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Hello this is Angellic Voice ASMR and today we’re diving back into my bullet journal again. And I’m gonna do another planning video. I don’t know if you people enjoy this kind of thing or not but… this is kind of my way to get up and get things done. and still have some content, I guess. Which is always helpful, so we’ll go past my calendar and all of this stuff. As you can see, I didn’t get very far into NaNoWriMo before I had to quit. But, uh, today I’m going to be using a Pilot V Pen that I’ve used for quite a while and I really like the way they write. So today I’m going to be sitting here with my little home-made London Fog in a very festive mug And while I’m drinking that I’m gonna be kind of planning and replanning a couple of different books that I hope to write in the future. As you can see, NaNoWriMo didn’t really work out, so… I found out about a third of the way through NaNo that what I had planned was very bare bones, too bare bones for me. And I didn’t know what was going on through any of the middle part My main character would have the inciting incident happen, they’d get to the planet and then… Something happened, I don’t know? somethinng, something, something, something… Uhhhhh, It’s Aladdin, yaaaaay! And that’s about it. So, uh, there wasn’t a whole lot that I could do because “something, something, something, aladdin yaaaay” does not make a very good book. So, I’m gonna be plotting “Space Aladdin” Take 2. On another page I’m gonna be doing some brainstorming for R.R.K. Book Two. Because I need to get both of these books figured out and plotted, as I’m… I want to say, fairly close to sending the first book off to betas and getting some feedback on it, but generally speaking, most of the plot should be fairly nailed down by this point and, uh I need to be figuring out the second book beyond the plot bunny that I’ve got So I have a little bit more for Aladdin than I have for R.R.K. but hopefully by the end of this session I will have a bit more for both of these projects and I figured that I could take you all along with me. Latte noises in the background! I can leave the recipe for that in the description below. It’s really simple. I honestly don’t even do the foam, as you can see. I don’t do the foam on this, because I don’t have a way to do it. and just doing it in the microwave or in a pot has never seemed to work out for me before. I just… It just always seems to ruin it, so uh… I just don’t do the foam, and it’s just fine without the foam. Anyways, I’ll leave that recipe down in the description below. For you guys to enjoy so you guys don’t have to pay, like, 5 bucks every time you want a London Fog or for those of you asking “What the heck is that?” Anyways, let’s get started, shall we? So… Space Aladdin. Okay Hmmm, okay. Okay, so I think that will be okay for “Space Aladdin” So let me put that back over here If I get any more ideas, I’ll put it over there. Oh great, that smudged a bit, but that’s okay. Hmmm… Mmmm-kay And that’s basically what I’ve got up to this point. I’m basically just writing down all the stuff I had from before. but I’m genuinely unsure if I have enough to make a full novel out of this. I’m unsure how to incorporate this element right here. or if I even should Because it could go in a novella or a short collection. Basically all the ideas that aren’t long enough for a long form book, that I still want to have written down–the story written down. because it matters to me but I can’t fit it in because it’s either in a different time period or too wildly different from what I’m doing Anybody else basically do their own collection of fanfiction for their own works? Probably just me, right? So this is basically all the information I had anyways Nothing new that I have figured out here, unlike with “Space Aladdin”. I basically figured that out right away. But I’ve been thinking on this book for a long time. But R.R.K. has been a project in the back of my brain, or on my brain, in any case, since somewhere around 2009. So, it’s a very long form project. Okay, so I’ve got another page here, because I screwed up earlier on. And I just wanted to rewrite so I’m just gonna do this as a separate brainstorming page. to try and keep this one a little bit cleaner. Okay, and… Where else could I do this? No. I’m even self-deprecating in my notes, that’s great. Don’t be me, guys. Be positive, honestly. Also; figure out how your worlds work, planning or worldbuilding. Seriously. It helps you. I know how this–like, I know how this works. I know how this works, but I was just being dumb for a hot minute, there, and forgetting. A vital part of how things worked in the world of my book. Okay And again we can start this when we flip this over. Try to figure some more of this stuff out, ’cause… I’m still pretty lost, so… Yeah, so many notes and I’m still getting literally nowhere! This is why I’m using a separate piece of paper! Hmmm Yes, actually. That works. Yeah, okay. Well, hey, that’s… somewhere. That is somewhere that I can maybe work with, sort of. I’m still…. I think this is the most baby of baby steps ever. But that’s something. Hmmm… Yeah, that’s the question, isn’t it? What the heck is not a tourist trap? Oh, boy. So, uh, with the effect of that… and also… Where else Okay. So I’ve got guys there, I’ve got… What else have I got? So, what have we…? Yeah, sure, that works. So there’s a couple. That works. So there’s that planning, but that doesn’t help me with that question, now does it? Doo doo doo doo doo, great! What else can I do? Maybe Okay, well… or what if we’ve got… Ah yes, this is not a clean… clean… not as clean as I hoped it would be, but… let’s move that thought over here. I think I’ve gotten a little bit further in this, which is good. I don’t know which idea I’m going to use, though. This one or that one. Or if I’m gonna combine the two Hmmm…. that’s a question. I think l like this one better. It aligns more with my inspirations. and ideas with how things work in… inside the forest, outside the realm of the first book. Hmm, now if they find it in plain sight…. And how does it affect that? Now we’re getting into the real questions. Especially regarding the plot. Yeah, that could work, maybe. Introduces them to the support group and… Okay. Oh, for this to work, we’re going to have to have more than one… in the same area.l Maybe! maybe… We’re gonna have to have more than one in the same area, but I don’t know… how that’s gonna work out. Yeah, I guess it’ll have to. Oh! Yeah, that would work too. Yeah, there we go. Maybe. Okay. Well I think, I think that gives me enough to work off of. That gives me a lot to work off of, in fact. So, I’m gonna stop it here. And I’m gonna recap this pen And I hope that you enjoyed this video and this look into my weird brainstorming process. If you got out of it, um… had a bit of a, sort of a look into R.R.K. If you can gleam anything out of those weird notes I made. I don’t know. but, in any case, I hope that you enjoyed this video and, as always, I wish you a good night.

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