Ravi Zacharias: The Existence of God

Ravi Zacharias: The Existence of God

Nevertheless – that’s it. Let My People Think
and we are grateful that you all do, and that is why you are here at this conference. I
esteem R.C. as one of the great heroes of the faith today and the line up that he has
got in here, I wonder why I am actually here. In fact I was thinking of the subject they
have given me – The Existence of God. You know I wish I could just say “listen to what
the others have said, and that demonstrates it and we’re okay.” But, it reminds me of the
two guys who were sitting for an exam, and at the end of the exam they were being interviewed
for the job. And the man says “You know I’ve got a problem. Both of you guys have answered
the questions exactly the same way. Word for word. There is no difference in your answers.
But I am going to give it to this gentleman rather than to you.” And the guy got offended
and said “How come if our answers are identical are you giving it to him and not to me?” “He
says there was one difference, in one of the questions, his answer was “I don’t know the
answer to this question.” And your answer was “Neither do I.” So I just feel like saying
“So do I, to what you have just heard.” I remember when I was at graduate school I sent
my doctrinal examination question and we had these tiny little apartments and you had to
get no help, just your Bible next to you, and it was a multiple page thing. The opening
question was: “God is perfect, explain.” So I turned to my wife and said “The only more
difficult thing I could think of is: Define God and give two examples.” Now, the fascinating
thing, the fascinating thing about that question is that there was just this much space in
which to do the explaining, and I was grateful for that because the longer the answer the
greater the possibility of heresy on something like that. So I answered it in one line “He
is the only entity in existence, the reason for whose existence is in Himself.” All other
entities or quantities exist by virtue of something else. And in that sense He alone
is perfect, uncaused infinite, independent, being in essence. And so when we talk today
about a subject as transcendingly intimidating as that we’ve got a tough subject on hand.
So I’m going to take it in three phases. The first thing I am going to talk about is,
the intense philosophical problems that arise from the denial of God’s existence. Number
two, how then do we demonstrate God’s existence. And number three, why is the Christian faith
unique in representing this particular notion of God and who He is? That is a tall order
with in a few minutes on hand, but we will make our attempt to do so. So, put your thinking
caps on and race along with me. We will try and do our best, and hopefully the other message
converge at the same time. Many of you are familiar with these lines of Friedrich Nietzsche.
Nietzsche had poignancy to what he said, and in many ways he also had a candor to what
he said. He broke new ground. He did not coin the phrase “God is dead.” He popularized it.
He was the son of a minister and both of his grandfather’s were in the ministry. But this
brilliant man who was born in 1844, and died in 1900 did so much in that short span of
time. And, ironically lived out his own sense of nihilistic thought. When he died – the
last fourteen years he spent insane. And in periods of silence would suddenly break into
scriptures that he had learned as a young lad. But listen to how he words it. “Have
you not heard of that madman who lit a lantern in the bright morning hours, ran to the market
place and cried incessantly. “I am looking for God, I am looking for God.” As many of
those who did not believe in God were standing together there, He excited considerable after.
“Have you lost Him then?” Said one, “Did He loose His way like a child?” Said another.
“Or is He hiding? Is He afraid of us? Has He gone on a voyage or emigrated?” So they
shouted and laughed, but the madman sprang to them and pierced them with his glances.
“Where is God?” He cried. I’ll tell you. We have killed Him. You and I, we are all His
murders. But how did we do this? How were we able to drink up the sea? Who gave us a
sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? What did we do when we unchained this earth from
its sun? Whither is it moving now? Whither are we moving now away from all suns maybe?
Are we not perpetually falling backwards and forwards and side wards and in all directions?
Is there any up or down left? Are we not we not straining to an infinite nothing? Do we
not feel the breath of empty space? Has it not suddenly become colder? Is not more and
more night coming on us all the time? Must not lanterns now have to be lit in the morning
hours? Do we not hear anything yet of the noise of the grave diggers who are burying
God? Do we not smell anything yet of God’s decomposition, God’s decompose too, you know,
and He is dead. He remains dead. We’ve killed Him. Now, how shall we the murderer of all
murderers compose ourselves. Because that which was holiest and mightiest of all that
the world has possessed has bled to death under our knives. Who will wipe this blood
from us? With what water can we purify ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games
will we need to invent? Is not this the greatest of deeds too great for us? Must we not now
ourselves have to become simply to seem worthy of what we have done. There have never been
a greater deed and whoever shall be born after us for the sake of this deed shall be part
of a higher history that all history hither to. It has been related further that on the
same day the madman entered diverse churches and there sang a requiem “eternum deo.” Let
out in quiet he is said to have retorted each time “what are these churches now if they
are not the tombs and sepulchers of God. God is dead. We have killed Him.”” You know with
all due respect for Nietzsche, and regard for him, the thing I like about him is his
candor. He is raising the right questions of the implications of a God-less universe.
“Who gave us a sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? Is there any up or down left? Must
not lanterns now have to be lit in the morning hours?” What he is really saying is: This
is so humongous a deed that everything will have to be redefined. Everything! And so the
atheist, if you will pardon the crassness of it – my professor Dr. Guisler in my graduate
school days used to have a very dry wit and he would say things like this “The atheist
is better at smelling rotten eggs than laying good ones.” He is right. They are able to
sort of take this blade and lacerate away. Read Sam Harris’ book The End of Faith. Read
his other book, A Letter to a Christian Nation, where he is challenging America to shred this
vestige of God-talk and God-ideas. I am in the process of writing a response to him,
which hopefully will be completed very soon. I am calling it A Letter to Sam Harris on
Behalf of a Christian Nation. But they do it. They jab away and they stab away. There
are three or four things – actually there are several things, and I don’t have the
time to go into all of them, but there are several entailments that they have struggles
with. The first is this: they have an intense problem then with defining morality. How do
you talk up and down? How do you arrive at a moral law? And their standard response is
“Look at all at all the evil that is around us.” I remember years ago at the University
of Nottingham, when I first began a student stood up and said to me “There is no such
being as God, because of all the evil that is around the world.” I said “Can we talk
on that for a few moments?” He said “Yes.” I said “Remain standing. I’ll talk to you.”
I said “When you say there is such thing as evil aren’t you assuming that there is such
a thing as good?” He said “Yes” I said “When you say there is such a thing as good, aren’t
you assuming there is such a thing as a moral law on the basis of which we should distinguish
between good and evil?” He struggled for a few moments with that, and I reminded him
of that conversation between Frederick Coppleston and Bertram Russell, when Bertram Russell
was pushed to the wall by Coppleston, Coppleston said to him “Mr. Russell how do you differentiate
between good and bad?” Bertram Russell said “The same way I differentiate between blue
and green.” Mr. Coppleston said “Wait a minute, you differentiate between blue and green by
seeing don’t you?” “Yes” “How do you differentiate between good and bad?” Bertram Russell said
“On the basis of feeling. What else?” Now wait a minute Coppleston was a kind man, he
really should have turned to Lord Russell and said to him “Mr. Russell, in some cultures
they love their neighbors and in other cultures they eat them, both on the basis of feeling,
do you have any personal preference?” How can this brilliant mathematician/philosopher
make so basic an error? But he admitted it in a letter to the Observer he said “I do
