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  1. i love miss kobayashi dragon maid (lucoa is my waifu) but she is right, the manga is not for little kids and definitely not for schools, is a ecchi manga a shojo or shounen is something acceptable for a school.

  2. This is a person who was insufferable in high school to be around. ]
    "Mom i wanted to show you this cause i know you don't like this." It sounds like the kind of something you say when you want to get someone in trouble

  3. "mom I know you don't like this so I wanted to show you!" First of all, No KID who reads THAT WOULD DO THAT! Secondly must be a slow week for KETV7 news…

  4. I feel sorry for that kid to have a mother like that, reminds you of the notable one.
    – Sheldon Cooper's mom (dislikes x-men comics)

    In conclusion, it's a manga, Miss Monica King, you don't have to appear on the news talking about manga being in the library.

  5. Yeah because sexuality and the female body is such a disgusting thing for her 13 year old daughter to see empowered as she gets to an age where bullying is at its peak. Let us save the children from all forms of immodesty because I as a parent am unable to cope with my child getting older.

  6. One parent complaining that a book in a library offends her taste is NOT news. Also, really cheap of a news agency to use a clickbait title. Shame on KETV for calling this "reporting".

    Cheers to this school for not censoring a book. Hopefully they are consistently reliable in this matter. Kids at this age deserve to make their own decisions about what they read, and to be exposed to many different ideas.

  7. People really get mad over anything these days. Libraries carried Manga for years and now you wanna complain. Dragon Maid isn't even bad but okay boomer.

  8. Shes's stupid lol I'm sure there are much more graphic or inappropriate books in the young adult section if she bothered to look and read them.

  9. "this person is offended by this manga" why is this news worthy?

    just ditch the manga and read something else? like…………….I dont know……………..

    charlotte's web ?

  10. This is not okay but having bible books in some public schools in the library not many but that's not the point and having bible study classes are okay wtf is going on in this country nowadays

  11. It was just a story about me living with you hoomans.. kobayashi-san is the only human since the times I've lived who accepted me for who I am, this story is more about how just living with someone else rather than living alone can bring positive changes.

  12. She was 11. If the mom is mad over Toru fawning over Miss Kobayashi, then that's dumb. But if the manga has super suggestive and sexual themes then I could understand, sorta

  13. Come on guys. I was reading worse stuff when I was in the sixth grade. That stuff that I read was things like American sniper

  14. Types of people which are looked at by adults as bad influence
    1. Gamers
    2. Furries
    3. War history
    4. ANIME !?!?!
    Edit : wait 3 is War History Lovers and 4 is Anime Weebs

  15. I love how people around my age are getting mad and talking the story down but did they make it to the part where the mother mentions that her daughter is in 6th grade? The book is great and not hugely inappropriate for people in high school but the girl reading it only just started middle school. Get off your high horse on talking down on everyone and their views. Also yes, the school does have good taste.

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