Raina Telgemeier to launch ‘Ghosts’ at University of Minnesota

Raina Telgemeier to launch ‘Ghosts’ at University of Minnesota

[ Music ]>>Tim Johnson: So hi, I’m
Tim Johnson and this time on Read This Book, I’m with ->>Lisa Von Drasek:
Lisa Von Drasek of the Children’s Literature
Research Collections.>>Tim Johnson: And you’re
going to talk about someone who I was intrigued to
learn her name comes from when she was born
and what the weather was like at the time,
Raina Telgemeier.>>Lisa Von Drasek:
Oh, yes, thank you Tim. I wanted to talk about Raina
Telgemeier for a few reasons but the number one reason is
she’s coming to the University of Minnesota West Bank
Campus of September 19th and it’s the first time
she’s visited us here at the university. And let me tell you
a little bit her. She’s a graphic artist
and a writer and she began illustrating
Ann Martin’s Babysitter’s Club series and so that was
the first time I would say that girls had their own graphic
artist who was speaking to them. So this is lower middle school
so over the middle grade reader, so it was second, third,
fourth grade, in there. And then she started
writing fictionalized memoir and it started with Smile
and Sisters and Drama. And so these were
based on her life. And she has many admirer
besides boys and girls who are in middle grades, struggling
with friendship, school. These are solid school stories.>>Tim Johnson: And Smile
because she lost her ->>Lisa Von Drasek:
She had an accident and she lost her two front teeth
and it was about that process of having braces and
dealing with dental stuff and also friendships and
who are your real friends. And what does teasing
mean in this age group? And just coming of age. So we have these books and her
newest book is pure fiction, it’s not based on her own life. It’s set in California, it
is a great Halloween tale, as you can see by
the title, Ghosts. But it’s also – she digs deeper. Before, we were talking
about Neil Gaiman and how his scripts are
deeper than what you might see when you’re talking
about comic format and that’s what we call
this, comic format. And so you can see – oh,
I just randomly opened. Yes, there are ghosts and
it’s set during the fall, during day of the dead. And I can’t wait till she comes
to visit us and we get a chance to talk about what
brought her to this story of a girl whose sister
suffers from cystic fibrosis. And what is this like
to be the healthy child in a family whose decisions are
being made to – for the health of a sibling but also those
big feelings that come with it.>>Tim Johnson: So, when
she’s here on September 19th, this is going to be
the launch for Ghosts.>>Lisa Von Drasek: Yup,
it’s a brand new book, just coming out September 13th.>>Tim Johnson: Oh, so ->>Lisa Von Drasek: And she’s
traveling the United States and popping into the Twin
Cities for one day only.>>Tim Johnson: Great. Lisa, thanks for telling us
about Raina, about her books. We look forward to
hearing her and Ghosts.>>Lisa Von Drasek:
Well, thanks, Tim. [ Music ]

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  1. My family and I couldn't have been more excited to learn that Raina Telgemeier has a new book out! If only we lived close enough to attend her book launch at the University of Minnesota at Cowles Auditorium on September 19, 2016. We have read her first three graphic novels and are eager to read Ghosts. Lisa Von Drasek's book talk has piqued our interest and we will enthusiastically await the book release on September 13th!

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