teacher, it would be much more interesting listening to you 😀 Lots of love from Croatia! Come visit sometime, we have a lot of sites worth seeing and it's really cheap here. Best of luck! 🙂

  15. Many different things to collect it seems.  They have a lot of little things that one can decorate or gather or whatever you do with them. 🙂

  16. I really want to go to japan some day and by watching your video's I really get an idea of how I should act and how wonderful it is there! Thank you so much for uploading all these amazing video's! You got yourselves another subscriber!~ 🙂

  17. Ahhhh!!!! I went to that exact place in Sakae this summer! It was so amazing at Night Time!!! The aqua pool on the roof is lit blue, and the TV tower is also lit up! It is so beautiful <3 Also, Rachel and Jun I hope you read this, I love your channel so much it inspires me to study Japanese hard so I can live in Japan in the future! I am 15 and studied Japanese for one year so far, and Im in love with Japan

  18. That guy in rudolf the reindeer costume was awesome just strolling about not giving a damn ohh Japan never cease to amuse me XDDD and OMG the Gibli store i legit bawled for an entire minute so cool 0o0…

  19. can you talk about your realtionship with your husband and what it like to married to him and ect and how can you guys give advice to peolpe about realtionship problems that get abused and rape in them and . do you guys want kids and are plan start a family lol . do you guys have lgbt friends in japan . plz reply back to me . how did it feel when you married a japan guy and did your family like him.

  20. Oasis 21 was my favorite place to be during my exchange year in Nagoya! I miss this place so much

  21. I was already excited about the ghibli store. then the Jump store came and im indifferent and then YELL "SAIKI!…. NARUTO!! o: KUROKO NO BASKET!!" o

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