PAPAJI – Fear of Death (full satsang)

PAPAJI – Fear of Death (full satsang)

Om. Let there be peace and love,
among all beings of the universe. Let there be peace, let there be peace. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Namaskar, namaskar. Welcome to Satsang. Fear of death, and how to get rid of it. All men and animals are always… are afraid of death. Everybody is afraid of death and whosoever is afraid of death, cannot avoid his next birth. And if you remove this fear you cannot have the next birth either – that means you become liberated while yet alive – otherwise this cycle of transmigration
is not going to end. We are here because we have not done our job properly, which has brought us here. The karma has not been finished. The desire, the longing for… desire… is hanging, therefore we are here. So let us make the best of it this time and not to return on this stage
of suffering and misery once again. The best is, best of all is: close association with a realized teacher; it will remove the fear of death. Because he will always tell you,
he will always give you instruction: “Do not desire for anything that is changing. “Always aspire for the changeless.” Now we have to find out – everyone of us desires what is changing, what we want, what we love, from the childhood itself, that changes, even our body. Once upon a time everybody was a child, it changes, became youth, childhood has gone, it’s become youth, then old age, youth is gone, but after old age death and disease and suffering and… death; and this will continue. So, if someone has discrimination… Siddharta has done it by one trip outside of the palace and he saw a man, sick man a man who was old, a man who was dead. And he decided – all this life is changing; how to find something And he decided to… to be free of all this changeful world. Look at the world, anywhere you go, everything is changing, everything is changing. And we aspire for what – that is changing itself. How can we have rest? How can we have peace? How can we have liberation? So we have to see, we have to find out what is changeless, immaculate, love, knowledge and bliss, and existence, within ourselves. Our body is changing and it will fade away some day. There is something through which we can see, we can smell, we can hear, we can taste and we can move. What is that through which we see, through which we taste, what is it? Where does it rise from? What is it? That nobody knows. Only ‘I am doing’, ‘I am seeing’, ‘I am looking’, and then this look goes to something which is beautiful, object of beauty, and we get lost. So, thus is how it happens. So, now you have to return at the source of where this changeless is seated: in the cave of your heart. No one knows where is the cave of your heart. There abides the changeless, ever free, immortal, shining, through which the sun shines, through which the moon shines,
and the stars and the fire. That doesn’t change. And you are That! But you don’t believe it. You are so convinced that ‘I am the body’. and ‘this is me’, ‘this is mine’. and ‘this is my relation’, and ‘this belongs to me’. and ‘I belong to so and so’. So, that is going to be the transmigratory cycle, what is called endless, because you have given rise to it, otherwise this also doesn’t exist. You have to question yourself, “Where does this rise from?” And other one is… constantly meditate on That, on your Self – waking and sleeping also – you will forget the fear of death. Always meditating on the Self, sitting, standing, walking, working, wherever you are. And here, if this breath leaves or does not leave, that’s not your problem, because you are in meditation and in meditation there is no fear of death. There’s no fear of death at all, because you are… engaged in meditation on the Self and you are meditating That which does not change. And second best could be to observe the prana. That of course I don’t advise because there are certain regularities, dietary instructions, changing of habits and… environments too, and in these times it’s very difficult for us to change our habits. And special diet also, very satvic food is to be taken otherwise that is also very effective because the mind and the prana have the same source. If you control the prana, mind is controlled, and when you control the mind, prana is controlled. And that is the knot between changeless and the change, and you have to relieve this knot, and then the soul will be free from the concept of the body. This is how it has to be done. Few have done it, and others are in the process. Everyone of us has to return home. We have to… we are only postponing because we are now engaged somewhere else. We have forgotten way home. How long we will stand in the supermarket? The gates will be closed and you will surely repent. And we have repented last time also. And this is the result, we are very