not know how to deal with this issue of morality.” It taunts me. You see the question of a moral
law, it comes within us. So, I said to him “When you say that there is such a thing as
evil, aren’t you assuming that there is such a thing as good?” He said “Yes.” I said “When
you say that there is such a thing as good, you must assume a moral law.” He said “Alright,
I’ll grant you that.” I said “But when you say that there is such a thing as moral law,
you must posit a moral law giver, but that is whom you are trying to disprove and not
prove. If there is no moral law giver, there is not moral law. If there is no moral law
there is no good. If there is not good there is no evil. What is your question?” He looked
at me, and I quote he says “What then, am I asking you?” I said “I’m not going to help
you.” Now, granted if you are a thinking person you’d say “Ravi, how do you get from the moral
law to the moral law giver. Is that not an extrapolational jump?” And in the Q & A time
if that question comes I’ll be very happy to deal with it. Right now my time is very
tight. So, I’ve got to go on. The problem of evil, when you raise it you raise the question
of the nature of good. And when you raise the question of the nature of good, you have
to start wondering “How do you really arrive at the reality of good and evil when there
is no God?” Do you know what Richard Dawkins has now come up with? Dawkins has gone so
far as to say “We have to deny the reality of evil, if our argument is going to stay.”
So he actually denies there is any such thing as evil. I was flying out of a country where
I sat next to a woman who rescues women and children from abuse. I won’t name the country.
But she told me – she was a Dutch lady. I said “were you successful?” She said “I saw
the worst thing I’ve seen last night.” She said “In this area of this city called snake
alley, men come at night, they consume a concoction of snakes blood and hard liquor. It ravages
the mind and whatever they want they are given. She said, I rescued an 18 month old baby girl
from the arms of this man who was sexually plundering her, because that is what he wanted
under the influence of snakes’ blood and hard liquor.” Mr. Dawkins, is that evil? Can you
imagine their walk human beings for human that is pleasure? Is this the ravaging of
just the brain or ravaging of the soul? Dawkins says “No, we are dancing to our DNA.” Is
that what he was doing?” It is easy to say “God is dead. God doesn’t exist.” How then
do you make any moral pronouncements of any kind? Alan Dershowitz from Harvard “I don’t
know if there is good, but I have to say there is such a thing as evil.” What? Yesterday’s
USA Today, an article advertised on the front page, and then in the book section a recent
psychiatric study at actually saying evil is real. Evil is real. And then they bring
all the gurus to try and counter the point. There is no moral law. There is no rational
way. And just in case you think I am making this up, listen to the most brilliant prolific
Canadian atheistic philosopher, Kyle Neilson “We have not been able to show that reason
requires the moral point or few, or that really rational persons” listen to this qualifier
“or that really rational persons aren’t hoodwinked by myth or ideology need not be individual
egoists or classical amoralists. Reason does not decide here. The picture I have painted
for you is not a pleasant one. Reflection on this actually depresses me. Pure practical
reason, even with a good knowledge of the facts, will not lead you to morality.” This
is an atheist saying that. Rationally you can not get there. Listen to Bertram Russell,
He says this “I can not live as though ethical values were simply a matter of personal taste.”
And he says “I do not know the solution to this.” And so, to deny the existence of God
is to take you out of the realm of moral postulates. Secondly, it takes you out of the realm of
meaning. You have no absolute way of positing meaning anymore. What meaning actually means.
Listen for example to Stephen J Gould of Harvard. The late Stephen J Gould I should say – the
paleontologist well known in his stridency. This is what he says “We are here because
one odd group of fishes had a peculiar fin anatomy that could transform into legs for
terrestrial creatures. We are here because comets struck the earth and wiped out dinosaurs,
thereby giving mammals a chance not otherwise available. So thank your lucky stars. Because
the earth never froze entirely during and ice age, because a small and tenuous species
arising in Africa a quarter of a million years ago has managed so far to survive by hook
and by crook. We may yearn for a higher answer but believe me none exists. These explanations
though superficially troubling if not terrifying is ultimately liberating and exhilarating.”
Do you feel exhilarated? “We can not read the meaning of life passively in the facts
of nature. We must construct these ourselves from our own wisdom and ethical sense. There
is simply no other way.” That is why the rock musician says “knowledge is a deadly friend
when no one sets the rules. The fate of all mankind I see is in the hands of fools. Confusion
will be my epitaph has I crawl a cracked and broken path. If I make it we can all sit back
and laugh. But I’m afraid tomorrow I’ll be crying.” No moral law, no meaning. And lastly,
for the atheist among many other things – there is no hope. There is really no hope. Do you
know how much this world longs for hope? Let me give you an incredible illustration of
this. I was in Lebanon a few weeks ago and my traveling associate Philip was with me
having breakfast with some Iraqi’s and a pastor from Iraq was telling us that three weeks
before we were conversing, he was driving along the streets of Baghdad. (He is a young
man with a young family.) He said “Suddenly a huge booming sound. My car actually was
lifted off the road. I looked around and buildings around me were collapsing and I literally
saw one man’s limbs flying off his body as he fell onto the sidewalk there. He said “I
had to stop my head felt cold and as I touched my face, blood was pouring out of my ears
from the concussion. He said “I was in a state of shock and taken to the hospital.” He said
“Brother Ravi, we live with this everyday. When I say goodbye to my children in the morning
I never know if I am going to see them at the end of the day.” And so Hassan was chatting.
I leaned forward and I said “Hassan, is it good or bad what has happened in Iraq – what
we did?” I said “I want to hear it from your mouth. Tell me.” He said “Before America came
to our help we were living with a lot of pain – everyday pain. After America has come to
help us we still live with a lot of pain, but now we have pain with some hope.” You don’t have to agree with him. I don’t
have to agree with him. I’m not saying that. I’m not making a political statement here.
I am just telling you this, a man who just had his car and life nearly blown up is looking
you in the eye and saying “We could not live with out hope.” Today’s story in the Houston
Chronicle an eleven year old boy who for one year has fought for custody of his baby sister,
who was described as nothing more than fetus hollowly – still born. Thirty some weeks or
something like that pregnant; I forget how long it was – stillborn. The mother is in
drug rehab. The father can not be found. This eleven year old boy goes to the medical authorities
and asks for the body of his sister, for one year he fought it, and he got the little body
back. He takes three of cousins and conducts the funeral with some stuffed animals and
some flowers and a pink blanket. He lost his dad when he was one year old. He says “Now
my sister Rachel” Who had no name in the morgue, he has given her the name Rachel. “Now my
sister Rachel and my daddy are in heaven together.” The Houston Chronicle writer says “Very rarely
in life can you use the word “greatness” but I looked into the eyes of this eleven year
old boy and I was looking at greatness.” Hope it has got nothing to give to you. You
die and it is nothing more than a physical compilation of atoms that had no prevision
of what it was forming. And so you denounce God and you end up with no moral law, and
no meaning, and no hope. Alright what does that do about the existence of God then? How
do we even try to demonstrate that? Let me get into some – a little bit of an argumentation
here and you may not be able to write as fast as we speak this, but thankfully you are able
to hear it again and at least make notes on it. I don’t use PowerPoint, I’m technologically
challenged. I always say “He gives me the power and I try to make the point, and if
you can get it that way, it’s okay.” Last week I was lecturing somewhere and I asked
them for an overhead projector and they said “What’s that?” I said the inventor of the
overhead projector has just been terribly insulted by you. He spent all his life doing
that and you don’t know what it is. There are many ways to argue this. R.C. is just
