Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™ Official Gameplay Trailer (Founder’s Edition)

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™ Official Gameplay Trailer (Founder’s Edition)

Welcome to Neighborville, where from Town Center,
to the Weirding Woods, to the trails of Mount Steep, a battle is always raging. New plants, new zombies, and new turf. This is your first look
at Plants vs. Zombies™: Battle for Neighborville! You’ll begin your battle
in the world’s social regions. These hubs
are the gateway into Neighborville, and a great place
to connect with friends, find new allies,
and try on a new look. Let’s meet the new recruits. New teamplay classes
let you join up with your friends and fight together
as one unstoppable unit. Meet Oak and Acorn! Or bring your cadets together
and form a space station. Now you can play
on your friends and with your friends in split screen co-op in every mode. Teamplay classes are powerful,
but if you go down, you all go down… as a team! Let’s meet our new damage dealers. The 80’s action hero.
He’ll vanquish you with his bow, and then zing you
with an unintelligible one-liner. So gnarly! Snapdragon launches fireballs
that will seek out zombie kindling. Burn! Electric Slide will dance
her way into your hearts. Her electrified attacks
can clear any dance floor. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss Nightcap. Master of shadows, she gets in close
for her devastating ‘fung fu’ takedown. Head-to-head combat is
at the heart of Battle for Neighborville. Spread across 12 unique maps,
there is something for everyone. Go intense in the Funderdome, home of the all-new battle arena,
where two teams enter and one team leaves. Go big in up to 24-player matches! With countless objectives, whatever you do, please stop
Dr. Zomboss from launching a lighthouse… into… orbit? Reload and
jump into the fray at Giddy Park, a drop-in, never-ending
carnival of headshots. The Battle for Neighborville
doesn’t stop there. Hop on a train,
submarine, or flying bus, and explore strange
and dangerous free roam regions. Quest, collect and discover
as you battle an entire forest. Join a pie-eating contest, make friends
with an insecure washing machine, crash a dance party,
fight inside your own zombie mind, survive gnomish temples,
lead a zombie parade, give a lawn mower a style makeover, and politely decline
the hacky sack with this guy. You know, just your average day! The Battle for Neighborville
is just getting started, with countless ways to join
the fight, one thing is clear: this war is just about as weird as you. And I mean that in the best possible way.

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  1. give 2 more days to buy the founder edition please today I will buy it since it was probably his last day but I only found the other edition please

  2. Garden warfare: fun
    Garden warfare 2: your wallet
    Battle for neighborville: the dark ages is coming. EA, what have you done?

  3. Ich habe einen Deutschen Discord zum gemeinsamen spielen erstellt! Gerne beitreten ! 🙂

  4. I'm here to say that a Nightcap improvment doesn't work It should make you jump while you use the Fung fu but after the Halloween Update It doesn't work anymore

  5. @Plans vs. Zombies I've had some gameplay issues and I don't know where to express my concerns, so I'll just state one here.
    Both Cactus and The Pirate Zombie have a huge delay when they activate their movement abilities, by the time you activate it, the ability is over without notice.
    I'm playing on Console {PS4} just thought it'd help.
    Looking forward to the full release

  6. WHY THE FACKING GOD You did to your own game why did you add that update I mean not the game I'm literally getting f**** wrecked mate are you adding bots to your game because you're bot I spent 25$ how to get wrecked by your bots mate I'm not enjoying this I'm a member of EEA please change that update back to normal the thing is I hate your update just get rid of it but not the Halloween pleaaaaase

  7. I already deleted the game because I was so annoyed of your bots my name of the game is Espes-TT I'm your biggest number I love you games please get rid of that maybe I don't know make the damages of peashooter 10 head 20 and get rid of that splash damage and stop f**** trolling me on your stupid EA servers and watch me play and stop kicking me out of EA servers all the ways I delete all my plants vs zombies games I have all your games I have your Japanese I have every game you have and I'm going to delete it if you do get rid of that shit

  8. That's one nobody likes you EA because you add shity updates and in the old times you annoyed everybody with your taxes and no I will not give to you money anymore if you don't fix that update

  9. So not worth the money…this easily could be a F2P and do so much better and last longer for players/people but no its EA so lets make another sequel with barely any changes. U can get the first two games for a dollar and they expect so much more for a slightly better game which that might not even be true.

  10. Wat were the name of the Zombies and what did they look like before they became Zombies? There should show their backstories because you're leaving plot holes on the characters.

  11. I have a glitch with the prize bulbs in the Halloween Event. Can someone help me?
    I'll give more info if you contact me on xbox
    My gamertag is "ButterPult11"

  12. Dear colleagues or the company Popcap, I want to show up from plants vs zombies 2, when I played plants vs zombies 2 but I only listened to the theme music and there is no, "Demonstration Minigame music" and "Ultimate Battle music" and I want to say that you can do the next update plants vs zombies 2 and return DMG (Demonstration Minigame) and UB (Ultimate Battle) if Yes, then let me know okay?

    Who's in? Write a comment

  13. The game is sucks,sorry for do this but garden warfare 2 is the best of the console games of the series of plants vs zombies

  14. Can you make were in the plant base you get plant rewards from the mr reward o tron 3000 and in the zombie base you get zombie rewards? You don’t have to it’s just bugging me out

  15. Its too late but…
    Am I the only one who loves the background song 0:00?😂😍?
    (A little bit of nostalgia in my heart🙂)

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