and those important removing and that’s
why we have a keypad on it guys it has to be locked at all times
I can’t show you the code and we are video and today guys we are gonna be
doing a video that you have all been requesting actually in fact our last
video you guys absolutely destroyed the comments section with hashtag house tour
and that is exactly what we are gonna do today because guys it’s official week we
move yeah there’s no longer the old house which I know is kind of sad like
we did have a lot of good memories and what was your favorite memory in the old
house I think one of my favorite memories was the jumping castle I
actually got to say my favorite memory well one of them there’s so many good
memories was probably the insane box for a train that we made that was so cool
but guys this house is so cool because there’s a lot of cool stuff in here so I
thought we would start inside papa Jake’s room yeah Jake’s room is pretty
cool I gotta give it to him a lot of neat gadgets I got so many gadgets a the
only thing I’m missing is a robot Butler I’d like a robot Butler just kind of
like Hello Papa Jake would you like deep yes I would guys look at this it’s a
garbage game that opens right that’s not the garbage Logan there’s so many more
cool things this job okay okay so we’re gonna start your but probably the first
thing you’re gonna notice is all of the LEDs yes I do like LEDs we got few
strips all throughout this entire thing and we even got this new thing here
which kind of looks like the Papa J Delta logo yeah well and the cool thing
about this look is look at this like this changes color you can make any
color you want but you can also click this button here Shh what are you get oh
uh uh oh it goes to our boy yeah oh that’s what a Oh looks like in colors
hey guys check this out this is how many subscribers we have oh yeah guys so I
can always monitor how many subscribers we have on the pop J channel so right
now it’s five point six three billion and if you guys subscribe I can see you
like from my bed I’ll give me like oh look
Timmy subscribe we went up a number oh and over here
gasps this is my awesome wall of all of my favorite gaming memorabilia because
I’ve got a lot of crazy stuff in the newest thing I got I go on a float
life-size fallout power armor helmet pretty cool Jake yeah yeah son I guess I
wouldn’t be I wouldn’t be doing ninja stuff it’d be more like things up also
the big TV guy is a big TV I got all my gaming stuff here I’ve got my xbox here
so you can play video games from my back I’ve got these like really sweet
speakers that light up again with the cool funky colors I know I like a lot of
LEDs but I like colors and then I got my bed over here and the bed goes up who
needs a bed that goes up well it’s a couch dude that you can play video games
or watch movies and you don’t have to worry about like court in your neck so
you sit up like that I don’t know guys I think that’s a little extra also guys
huge show too Xbox for sponsoring this video they sponsored us with the Xbox
game pass if you guys don’t know what Xbox game pass is it is probably the
best thing to ever come the video games for the low price of eleven and
ninety-nine a month you guys are able to get access to over a hundred games
completely for free you can pick any game download it and play it for free
they’re also doing a cool promotion right now where you can sign up and your
first month is $1.00 so be sure to go and check that out we’ll have a little
bit more on Xbox game pass later on and I can’t wait to show you guys all the
awesome Xbox stuff we have in this house and with anything in this house if you
guys have some awesome video ideas be sure to leave them down below in the
comments and if you guys like this new house don’t forget what’s out here don’t
go out there bro this is OK fine this this is the balcony which I don’t really
know what I’m gonna do with ya but maybe we can do something really cool like
what if I set up a jumping castle down there and you jump off my balcony into
it Jake I don’t think that’s a good idea in fact I think we should never ever do
that mo can you jump off just flap your wings
and you’d be like a bird until you hit the the jumping castle but but yeah I’ll
work on Logan on that one but guys if you’re new here make sure to smack that
subscribe button and make sure to smash that Bell button so you make sure to
never miss a video but Logan we forgot to tell them buddy or give
the first iPhone in our massive iPhone giveaway for all of you guys who
subscribe and hit the notification button for both this channel and our
brand new channel Papa juniors right the first iPhone giveaway is gonna be next Z
the next video the video app that there’s a link in the description down
below but we kind of move on because next up Logan it’s your room before we
go to my room there’s a massive skylight up there J
that’s pretty crazy I’ll do that it’s really notice that and guess what guys
right here we’re gonna put a little poster box for baby oh yeah I can’t wait
that to be so cool alright guys let’s go check out my room now my room might not
be as crazy as Jake but I like to keep things simple do this it’s a cat it’s an
alpaca no it’s a cat Logan you gonna catch here oh no it’s a fuzzy alpaca
Jake is he really he’s very soft very soft guys I got us a room please
looking good yes it’s looking pretty nice definitely great for me to kick the
door in and get you up when we’re in an emergency and needs to go on in a
mission there’s a lock on this door there’s no way you’re getting it why
don’t we move on to another room in the house there are a ton of rooms and we
will probably not time to show off everyone I mean like that was that this
room is it messy just boxes so that’s not fun room but we do have a room here
with all of our awesome toys that we use in our videos and it’s not complete yet
we’re gonna have like a nerf wall yeah we’re gonna have like a crazy