a master of this with his knowledge of Aquinas and Augustine and many of them who have given
such powerful – especially Aquinas who was the master theologian and thinker of his time
with his five ways and so on. Basically no matter what kinds of arguments you have heard,
they filter down to two or three very strong forms. Some people like to call them proofs.
Some people like to call them evidences. Some like to call them arguments. Some like to
call them the coherence factor. I like the way Dallas Willard has summarized it, taken
the best of these and actually come up with three stages of argument. Here is the first
stage. Stage number one, it is the nature and existence of the physical reality that
we see. Now listen to this statement very carefully. “However concrete physical reality
is sectioned up, the result will be a state of affairs which owns it’s being to something
other than itself.” No matter how you section down physical concrete reality, no matter
how small you break it down. No matter what you do with it, you end up with a state of
affairs that that physical quantity owes it’s being to something else and does not – it
is not self existent. It is not self explanatory. If I were to bring an apple to you and show
it to you, you can cut that apple down. You can grate it. You can slice it. You can take
it under all kinds of telescopic or microscopic study, whatever it is; you will end up with
the same reality. It doesn’t explain its own existence. Now, that every physical state,
listen now, no matter how inclusive has a necessary condition in some specific type
of state which precedes it in time and is fully existent prior to the emergence of the
state which it conditions. What does that mean? You take this apple. You know the apple
didn’t bring itself into being. Whatever was needed to bring that apple into being, a full
grown tree, in your backyard or whatever, had to pre-exist. And all the conditions needed
for that tree to exist prior to the bringing forth of this apple had to be completed in
time in order that this apple could be a blossom and then ultimately grow as a fruit on that
tree. The apple doesn’t explain its own existence. It is dependent upon something which also
had to be completed in time in order to produce the entity you are discussing. But, the reality
is, neither does the tree explain its own existence. You go back across a series of
physical causes and there is not one example in the physical universe of a physical quantity
that explains its own existence. And to add to it, if you start back from the apple I’m
illustrating and go back all the way to the series of causes, you can not have an infinite
series of causes in time, because if you had to have the infinite series of causes if would
never have arrived at this moment. If you have a domino called X, and you have to have
an infinite number of dominoes falling before X falls, you will never get to X because you
will need an infinite number of dominoes to fall. So what is that we have posited by this
point? No physical quantity explains its own existence, and no amount of time can consume
an infinite series of events to bring you to the present. Which means all these “somewhere”
have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical. Because a physical
quantity as we know it in reality can not explain own existence. C.S. Lewis puts it
this way “an egg which came from no bird is no more natural than a bird that existence
from eternity.” And egg which came from no bird is no more natural than a bird which
had existed from eternity. So stage one is that we do not have one instance of a physical
quantity that completely explains its own existence. Stage number two, it is the argument
to design, not from design. Try and understand the difference. It is a very important difference.
It is the argument to design, and not argument from design. What is an argument from design?
If you take the vastness of the universe for example. Think about it. There are flames
of the surface of the sun which are forty times higher than the entire dimension of
this earth, massive, massive flames. I remember teaming up with an astrophysicist in South
Africa and he was showing a slide at the University of Technikon Witwastersrand in Johannesburg
where we were lecturing together. And he said “if you look at that picture there,” David
Lock said “There is a hundred billion stars on that screen.” He said “If you start counting
them now, and counted one star per second you would have to be here 2500 years.” Just
the vastness of it. I remember doing a course in quantum theory under the famed quantum
– physicist John Polkinghorne president at Queen’s College Cambridge. He was a late-comer
to Christ. Polkinghorne once talked about all of the contingencies in the early peco-seconds
of the universe. Do you know what a peco-second is? A peco-second is that amount of time which
elapses when it takes something traveling the speed of light to cross the strand of
a single breath of hair. That is a peco-second which means almost abstract when you think
about it. In the early peco-seconds of the universe he talked about the contingencies.
Here is what Polkinghorn said to us. He said “You know, take the expansion / contraction
ratio. He had to be so exact, margin of error so small.” He said “It would be like taking
aim at a one square inch object at the other end of the known universe twenty billion light
years away and hitting it bull’s eye.” That’s just one contingency. And then in typical
British understatement he turned to us and said “You know gentlemen, there is no free
lunch. Somebody had to pay.” That’s an argument from design. What do we mean by an argument
to design? The argument to design, and I want you to understand me very carefully now. Evolution
is not an explanation for ultimate origins. It is not an explanation for ultimate origins.
Evolution doesn’t explain the big bang. Did the big bang evolve? What caused the big bang?
If you were in your room sleeping at 3:00 in the morning and heard a little bang, you’d
want to know what the little bang was. We just think we’ve talked about the big bang
and we’ve solved it? The big bang didn’t evolve. I remember talking to a group of scientists
at the University of Florida having dinner together. I’m not very comfortable with scientist.
If you are one of them forgive me. I know philosophers can be boring too. I remember
Lee Stroble telling me he blames me for his son going into philosophy. He looked at his
son one day and he said “Do you know what is the difference between a philosopher and
a large pizza?” And his son said “Is this trick question?” “Do you know the difference
son?” And he said “What?” He said “Do you know the difference between a philosopher
and a large pizza?” He said “Tell me dad.” And Lee said to him “A large pizza can feed
a family of four.” So, we are having dinner, physicist and myself waiting for the dinner
to be over so that I could leave and sound normal again. I said to them “Alright, you
boys are naturalists. You take exception to metaphysicians. You’re naturalists. What is
the big bang?” They said “Well, it’s where everything was reduced to a singularity.”
I said “And? Don’t you always say it where the laws of physics actually break down?”
“That’s true.” I said “So, even your starting point is not natural.” If the laws of physics
break down at a singularity then you are starting point is also not natural. Do you know what
one of them said to me? “We retain a selective sovereignty over the issues we like to extrapolate
from.” Now, I’m not knocking science, I’m just telling you this. Not all order has evolved.
The argument to design – there is configuration and a coalescing of intelligent entities and
quantities that pre-dispose the possibility of the resulting entity that came into being.
I had dinner with Francis Collins, the co-mapper of the human DNA. He said to me when I finished
my studies on it. He said very simply “I have to say this to you, I felt I was looking at
the book of life. 3.1 billion bits of information.” When I finished speaking at John’s Hopkins
prior to me was Francis Collins. My wife was with me and we were listening to his talk.
It was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen. He showed us on the screen
a beautiful geometrically perfect stain-glass from Yorkman’s Cathedral in England and
he put it up on the screen. We were wowed. Then he divides the screen and on right he
shows a slide of the design of the human DNA. There was an audible sound in the audience
like “Wow.” And most of them were skeptics. When I see the heavens and the work of your
hands, the moon and the stars which you have made what is there in man that you should
keep him in mind? For you have set our glory above the heavens. No wonder in Dec of 1968
when the boys were going around the dark side of the moon, and they vouchsafed a glimpse
of this earth given to no human eye. And they saw earth rising over the horizon of the moon