lucky to have this form once again. There are millions and billions of forms less than the human form: very small creatures, very small worms; we are blessed to be just six billion human beings. Among six billion… among six billion, how many are they who have… desired to be free and are here in Satsang? You represent all the world, drawn from different countries. I don’t think that you’ve heard from your parents, this word, “I want to be free!” Your parents have not discussed with their children, “My dear children, let us meditate, “let us find how to be free.” Have your parents done so? Have your relations have done so? Has your society has done so? I don’t think – you are the only one from your family, maybe from your state, maybe from your country. If you have a survey of country-wise, I think some of the countries are missing, from Middle East. I don’t find because they are not allowed. Some countries in the Middle East
they are not allowed to raise their voice, “I want to be free”. Someone did so and he was stoned to death. Like Mansoor, he raised the voice, “I want to be free”, he was not allowed by the church. Church wants you to attend the church, that’s all. Christians also want you… and other religions also want you to attend the church, “You will go to heaven, if you don’t, to hell.” And where is the religion that has no heaven, and no hell, and no fear? You take off the fear from the religion, where is the religion? Fear of church, fear of commandments – there’s no religion, which leaves you free to be free. You have to obey the church,
you have to obey the priest. “Come to the church, if you don’t… you will be transported to hell”,
that’s all the fear imposed on you – you can’t be liberated. Here is one religion, no religion at all no man-made religion, no shepherd to herd the sheep. All the founders of the religions
have been shepherds, you know? Shepherds, to herd the sheep. Thus, you have been herded by the sheep. Don’t be herded. You are lions! And lions have no… lion herd, I believe. Wherever the lion goes, that is his track – if you walk on a treaded path you are sheep, you see. So cut your own way, for the first time, and… don’t walk on what your… teacher has told you, teacher of the religions, or preachers, they are not teachers. Anybody who tells you do this and do
that is not a teacher, is a preacher – they have some interest in you, and they become leaders to destroy you. So, you first of all have to get rid of all those… churchian mentality, get free – you are here now for freedom. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of hell, heaven; they exist in your mind. No one has seen hell, no one has seen heaven. And that will be done after death. No-one has seen heaven in the life, neither the hell. Hell is here. If you don’t win freedom, here is the hell. Because you are afraid of death, this is hell. This is hell itself, you are in the hell. If you have fear of death, you are in hell. Because this punishment will be given in the hell,
again and again – why not to remove the hell from the mind itself and be free of this concept? All are concepts so get rid of these concepts
of death and birth. Having done so, then give rise to a desire for the first time, “I want to be free”. Then search for a teacher and your work is done. Now you are here. Well done, welcome. You, here you are advised only… come here with empty hands, keep your garbage outside the door. Come with empty hands – don’t bring anything in your hearts, in your mind; don’t ask anything, you see. Sit quiet, still your mind, still your intellect. Sit for one second and you are free. Still mind, stillness of mind, stillness of intellect. No notions, no intentions, and no ideations. Keep quiet! Just for one second. I am sure you are free. Because… freedom doesn’t need any time
because you are always free. This is to… this is the bondage, the concept of bondage, which you have superimposed on
the mind, has to be brushed aside – has to be brushed aside by yourself because… you have imposed on the mind that ‘I am bound’. Where is the bondage? No one could show it. It’s only a concept and concept will stay, as long as you are convinced that this is real. And concepts are real as long as you are dreaming: the snake in the dream, the tiger in the dream,
the robber in the dream who attacks you – you are afraid. This fear is real as long as you are dreaming. But when you wake up, where is the serpent, where is the tiger,
where are the robbers? Because… they have disapperared because you wake up now. So… you are still asleep, ignorant of your own Self, so now you have to… wake up here and now, then only you are out of this long dream of ignorance that ‘I am bound’. You have been hearing from your society, from parents – suffering, sorrow, death – therefore you are simply following like sheep, you see. Don’t look towards it, turn your face
towards your own Self, once for all. Good luck. OK. That’s it. Papaji, Papaji. – Papaji.
– Yes, come in, come in, come in. What next? – Yeah.
– What next? – Yes.
– You were talking to me, right now. OK. Very… yes. And I… – Did you listen?
– Yes. I… Did you listen? OK. How far have you… how far you have listened? How far? – We will see, I don’t know.