arsenal of nerf here so yeah it’s running near grab it off the wall we got
tons of extra toys you just like anything we want to make a video with
they’re all in here and dude we just got all of our toys in here maybe just
rattle like this watch I didn’t want to mention every room in this house has a
TV I don’t really know why let’s head downstairs I’ll show you guys the main
floor I go down nice there we gon is and now we are on the main floor guys this
is a pretty cool space cuz we have our gaming center yeah guys check this out
so this is the gaming room and this is basically where we just kind of yell go
we chill out we play some video games so over here we’ve got our dual Xbox setup
so we got my xbox over here Logan’s Xbox over here and everything is
all connected together so we can go play or night or whatever go on
hoping you got headsets to light up like a Papa G poster here that YouTube sent
us I think this is my first hundred thousand subscriber kind of like note
that I got from YouTube and then these are these are some YouTube skateboards
that we also got women had to go visit YouTube in California which is pretty
sweet wait Jake where you going you missed the
dining room the dining room is not fun for anyone all right it’s just a table
on the chandelier come on the phones over here guys this is the living room
this is where we can also chill and do something got TV over there which is
pretty sweet this place isn’t quite finished we
literally just moved in a couple days ago so it’s very empty so a lot of stuff
to do in here guys over here we have the kitchen there’s tons of space you don’t
feel any unboxing videos and one of the coolest features look at this we got our
own water tank always wanted to have one of these now that’s fresh premium top of
Jake water yeah that’s good water when you come out of the kitchen you enter
this little room here oh look everyone say thank you to Pete for doing
his service a vacuuming our floor and there you go buddy you just gonna be
quiet there wait wait a little bit before we go downstairs quick stop to
see the Papa Jake bo bo just chillin in here right now there’s a lot of poeple
boxes these memories a lot of boxes again we’re not fully moved in but
you’re the Papa J nobody else here’s ready ready I’m pretty good buddies many
more missions let’s uh let’s close that up and head downstairs to probably be
coolest place in the house oh yeah guys check this out oh yeah guys this is the
basement and down here is where we’re gonna be building the passports
nerve pals like anything you guys can imagine we can do down here and guys
it’s a little bit echoey it / it’s a lot echoey but that’s one of the things
we’re gonna work on soundproofing this area so it’s not crazy echo got guys in
on this side here we’ve got some really cool stuff as well if we wanted to put
like all of our favorite things up here to showcase them so they can be in the
background of all our videos like for example here is our 1 million subscriber
plaque which is pretty sweet we got a hundred thousand subscriber plaque for
Papa J games another hundred thousand subscriber plaque for the main channel I
think mr. Homma here and guys we’re so close to hitting a hundred thousand
subscribers on the Papa J Chris Logan channel we are so maybe we could get
that plaque up there soon but guys check out all these Lego people
and there’s Lego Jake my favorite thing about the basement is we took the time
to install LED lights throughout the entire ceiling which means we can
control the lights from my phone and make them whatever color we want to with
the touch of a button we can change all the lights too
like like we see blue green okay or maybe or maybe even like red I mean if
you want to go into the jungle now it’s the jungle guys or if we’re on a
different space planet no it’s space planet let’s say we’re
doing a little zombies video check this out I let’s move okay come on what’s
going on look at the blights route ooh and guys guys check this out this is one
of my favorite things when you turn this knob the music comes on stop beeping dude check this out it’s
our home movie theater now I know what you’re thinking pop Jake there’s no
couch because there isn’t a counselor we’re working on getting the couch we
just moved in this video is sponsored by Xbox featuring the Xbox game past we
have like 5 X boxes in this house and I can use it to play some amazing games
from xbox game past there is over 100 games for xbox game pass and every month
they add new games plus a super cool thing is that with the subscription if
you like a game you can buy it for 20% off and get add-ons for 10% off and the
sweet thing is that all of Microsoft first party games when they come out are
available on Xbox game paths so you get stuff like Forza sea of these Gears of
War it’s it’s all here gee which game are we gonna play what if we played all
the games Logan that’s insane we can’t play all the games there’s over a
hundred of them well Jake what if we try Logan I love that attitude pull up some
carpet we’ll play an Xbox again though guys huge shows Xbox for
sponsoring this video go check out Xbox game pass it is so cool we absolutely
love to play in it but we do have to show you this house the most important
room moving and that’s why we have a keypad on it guys it has to be locked at
all times I can’t show you the code okay you ready
welcome there’s not much tape in here yeah because we just moved it but guys
this is where we’re gonna store all of our DJ just tape everywhere
camera equipment and it’s super secure with the lock on the door so you can’t
come and steal our team every single watching this video if you guys did
enjoy it be sure to smack that like button and if you guys have some awesome
ideas as to how we can use anything in this house leave a comment down below
for some more amazing video ideas but this has been Pappa Jake and Logan and
we’ll see you guys next time for another

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