draped in a beauteous mixture of black, blue and white garlanded by the glistening light
of the sun against the black void of space, there was only one line that came to their
minds, as the world waited. No, it wasn’t Stephen J Gould. It wasn’t’ Russell. It
wasn’t Nietzsche. It was the opening lines of the Bible. “In the beginning God…” Stage
One: No physical quantity explains its own physical existence. Stage Two: There is an
argument to design. No matter how you slice it down there is a coalescing of intelligent
components that made it possible to even bring this type of thing into existence. You know
that is why people like Hume, and Einstein and Orwell were what you would call second
grade theists. They sort of talked about a mind, but didn’t know where to park that mind.
They didn’t know where to park it because they didn’t want the person of God brought
into the scene. That’s stage two. Stage Three: The course of human events, historical, social
and individual within the context of a demonstrated extra-naturalism (that is stage one), and
of a quite plausible cosmic intellectualism (stage two.) Let me repeat that statement.
The course of human events (and these aren’t my words they are Dallas Willard’s words).
The course of human events, historical, social and individual within the context of a demonstrated
extra-naturalism (stage one) and of a quite plausible cosmic intellectualism (stage two.)
Now, I could take you to many place from here with that. If you look at the course of human
events, you end up with this fact, how do you explain many things in history? Do you
remember the famous parable by Anthony Flue and wisdom? You’ve got to hear this carefully
because John Frame has made a tremendous response to it. Listen carefully please. Once upon
a time two explorers came up on a clearing in the jungle. In the clearing were growing
many flowers and many weeds. On explorer says “Some gardener must tend this plot.” So they
pitched their tents and set to watch. No gardeners is ever seen. “But perhaps he is an invisible
gardener?” So they set up a barbed wire fence which they electrified and they patrol it
with bloodhounds. But no shrieks ever suggest that some intruder has received a shock. No
movements of the wire ever betray an invisible climber. The bloodhounds never give cry. Yet
still, the believer is not convinced. “There is a gardener, invisible, intangible, insensible
to electric shocks, a gardener who makes no scent and makes no sound, a gardener who comes
secretly to come look after the garden which he loves.” At last the skeptic despairs, “but
what remains of your original assertion. Just how does what you call an invisible, intangible,
eternally illusive gardener differ from an imaginary gardener, or even from no gardener
at all?” Here’s the question. How does what you call an invisible, intangible, eternally
illusive gardener differ from an imaginary gardener, or even no gardener at all? John
Frame in his Apologetics to the glory of God, begins with this “Once upon a time, two explorers
came upon a clearing in the jungle. A man was there pulling weeds, applying fertilizer
and trimming branches. The man turned to the explorers and introduced himself as the royal
gardener. One explorer shook his hand and exchanged pleasantries. The other ignored
the gardener and turned away. “There can be no gardener in this part of the jungle.” He
said “This must be some trick. Some one is trying to discredit our previous findings.”
They pitched camp. Every day the gardener arrives and tends the plot. Soon the plot
is bursting with perfectly arranged blooms. “He is only doing it because we are here to
fool us into thinking this is a royal garden.” But one day the gardener takes them to a royal
palace. He introduces the explorers to a score of officials who verify the gardeners status
and the skeptic tries a last resort “Our senses are decieving us. There is no gardener, no
blooms, no palace, and no officials. It is all a hoax.” Finally the believer despairs
“But what remains of your original assertion, just how does this mirage as you call it differ
from a real gardener?” Do you follow the point? The gardener did come. And the gardener was
seen. Let me give to your three or four reasons why this gardener reveals God so perfectly.
First, his description of the human condition. He points to your heart and my heart so accurately
that when you finish reading Jesus’ description of you, you know He knows you extremely well.
And so the woman at the well tries all these theological smoke screens. Finally, He says
to her, these are not your real questions are they? You’ve had five broken relationships
and the man you are living with is not your husband. Isn’t that true? He did that so gently
that she runs back to her village and says to the people “Come back and see the one who
told me everything about myself. He is truly the Messiah has come.” You take the readings
of Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna (if he ever lived), and see their description of the human condition.
It doesn’t conform to reality. But you take the description of Jesus “That all have sinned
and come short of the glory of God.” So whether you are the head of Enron or whether you are
running Playboy magazine, the heart is desperately wicked above all things. And that is precisely
the point of the article two days ago in USA Today. They psychiatrist says “No matter who
we are, when the chips are down and the compulsion is there everyone of us turns out to be a
rotter.” That’s what the Bible says. You know, I remember walking through Auschwitz years
ago and seeing the horrors of what was done. My wife is really quite extremely well-read
on the World Wars and especially the Second World War. Almost everything she ever reads
out to me or quotes to me or talks about tells you that what shocked humanity was that they
were ordinary people. Ordinary people. Ordinary human beings. Eichmann, Guring, Heimmler,
when they sat being tried one of them basically said “The first time I said yes, I didn’t
like it, but then I got used to it – to the slaughter of millions.” Go to Auschwitz and
Buckenvaald and Duckhow and see the human heart. You know, we have got to get away from
all of this. People like Sam Harris and all who brandish there penmanship like a sword
to lacerate Christians and all the wars we have caused. Has he ever counted the millions
that atheism has killed? And the difference in atheism you can logically emerge in a transcendent
Christian / Judeo worldview it would have to be in violation of what they believe. The
kind of stuff that is going on. He doesn’t care that ten million females have been eradicated
in India only because they were female. Is this all right? Or is this the human heart
displayed in such heart breaking ways? He describes in Hobart Mowrer went to his grace
a skeptic. He taught at John’s Hopkins, taught at Harvard. He committed suicide at the age
of seventy-five, but He wrote to Psychology Today sometime in the seventies he says “You
know when we did away with sin, we lost our definition of ourselves.” This is a skeptic
saying that. We lost who we were. That’s the description of the human condition. Secondly
in the person of Christ as He is revealing God, the marvelous coalescing of absolutes
in Him. Time is running out so let me race here. Two years ago – actually a year and
a half ago I was asked to speak at the United Nations prayer breakfast. It was the second
time they had asked me to come; only this time I marveled at the subject “Navigating
with absolutes in a relativistic world.” You get up at 6:30 in the morning to speak on
that. And then you are told you have twenty-five minutes. And then you are further told you
can not bring religion into it. I said “I’ll make a deal, twenty minutes – your subject,
the last five minutes – why I believe in what I do as being the only answer to this struggle.”
Okay we agreed. So I talked about the search for four absolutes: evil, justice, love, and
forgiveness. How do you define evil? How do you define justice? What is true love? And
when you blow it, how are your forgiven? They all nodded their heads. I said “Now I want
to ask you with five minutes to go, do you know of one event in the world where these
four converged?” I said “They converged on the cross of Jesus Christ.” Evil was seen
for what it was. Justice was met out by a righteous and holy God. Love was displayed
unparalleled to a point where He looks at a young man ands says “Take care of her; she
is now your mother.” A cosmic drama was unfolding, and He cared for the one woman who had so
nurtured and cared for Him. And then I said forgiveness? That He is willing to wipe your
slate clean and forgive you. You know there was an ambassador from one
country. I will not name it. It is an atheistic country. He stood in line to shake hands,
the president at the end says “Will you come up to my office and please pray for me and
my staff?” Before that this man shakes my hand and says “Can I talk to you for a moment?”