– OK, you speak, I will see. Papaji. – So, I wrote you this letter about this…
– Yes, yes. …space being created. Now, sometimes when I ask, “Who am I?”, with the who it’s like the body is starting
to be pushed outside, away, and it’s so confusing as I have always been believing
‘I’m living inside my body’, now. Then I have seen the other day in a book pictures of chakras and auras and
there’s always the body in the center and the aura is around. But it feels different Papa, – the center is the Self and the body is…
– Outside. Outside. Why do they depict it in books
always the other way round? One starts believing it that this is the center and out there,
somewhere, is the Self. Which is not true. – No, it’s not true.
– Not true. And then I have been watching when, when there is moments of shock, I cross the road and there comes a car from behind or some kind of danger. In that moment that space is like a bit… I am back in the body in that moment. I am the body again, when there’s fear, yeah. So you said to concentrate on the Self, and I’ve been doing this and it’s, it’s so difficult to explain ’cause the body is shaking when there’s fear and the car has just been avoiding me, yeah. And so asking, “Who am I?” it’s like, it’s… it’s not that immediately that space is created again so there is a process where some
things I don’t understand really, – and I hope you will…
– OK. First of all I don’t say concentrate, I said meditate. – Meditate.
– Yes. Concentration is on some particular object, then it becomes concentration. OK? Meditate means becoming one with the Self, means if the water is poured into water, it becomes one, not two. So, when the meditator is meditating on the Self, it becomes Self itself. That’s called meditation. Now the Self, which was before intended to meditate on the Self,
it becomes Self. Now it became Self. And now the body, the world, the universe is outside, is outside of you. And you are seated inside, you see. And outside is the game, is the play for your own playground, you see. It’s your playground, and if you don’t want to play, there’s no playground. If you don’t want to play keep quiet also. If you want to play, go to the playground and… in fact there was all stillness, peace, quiet, being, bliss and knowledge. Being, knowledge, bliss, before the creation this was there, nothing else was there. Then this… this wanted to play, therefore concept arose, that’s called mind. Then universe, senses, objects. Then this is the play, you see. And then, when you meditate, whatever you… the thinker becomes that, which he thinks, you see. So, that meditation is called… when you meditate you enter into… into That, which you are meditating, and you become That. You Be That. That’s called meditation. And after become Self, how can you think it’s inside or outside? There’s no inside and no outside. And you keep still there. Keep still, it means mind is wavering, it’s not meditation. I said, “Every time, all the time meditate.” And this meditation should penetrate into sleep state also. Always, sitting, standing, walking, eating, acting, then it will enter into sleep state, in dream state, and there will be no next waking state at all. It will transcend all the 3 states. Yes. So, this has to be continued ’till the last breath, ’till the last breath it has to be continued. Total satsang is quite enough. Because if you hear, if you hear every day and I speak every day
the same thing to you, how long you will not listen? Just imagine. How long? You’ve given only few hours, few hours of your life, isn’t it? You have given very few hours out of your life to me. – It’s no fault of…
– You can have them all Papa. – Heh?
– You can have them all. OK. Very good. Papaji? Yes. – What a way for…
– Heh? – spiritual…
– Come here, come here. Yes. What way or spiritual method is suitable for me, to make spiritual advancement – and to realize the Truth?
– No way! – Yes, no way.
– No way. That… You need a way when you have to go
to Delhi from Lucknow, then I can suggest you go by air, go by train, go by… by road. So, way you need when you have to travel
from one place to another. Now you say, “I want to be free.” What do you want in this freedom?
Where you have to go? Where is the Atman? How far located? How far is your Atman located from you? – It’s everywhere.
– Hmm? Everywhere, it is everywhere. Everywhere, so? If it is everywhere, where can you go? Stay quiet! Do you follow? – Yes.
– Then? Stay quiet for one second! – This is the only way.
– That’s… First understand. First understand, then go to next question. Stay quiet for one second and tell me the result. What have you heard? What have you heard, what did I speak? What did I speak? – What did I speak to you?
– Words. Keep quiet! OK. Keep quiet. And one second… during this one second you tell me, how do you feel? Hmm? Dearest Papaji, for 32 years, since age of 5, I have been asked the question, “What have I taken birth for?” “Why do I come here again and again?” Excellent question. You are very lucky. Who is this, David? Where is David? Please, come here. Are you from States? – Where are you…
– I’m from America. – States?
