Primitive Technology: Freshwater Prawn Trap

Primitive Technology: Freshwater Prawn Trap

Cutting loya cane for trap Splitting loya cane Folding cane into shape Position 4 canes over a center point Use one spoke to tie them together so that now there are 7 spokes (an odd number is needed for weaving) Adding another cane to weave with Weaving over, under, over, under etc. Adding a new piece when the old one runs out Tucking in the left over ends 7 sticks to form the funnel of the trap Ordinary vine is tied on and woven onto the sticks Funnel is pulled from ground for further weaving Funnel is inserted into basket, completing trap Big waterfall Small waterfall Fresh Water Prawns in water More prawns Setting the trap under tree roots Prawns entering the trap. Once inside it won’t be able to find the opening to get out due to it’s position in space above the floor of the trap Storing in a pot of water Another prawn Making a fire Splitting the prawn kills it instantly (to reduce suffering) Yams I planted years ago from wild yams further down stream Hot rocks from the fire boil the water quicker than having the pot on the fire itself. Less water evaporates before it gets to boiling point this way. Prawns turn red when cooked. Peel the shell and eat them. Tastes similar to fish Eating yams. Tastes similar to potatoes. Has more calories than potatoes do. Prawn trap

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  3. Хочу апокалипсис, что бы вот так сидеть в лесу и выживать, и больше ни каких забот, ни работы ни учёбы, ни чего.

  4. Всех жирных на остров к этому парню, – он их научит выживанию,весь жир и лень расстают как туман. Отличная школа для жизни!!!

  5. In case people were wondering, we Hawaiians do this as well in rivers near hana, Maui. So if you see one dont steal or break it as you may be taking someone's dinner for family

  6. In 1981, the running joke was taking a college course called "Basket Weaving 101." Who knew seriously useful this would actually be! KUDOS.

  7. Would be really nice to see what [relatively] sophisticated recipes you can come up with. And yeah, hunting and meat storage videos would be great !

  8. That's is real primitive tech.. excellent video.. not like other video showing crazy boy eating with fuck

  9. That poor shrimp , probably had a family and a home and grandkids and was planning for the future,,, at least it ended buying useful… 😂😂

  10. Your vids are some of my favourite of the genre . Been watching for a couple years but only just read today that ur an Aussie . Often looked at the jungle u in and thought … that could be Australia ya know…. 🤔🧐 … and it is ! I love doin this stuff too , in the n.s.w bush , wenever I make the time . When I can’t …. I watch ur vids.. and learn … for next time . Goin bush and doin this stuff has always been a love of mine and gettin into the wild alone with my dog has saved me from falling into bad choices within the concrete jungles I have to live in atm . Much Love to u bruz and thanks again for some of the best YouTube content ever made

  11. I feel ashamed of watching this because he's doing all this hard work for some food and I'm eating Chick-fil-A on the other side

  12. If that's fresh water rather than salt water that you are catching those things in then aren't they Yabbies, or did you call them Prawns for the non Aussies who don't know what Yabbies are ?

  13. Не могу понять зачем было мочить всех аборигенов Австралии когдаб они за 50 лет сделали движок для шатла из грязи и улетели на Марс нах . Этот чувак брат сын или отец этого чела что на марс собрался …

  14. Up and until Greta Whatever her name is starts living this way then I will believe she is honest about saving the enviroment…

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