He said “I come from an atheistic country. I don’t want to come here. We don’t believe
in God. And I wondered why I was here.” And he said “This morning I find out why I am
here. Pray for me.” God revealed in Christ where absolutes converge in an unparalleled
way, the description of evil, the convergence of absolutes, thirdly the disclosure of reality.
Do you know why I think men and women like you come to a conference like this. I was
talking to my wife about it. She was not able to join me last evening. She became unwell
just as we were leaving. And I wondered if it was because of my sermon but it wasn’t.
She is feeling much better today and joined me here. But you know, I said to her “Why
do they come?” You know why you all come? Because you want to go deep. You want to go
deep. God is able to take a little child and place that child at the center and say “such
is the kingdom of heaven.” And He is able to look at Nicodemus and say “You are a teacher
you don’t understand these things?” He is able to take the sublime and make it simple.
He is able to take the simple and show you the sublimity behind it. The unfathomable
depths of God’s riches. You know what I think is going to be the biggest point of our delight
in eternity? That we will be silent when we are face-to-face with the Trinity. You know
Peter knew the difference between one fish and three fishes. Paul knew the difference
between one and three. This marvelous mystery of the Trinity, which maybe the only explanation
for the Greek search of unity and diversity. Because unity and diversity in the effect
must pre-suppose unity and diversity in the first cause. And only in the Trinity is that
a community of unity and diversity. God is a being in relationship. And our hearts hunger
for a relationship as we live here. Marvelous depth of truth, the atheist stuff looks so
shallow after this, you just say “what?” When somebody asked Francis Crick who won the Nobel
Lauriet for the reason for cracking the code of the DNA. “He said how did we come to be
then? What happened? How did we have all these components to bring us to be?” This was a
skeptic asking. Do you know what Francis Crick said? “It would have to have been a spaceship
that came from another planet that brought spores to seed the earth and that is how we
came to be.” Now, if that is reason, give me faith. I don’t have that kind of faith.
That is what you call nonsense in sophisticated language. He says that again and again and
again. No, when we see the disclosure of reality, and the last thing I say to your is this.
The resurrection of the body. The resurrection of the body. Isn’t it marvelous to know that
God identifies both the physicality and the spirituality as real components of our lives.
We will have a glorified body and so if you violate sexuality you’ve violated it at your
own risk. You violate the temple of the living God. The absolutes are shown in the sacredness
of the body and in the sacredness of that transcending spirit of the human being. God
raises the human body as it were, the resurrected body. My wife’s father passed away a year
and a half ago. And he was a military man. He was in the Second World War and whenever
a body was lowered into the ground he always stood at attention and saluted to respect.
The person maybe dead and not inhabiting the body, but the body was a place you respect.
You respect the human body. You remember that. And that is why Jesus wept at the grave of
His friend knowing He was going to raise Him again. And He said, I will destroy this temple
and in three days raise it up. I want to close with one humorous line and I think I’m just
on target here I believe. That in itself is a class-b miracle. That alone ought to make
you believe in God. When the great chess master Garry Kasparov of Russia was going to play
a computer in a chess match, he beat the first one. And the boys got together and said “We’ll
design the best computer in the world.” It was an IBM computer called Deep Blue. And
we are going to build one that will beat you Kasparov.” Kasparov got nervous and went away
into hiding for many months because he was afraid that if he lost to Deep Blue that he
would lose the dignity of humanity in the process. He doesn’t know I lost that dignity
after the calculators came out. He’s worries about the computers taking it away from him.
So David Guilerdner, professor of computer science from Yale University writes this in
response to Kasparov’s fear that his loss to Deep Blue would end up a loss of the dignity
of humanity. Listen to this brilliant professor of computer science David Guilerdner. “The
idea that Deep Blue has a mind is absurd. How can an object that wants nothing, fears
nothing, enjoys nothing, needs nothing and cares nothing have a mind? Oh it can win at
chess! But not because it wants to. It isn’t happy when it wins or sad when it losses.
What are Deep Blue’s after the match plans? If it ends up beating Kasparov? Is it hoping
to take Deep Pink out for a night on the town? No it doesn’t care about chess or anything
else. It plays chess for the same reason a calculator adds or a toaster toasts, because
it is a machine designed for that purpose. No matter what feats they perform inside they
will always be a big fat zero. No computer can achieve artificial thought without achieving
artificial emotion too. In the long run I doubt if there is any kind of human behavior
that computers can not fake. Any kind of performance it can not put on. It is conceivable that
one day computers will be better than humans at nearly everything. I can imagine that a
person might even some day have a computer for a best friend.” Oh but that would be sad.
Like having a dog for your best friend only sadder. By the way I like dogs. We have one.
“But the gap between the human and surrogate is permanent and will never be closed.” Listen
now “machines will continue to make life easier, healthier, richer, and more puzzling. Human
beings will continue to care ultimately about the same things they always have, about one
another and many of them about God.” He could not make that article stick without that last
line. The difference between a machine and you is huge because of God. Do you know Francis
Thompson ran from God most of his life. And he would hang out at Charring Cross to get
his drugs and sleep by the river Thames. And then God hounded him, followed him. You’ve
read his story in The Hound of Heaven. But then he wrote this brilliant one. “Hanging
around at Charring Cross and by the river Thames this whole world invisible we view
thee, a world intangible we touch thee. A world unknowable we know thee. Inapprehensible
we clutch thee. Does a fish soar to find the ocean? An eagle plunge to find the air? Do
we ask of the stars in motion if they have rumor of thee there? Not with the wheeling
systems darken or our benumbed conceiving sores the drift of pinions would beharken
beats on our own clay shuttered doors. The angels keep their ancient places, touch but
a stone and start a wing. Tis ye, tis your estrange faces that amidst the many splendered
thing. But when so sad, thou cans’t not sadder cry it upon thy so sore loss. Shall shine
the traffic of Jacob’s ladder between heaven and Charring Cross. Yea in the night my soul
my daughter try clutching heaven by the hands. Low, Christ walking on the water note of nazerite,
by Thames. When Bertrand Russell was asked why he didn’t believe in God, he said it was
because he didn’t give me enough evidence. You listen to Francis Thompson and you find
out it’s not the absence of evidence is the suppression of it. God will meet you where
you are. When my father-in-law died, he was a gentleman to the end. He was a great man.
But he started to tear his clothes off; he was losing it shrunken down to a bag of bones,
diagnosis to death, 4 months, and 85 years old. Quintessential gentleman. A man of God.
He lost his voice, lost everything. My wife was standing by his bed along with his sisters
and her mother. Finally he got enough strength to reach out to his wife of sixty-three years.
He had no voice; he said “I love you.” He just mouthed it. I love you. He put his head
back on the pillow, looked to the heavens and said “amazing, just amazing.” And he was
gone. But a pure and higher and greater will be our wonder our transport when Jesus we
see. Deny God, the philosophical entailments are insoluble. Find the steps to him. Something
beyond the physical, only the intelligent entity who came into history, who described
and was seen and was heard who described your heart and mine and the person of God. I believe
in God who sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ because of whom I stand before you.
Because of whom I was rescued from a bed of suicide at the age of seventeen in New Delhi.
He is near to me and He is near to you. Love the atheist and live the life as Ronald Regan
used to say in his own simple way “serve the atheist to the fine dinner and ask him if
he believes in a cook.” God Bless You. Thank you.