– Yes. Already some people were here those who were telling me that, one man from Munchen, he said, “From 2 years I have been enquiring “why I have come to this world?” “Who am I?”
2 years, it astonished me. And someone said 16 years, and you said 5 years. Really wonderful, some little work is left. And you are going to complete it. OK? Yes. Wonderful. Wonderful. Here is the job, 5 years you have been enquiring. Why I have taken this birth, what for? Why I have come here, again and again? I have eaten at the table of samsara for thousands of years and I have tasted all the dishes. I have touched all the experiences and the illusions that arise here. They no longer have anything to offer me. Discrimination, this is discrimination. So, you have got to be equipped with discrimination, which is most essential for freedom. – Discrimination.
– Yes. There is no pull, no lure, no enticement. Of course, you already know the story, same story, for most of us who are here with you many, many years of buddhist meditation practices. Many, many teachers, many teachings, ego arises, fear arises, worthiness, unworthiness, moments of grace, moments of silence, brief glimpses of freedom. To all of the teachings, and to all of the teachers, and to all of the presence I say, “Hello.” And now, “Goodbye.” Lucky. Lucky. You have said goodbye to the teachers, to the teachings, and to the practices, OK? Then you have missed one person, whom you have omitted to say goodbye. Who is that? Yeah! Yes. Yes. Yes, say goodbye to… to say goodbye, who has been saying goodbye? Goodbye to him who says goodbye.
Come to me then, OK? Yes. OK, said it? – Yes, that’s…
– Goodbye. Goodbye. – Goodbye.
– How you say goodbye? Goodbye. Namaste. Then you have to say, “Goodbye, Namaste”, then it comes from here, swagatam, swagatam – (welcome). From the other side,
when you say goodbye to everybody and then the host says, “Swagatam, come to me and become me itself.” “Swagatam, welcome, welcome, most welcome.” – Hah.
– Yeah. In my heart there is a promise, a special message from Self to Self. Right, here you are. This is called, I say, “Welcome, Self to Self.” This is called swagatam, swagatam. Swa agatam, ‘swa’ means my Self, ‘agatam’ Self meeting Self. Self meeting Self. Even before my birth it is there. It says freedom is possible, there is nothing more to do, there is no more ‘I’, to do the doing. Yes, ‘I’, I said, no? Say goodbye to ‘I’. – I said goodbye to the ‘I’.
– Yes, yes. All is done then. Goodbye to ‘I’. Therefore when this boy asked, “I want to be free”, I said, “Keep quiet.” “Don’t give rise to ‘I’.” And you’ve done it, I’m very happy. Yeah, and see the difference. The time has now come. Freedom is. I am here for freedom. Freedom is the promise, carried in my heart from birth to birth, for thousands of years. There is no more postponement. Excellent. A recent… a gift from, Krishna on Maui a photo of Papaji, a video of satsang, and a new book, ‘Wake up and roar’, I know instantly I go to Lucknow to go to satsang with Papaji. The river returns to the ocean. I have come home to satsang I have come home to this great tiger, Papaji, the one who roars and pierces the illusions of mind, beauty, separation. Self comes home to Self. Such a blessing, such a grace. In this precious moment of here and now, real Self comes home to ocean. I give up the name and received a birth. I ask to receive a new name from Papaji. From Self to Self. For so long always the question, “What have I taken birth for?” “Why do I come again and again?” And now the answer arises, “I have taken birth to enter into satsang.” Yes. Yes. I have taken birth to wake up from the bondage of this samsara. Excellent, excellent. I am here to realize the freedom alone. I am here to realize the Self who is already free. Beloved Papaji, I come with deepest gratitude. I come here in love. David. Excellent. This is your name. Know the meaning? I will tell you the meaning. Pronounce it, can you? – Anand Sagar.
– Sagar. – Sagar.
– Yes. Anand Sagar. – What is the meaning?
