Publishing a Book on KDP & Beyond | Reach More Readers

Publishing a Book on KDP & Beyond | Reach More Readers

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  1. While we're covering how to publish beyond Amazon, what are your thoughts about the best print on demand service? Who do you prefer using for print your paperback or hardback books?
    Get details on quite a few options in this video series:

  2. Dale, I've fallen into the ISBN rabbit hole! Help!

    If I'm purchasing my own ISBNs, I will need one each for print, eBook and audio book editions. ISBN Services ( offers discounted pricing. Their site states:

    "As an authorized agent for Bowker, the US ISBN Agency, our Custom Publisher package offers the best low-cost alternative for ISBN purchasing and registration. Why pay $150/ISBN+barcode through Bowker when you can have the exact same ISBN package for $109.99?"

    What's your opinion of ISBN Services?

    If I understand what I've read so far, when I purchase multiple ISBNs these can only be applied to ONE TITLE per purchase. So if I want ISBNs for all three formats and three more for a second edition of each, a total of six ISBNs is purchased for that one title.

    Unless I'm missing something, it does not seem you can purchase say 10 ISBNs and use on ten different titles. Or maybe you can but you must provide all info for each ISBN at time of purchase, not necessarily at time of publishing. After doing so, no info can be changed on any of those ten titles without purchasing a new ISBN. So, buying ten ISBNs for use with books not ready for publishing or incomplete books is not the right approach? You can't put an ISBN "on hold" until ready to publish?

    What's that? A half-eaten carrot!
    Rick (munch, munch)

  3. More from the ISBN rabbit hole.
    It's dark down here…
    Scenario: I purchase my own ISBN and publish my paperback with Ingram Sparks. If I wish to de-list and publish on a different platform, that constitutes a second edition and requires purchase of a new ISBN.
    So even though KDP's and other vendor's FREE ISBN offers are tempting to save some money, Ingram Sparks is a better choice since it reaches more readers. Just watch-out for upload fees!

    Where's the ladder? I think I'm done.


  4. Hi Dale, Quick question with all the talk on youtube about going wide! One place no one seems to mention is Ebay, after all people do go to Ebay to search for books much like Amazon, and to sell ebooks on ebay you simply send the PDF file to the buyers email.

    Yes its a little more work, but you get a sale and a few clicks and you are done!

    Just curious on your thoughts…..Cheers.

    Ps I remember buying a ebook on ebay myself way back in 2003…lol

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