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  1. The Catholic Church is founded by our Lord .
    Why did Calvin, Luther, Zwingli question the church ?
    At the same time , they said they believe in Christ Jesus.
    It doesn't make sense to question the Lord you believe about the church he founded.

  2. Matthew 4:7 ESV / 4 helpful votes
    Jesus said to him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

  3. What’s often not scrutinized of the atheist is the “why”. Why don’t you believe in God? Sure they’ll come up with quips, disallowed exploitation of science (science does not disprove God, people interpret science to disprove God), quotes from Dawkins, Harris… etc. What is most safe to speculate is that Atheist love their secret sin. They don’t want God telling them that they can’t lie, steal, commit adultery, murder and any other diabolical proclivity. It’s to pretend He doesn’t exist to get the sinful fix repeatedly. I’ve been there. It’s dangerous. Whatever non-believer is reading this, I implore you to turn away from your sin and don’t listen to the world. It’s not worth your soul. Whether you believe it or not, you will face judgement. It’s illogical to conclude we all just die and there is no purpose for you. You can be as verbose as you want to explain your position on why you don’t believe. Words have no value if they do not edify another human.

    With so much love I write this to the non-believer.

  4. Creationists have only logical fallacies and misunderstandings of science to offer for 'evidence' of their god. They believe first on faith, which is an irrational thing to do, and then cherry pick things to support what they already think is true, giving themselves over to confirmation bias, while ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Thankfully, science does not operate this way. Increasingly, people are realizing that religion doesn't have the answers, and that science is making real, observable, progress, and has evidence, facts, experiments, predictions, observations, and logic backing it up.

  5. 10:56 Morality is subjective regardless of whether or not a God exists. Our morality is based on empathy, which evolution gave us, not the say-so of a God who kills small children without remorse.

    12:02 Evil, in the spiritual sense, is not real. Evil is just word we use to describe things that horrify us, and there is no real evil 'force' or 'spirit'. Saying that evil is not real is not the same thing as saying that immorality is not real. It's like saying that the Force, from Star Wars, is not real.

    16:48 He is mistaken about atheists having no hope. Sure, we don't hope for an eternity of bliss in paradise like he does, but we have hope that most people will not burn in Hell forever, which is infinitely worse than death. If God were real, there would be no hope for the overwhelming majority of us, as we would all burn in Hell forever. We have hope that religion will die, and we have hope that society will improve and make progress when it finally does. I'd rather have hope in that for which there is evidence, than to have hope in something that is patently false and completely unsupported. As it is, he is making an appeal to consequences, which is a logical fallacy. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it ain't true.

  6. God exists because He took a body like us and Came among us to answer all of our Questions❇ He became human for 3 reasons:
    1. As God to tell us about His nature.
    2. As God and human to be The only mediator who reconnect us spiritually with eternal life by His death and reserection instead of us.
    3. As human, He gave us the perfect example of how to live and obay the Father ( fasting , praying, behaving, ect.) To follow His steps.

  7. God bless you Sir, Dr. Ravi Zecharias always on point with a spirit pack message to this dying generation you're a blessing

  8. I believe God existing he is a big God has the whole world in his hands he made the world do you remember when you were growing up they told you God is a big God knows every hair on your Head he has you in his hands he made us before we came to existing he knows us in our mother womb it looks deep than that before we were born it in bc we are human just like they were human it ancestry and forefathers was here before our time we don't have done not right in God God would forgiving them they has repent to God i believe i look back in history it all way back in great great great grandmother and great great great grandfather and it been passed down to great grandmother and passed down to grandmother i can remember my great grandmother has to be on the ship to work but she left her baby on the bed that someone else has to raise her but she has told me that she was an Indian i had not met them who they were i like to know who they is why's they are scattered out like that i believe in God existing God has a better plan for me i will have wisdom and knowledge and understand and common sense i know i have resources in God and ability in God and mind in God and concentrate in God where i came up in Mount Vernon i was little back then what's was like when my mother and my father was there's i know that place is not there's no more but i know the foundation is still there we can't see it that was a church we live there's praying for me

  9. Bamboozling nitwits with presuppositional bullshit. Clearly doesn't understand evolutionary theory, criticises it anyway. Idiot or crook? You decide!

  10. ontological argument…the fact that I can imaging a being higher than my self must mean that he exists…any GOD must exist in real situations or imagionary situations,….its hard to wrap your brain around that

  11. I believe God he existing when i was a little girl i always he was a big God has the whole world in his hands he knows us before we were born before we were existing God knows us he made us from the dust of the ground i always it was something more true i believe we has a forefathers and ancestry who was on this Earth before our time we all have sin before God it not nothing that we did we has too understand in our neture we came from our mother womb it go all way back who they came out this go all way back to your forefathers and ancestry only God knows how they live on Earth God do existing he is a spirit this go back in our DNA is God tell us true do we want here it's we have incest in that's why so many people looking just like you know why they been sleeping around trying covers up in God God existing he walked this Earth before our time it was More people on this Earth Adam and Eve want only one you might have very few people in your family might be save every body is not save they just like snake doing everything under the sun is God tell one who they need to be with they don't want to be that person is that person wants to do what is right also they play with your Head it too much reglion about God i believe God he can show you things about your Loved one when they were here some people don't believe in God that he existing praying for me

  12. You can believe in what ever god you want to believe. But if you going to make a claim that your religious god is the correct one and that your religious understanding of the world is valid … it is not unreasonable for me to ask you to prove it.