– Ocean of grace. Ocean of? Bliss. Ocean of bliss. After freedom, you said, “The river entered into the ocean.” Yes, so that’s the river has entered
into the ocean of bliss. You wanted freedom. This is the ocean of bliss. Your name hereafter is – I am ocean of Bliss, Consciousness, Being. That’s all. And then, then there’ll be waves of happiness. I’m happy with you. Excellent. Now you know the reason why you have been born? And you remember from 5 years, and now this is over. No return my dear boy, you’ve done the job and I give you congratulations on behalf on my children and on my own behalf, and on behalf of the gods who
are peeping through the walls they are happy. You see them? They’re jealous about it. – Good?
– Hmm. – Yeah, it’s good.
– Hmm. The river comes home. – Heh?
– The river comes home. Yeah, river comes home. It was home, once upon a time it evaporated, became clouds became rain on the hills, then became river, running after day and night to return back home and this is the circle to return back home, you see. But some rivers have stuck,
they like the cities on the way, and they got stuck up you see,
and forgot the ocean itself. For them, who is responsible? Yes. Because some dam has been built, some dam has been built on the way,
the river is caught up. Nowadays many dams are built
and the river is no… not a river now. Cannot return, you are free now. Good thing you’ve done it… more… earlier. Now this… in these days no river
will flow into the ocean. Good time matching time. You’re such a gift to us, Papaji. The rivers forget who they are in their origin and you offer that remembering. – You say, “Come home”.
– Yes, yes, come. And the rivers, – all these rivers have come home to you.
– Yes, yes, yes. – We all remember.
– Yes, yes. Very good. Very nice. What do you say? There’s no loud speaker here today. What, what happened? – Heh?
– I can make one. Yeah, what do you say? Yesterday I speak with persons about you,
and I have to cry. And I sit here and I see you and I have to cry. My whole body… I don’t know, I have to cry. Atchaa. And I ask, “What’s happened, what’s this?” OK. Meeting after long time. Meeting after long time, that’s all – one has to cry. Meeting after long time. When the son is sent for education
to some other country and when he returns back, the father also cries,
the son also cries in this meeting. It’s wonderful meeting, you know that? Good luck. Challo. What a question. You don’t need anything to do. – Beautiful.
– So beautiful. – Heh?
– So beautiful. Beautiful no? You understand this crying. Who can cry? Challo, sit down. Sit down here, my dear child. Why this crying is coming to you? Heh? You know now? – Very good, what’s your name?
– Claus. – Heh?
– Claus. Claus. – Claus, from where?
– Germany. – Which place?
– Stuttgart. – Stuttgart.
– Stuttgart. Beautiful. Challo. Challo. Thanks a lot. Then I can stay here? Challo. Beautiful. Challo. Very good. Better than meditation, no? Better than… you don’t need meditation,
what I was speaking of. No, you don’t need meditation, anything. This is one way, which I can’t speak, because if I speak to Germans they will send you to some particular place. She’s German. But here I… I love it, no? You don’t care. – Very nice.
– Oh, God. – Happy?
– Oh yeah! – Can’t imagine.
– Heh? I can’t imagine this. This is it. I want your name, I want your name from you. Old relations, no one knows. No one knows, you don’t recognize, all of you are very dearly, very nearly related to me, some day you will know. Otherwise you have not come to me for nothing. Yes. One day you will know, what for you came, you will know. Then you will recognize, all of you. Ah, yes. Must be. Moscow is also laughing today. Moscow, is also laughing. Moscow is also laughing. Moscow don’t laugh. Very good, very nice. – Thanks a lot.
– Hmm? OK. Challo. (Which name?) Challo. (Let’s give him a name also.) Today Anand. Anand is going on very well today. Bliss is very… Challo. Where is the book? Here was the book. Oh, very… thick letters. Papa, you still have to read this one I think. Challo. Challo. Challo. Challo. (Hey, come here.) Sadhanand, his name is Sadhanand, ever lasting bliss, Sadhananda. – You can pronounce no?
– Constant bliss. – Sadhanand.
– Ah yes, Sadhanand. Sadhanand, eternal freedom. Challo, Sadhananda, Sadhananda, challo, challo.

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  1. The fear of death is somewhere the fear of unlived moments, live more beautifully and intensely, . Happiness and joy are the outcome of fearlessness and life begins where fear ends

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