    Since many religious people are deeply ignorant of what constitutes "proof" or "evidence" and have no critical thinking skills .. Far too many religious people get offended when they are asked for proof and that's the biggest problem I have with them.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof

  13. Ravi is probably one of the least convincing apologists around these days. His favourite argument is the argument from morality which he 'explains' by using a fictional discussion with a student (we know its fictional as he keeps changing the details, eg location). He disohnestly conflates moral law with natural law. the moral argument is a non-starter as an argument for God. But then so are all the others I have heard and I think I have heard them all. If anyone reading these comments thinks they have something new I would love to hear it.

  14. Excellent rhetoric and public speaking skill, but almost no arguments presented here. He gave only broad outlines of a few arguments, wrapped in poetry and rhetorical flourishes, rather than logically demonstrate the truth of a single one of them. I'm disappointed.

  15. If you don't know what your God was doing before this creation, he is not God.

    This man is India's Benedict Arnold. A traitor to his country of birth and the glorious Indian culture. Is it because he came to the West in his teens a good reason he did so? I'm of the same age and was born and raised in the West, never went to India, and yet I'm loyal and grateful to India for what she has done for me and the world.
    It as been well said by a poet, "The selfish when blinded by self-interest mistakes diabolical deeds for good actions, and are not alive to their sinful character."

    What is it Ravi Zacharias don't know of India that a few Westerners do?
    "We owe a lot to Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made." Albert Einstein

    "India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace; human speech, the mother of history, grandmother of legend, and great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only." Mark Twain.

    "Today I feel sad, sad for India, sad for the world. For India is in mortal danger, its eternal Sanatana Dharma is under threat. And if India dies spiritually, the world will also die." Francois Gautier

    The Vedic sanatan dharma, the origin of ethics, morals and all sciences, was not and is not like other present day religions, nor is it exclusive and confined to the inhabitants of India. It is universal and does not derive its authority from any single person, no matter how holy or wise. It humbly maintains that truth was complementary and not exclusive and contradictory and as such, it commands allegiance to all ages. This true religion of the Vedas never feared the advancement of science, nor was it guilty of terrors of the Inquisition. It never shed the blood of a Galileo, a Copernicus or a Bruno. – vjsingh.info

  16. there are people out there who would hate this man out of envy ,some people are like that instead of learning some thing about the divine ,and to get to know god ,people i just want you to know something, the most intelligent person i have ever seen and heard is mr zacharias,may god grant unto him a long life the world need him more at this time ,

  17. There's factually no evidence of the existence of God. Absence of proof isn't proof of absence either. This entire video is riddled with circular logic, selective reasoning, confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. It's one myopic discourse after the next, decorated with theological theory. Considering the Bible has been factually disproved end-to-end, this video is nothing more than an attempt to justify fantastical delusion. It claims to deal with the problem of atheism by replacing it with its own problem. A problem that has no facts to stand on.

  18. A shame this man is both an idiot – and – that he commands such a following. He can conjure all the philosophical arguments he wants appealing to a supposed need for an explanation for space/time from outside space/time – but an argument does not produce what is argued for nor is it proof of anything. The most a philosophical argument can produce is a need for something to exist. It doesn't cause something to exist nor prove something exists. Much less does it detail what might exist, were it to exist, and so, nothing at all can be said about what may have engendered the universe if indeed it lay outside space/time. No Christian is within 250 lifetimes of understanding what I just said. Your biggest problem is all the company you all keep and how it provides such unwavering support for all of you to remain as stupid as the day you were born.

  19. wisdom, truth, light, THANK YOU RAVI there are no others like you to explain the truths of our Lord Jesus Christ

  20. i am still waiting for prof of seeing a half man and half animal as prof of evolutionary theory ,sometimes i often wonder what cause the process to stop,if really it existed,

  21. Human is an emotional and fearful being with no control so has to refer to something better than itself..so for many a year humans have been forming their own god's..from paganism to creating a supernatural single god with a book and prophets..upto now there is no truth that has come out from any scriptures bar just self validating themselves…

  22. Nothing much to say . Dr Ravi is filled with Holy Spirit . He is such a genius . Soldier of Christ he is . Love him

  23. Can someone help me with this question? I once heard about someone who, when asked why he believed in the existence of God, answered, "Because of the Jew." Does anyone know who said this? I'd be grateful for any help.

  24. The Lord reigns!

    He is robed in majesty,

    the Lord is robed,

    he wears strength around his waist.

    Indeed, the world is established, 𝐢𝐭 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝

    And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.”
    So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it.

    A dome, strong as a molten looking glass separating water above from below. We look at it every day.

    Let God be true and every man be a liar.

  25. Mr. Zacharias. The next war will bring about the trebulation. 3. 5 years of great trebulation will be everywhere. Radiation poisoning will be everywhere. The radiation poisoning will make the water's bitter. And the fish in the ocean will die.
    If you have any understanding of the revelation. You will understand that there is no 7. Years. It's only 3.5 years. Over again and again. Revelation chapter 6, chapter 9. And revelation chapter 16 ,and chapter 18 , at al the same events. The chapter 16 describes the river Euphrates. The Euphrates is there in Iraq. That is where the next war will start. That was formerly Babylon. The mystery Babylon. Is now Iraq.



    I believe the Holy Spirit inspired the word of God and their are numerous scriptures in the New Testament which contradict the BAPTIST CHURCH[ teaching of " Once Saved Always Saved ". A CHRISTIAN CAN LOSE THEIR SALVATION AND BE LOST ETERNALLY The following New Testament scriptures show the severe consequences for Christians who become unfaithful.

    Rev 2:3 and you have perseverance and have endured for My name’s sake, and have not grown weary. 4 But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. 5 Therefore remember from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first; or else I am coming to you and will remove your lampstand out of its place—unless you repent.

    christians must remain faithful to Jesus to make their calling and election sure. Matt 10:22 and you will be hated by all for My name's sake, but he who perseveres and endures to the end will be saved

    Christians can Fall Away Heb 10:26 for if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, 27 but a terrifying expectation of judgment and the fury of a fire which will consume the adversaries. 28 Anyone who has set aside the Law of Moses dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 How much severer punishment do you think he will deserve who has trampled under foot the Son of God, and has regarded as unclean the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has insulted the Spirit of grace? 30 For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.” And again, “The Lord will judge His people.” 31 It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

    II Peter 2:20 For if, after they have escaped the defilements of the world by the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and are overcome, the last state has become worse for them than the first. 21 For it would be better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn away from the holy commandment handed on to them. 22 [h]It has happened to them according to the true proverb, “A dog returns to its own vomit,” and, “A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire.”

    Notice here that Christians can be in danger of eternal judgement in hell by not bearig fruit in their lives being productive for Christ with the talents and abilities He has given us.> John 15 6 If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. 7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. 8 Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples. 9 As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. 10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love.

    The apostle Paul recognized the danger that a Christian can fall from grace..> 1 Corinthians 9 27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

  27. Ravi is full of amusing stories. He's also a man with many faces. One of them appears as if it might even be Christian.

  28. "It is not the absence of evidence it is the suppression of it!"

    On The atheist Objection to Existence of God

    Ravi Zacharias

  29. How much sermons or talks I hear, the fact remains the same! You need to experience GOD PERSONALLY or HE becomes irrelevant to you! Get fascinated with God, get intimate with Jesus and get passionate with the Holy Spirit…Ask for strength not to break away from God when your prayers are not answered and when everyone around you ridicule your faith or when evil seems to be winning!! Do not struggle with doubts alone but spend that time discussing these doubts WITH HIM…! That is what you call prayer …talking to God about what bothers you….and trusting HE hears you out and is not shocked at your questions or will despise you! Sit with HIM….at HIS feet – THE BEST PLACE TO BE ON EARTH OR HEAVEN! The best place to learn the truth…to see the truth..to get comfort and answer….Let God explain things to you! Rest in His Arms…

  30. Paul once said that his mission was to defend the simplicity of the gospel. I truely believe that our greatest teachers, ministers, preacher's, doctors, philosophers whatever you want to call them have specific purposes among their ministry. I believe men like R.C. Sproul was here to solidify our doctrine, men like John Mcarthur defend and prove that doctrine ect… I believe men like Ravi are here to prove and explain the ultimate truth, that ultimate truth being God himself. The truth in his existence, his plan, and his ultimate goal. He uses man's logic, mind you a corrupt and imperfect logic (we can't understand true logic until we are made perfect and even in that I think we must accept that God will do as he pleases logically or not in our minds because he is God and he does as he pleases, like he told Moses "I shall show mercy upon whom I shall show mercy") but an understandable logic as we know it and as we can see it. In this he takes the idealism and logical understanding of those who hate and seek to destroy God and proves the existence of God and to deny it is to willingly deny the truth and hate the reality of existence itself. To deny this is to willing accept eternal damnation and separation of both the truth and God.

  31. My prayer is that all people whos faith is waivering find this video and listen and repent. Jesus is Truth and he sacrificed himself for the sins of the world.

  32. No recuerdo LO hoy siempre por usted está en el redil pequeño y nuestro misioneros y y profeta lo declaró y por la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los últimos días y

  33. Le guste o no legusste pero es la verdad t amor puro amor falla por sigo con perseverancia apesar de persecución


  35. Nuevo historia es cuando me divocie 2003 me quedé con mi apellido de mí padre hora SOY ELVIA Girón

  36. I have much respect for this man. Without necessarily quoting the Bible directly he gets to the crux of Christianity like no other speaker thus opening minds to the existence of God.

  37. If I could see Razi Zacharias vs. Alan Dershowitz, my youtube journey would be complete and I'd never have to come back here …I probably would though.

  38. In answer to Ravi's three Phases. He talks about the intense philosophical problems in atheism. Well, there are intense philosophical problems in theism in general and Christianity in particular.

    He asks, how then do we demonstrate Gods existence? You can't, certainly not to the evidential standard of, beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Thirdly, he says He will show how Christianity is unique in representing God. That's puzzling, as all religions are unique.

  39. I got to say this and I love the public don't take it the wrong way this is real talk I respect every man I don't care what religion you're in or practice if you respect me as a human I will respect you as a human and Obey all laws concerning how you treat your neighbor your fellow citizen your fellow human being which by the way comes from the Bible that being said if you believe in another God and you don't believe that Jesus Christ is the only way I do not respect your religion as a matter of fact I Declare War on it this has nothing to do with you being a good father a good mother good at your job feeding the poor Etc that's good nothing wrong with that but my War as against any Doctrine religion imma keep it going any angel preach teacher Bishop Pope Evangelical Church of God in Christ Catholicism Seventh Day Adventist Mormon Jehovah's Witnesses Seventh Day Adventist Islam xcetera I'm sure you get the point right now if you say anything against Jesus Christ and him being the Son of God and being God and him being the only way to eternal life

  40. I am against you I am not a friend of the world to be a friend of the world to be a enemy with God that doesn't mean I can't live beside you and peace the Bible says follow peace with all men Holiness without no man she is God so I don't care what good you did or you're doing you know I could kill that just means nothing to beat I'm not even going to clap no hands on it I'm not even going to be like that's cool I'm not going to be like f*** you you should have did it don't get no points for that no filthy rags from what God sitting and I ain't playing with you I ain't sitting with y'all like that his one way if it wasn't he want to die hey y'all be taking a dump on my lower blood when y'all make it like it's more than one way when you say it's more than one way to get to eternal life to God you literally saying either Christ in doubt his death means nothing so you going to trap it on my Lord that's War

  41. regent is what all belivers in Jesus must do er are all sinners before we villengly and serious repenting Amen and Think you Jesus WHO gave me a New heart and a clean soul and my dayli repentence

  42. He could be arguing for the existence of a unicorn. Proves nothing. Just anecdotes that believes will believe as proof, fact…which aren’t that at all, just an appeal to emotion and confirmation bias. The argument Christians like to make is Jesus. Stating Jesus as fact. But, hmmmm, tell that the a Jew. Lol

  43. Beautiful Ravi ,bless u Ravi .You inspire me and I just love to listen to your work for the Lord .I would love to become a Christian apologist ..it speaks to what needs to happen for our Lord's work in Scotland..I thank [email protected] God for you everyday and pray for you and your family …Praise the Lord !!

  44. Oo my most amazing phrase was the last one oo so epic…"Serve the atheist a fine dinner and ask him if he believes in a cook " what an epic rendition of pure undiluted God given wisdom…
    Just as the Bible say "Only a fool will say there is no God '

  45. Quoting the madman Nietzsche proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Ravi is a damn dogmatic fanatic, a racist!

  46. Leave an atheist in a deep dark forest alone where there is full of ferocious animals and dangers . He will cry and Seek God not scientific advancement.

  47. What a fool, lying to people…publicly. Religion – A L L of them, are the greatest FRAUD in all human history. How smart are humans really when over 70% of the global population still believe in the imaginary magic boss in the sky? Despite all the scientific discoveries, which expose religion to be a ridiculous Man-made mythology, why do the gullible masses hold on to this evil sorcery, full of ridiculous supernatural claims. It is long overdue for humanity to shake off, bury and even outlaw this ridiculous mythology – a mental menace to civilisation.

  48. I hate it when u tell moral relativists that moral subjectivity implies that statements of good and bad are not observations of the properties of objects and actions but rather personal expressions of approval and disapproval and they respond “yep” with a straight face as if not being able to state anything beyond “The chemical firing in my brain in reaction to the holocaust is what scientists call as personally disproval” was not appalling.


  50. How said you should. Wake up to give this massage …this is made of night.one day 🌟 rouls The Land there is no place for darknes .know let me sleep

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