READATHON VLOG 1: Annotating Circe & ALL THE BOOKS // Book Junkie Trials Week 1

READATHON VLOG 1: Annotating Circe & ALL THE BOOKS // Book Junkie Trials Week 1

Hello everyone! It is July the 1st which
means it is the first day of the book junkie trials readathon! I am so
excited. I don’t normally do readathons especially when they’re a month long
because I’m just not very good at them. But here we are. We’re doing it. If you
want to see my TBR for the read-a-thon I will leave a link to that video down
below. You should probably go and watch that first. But it’s day 1, which means I
need to start reading, but I haven’t done so yet because I filmed my wrap-up and
that’s all I’ve done today so far. I just realised I haven’t even got the book that I’m
reading, I should probably do that. But now that I finished filming, I am going
to take a break and have some lunch and also do a little bit of reading before I
edit the video, because my first book is Circe by Madeline Miller. This is a
reread for me. Circe is a sorceress from The Odyssey, however she’s not really in
The Odyssey that much because, you know, sexism is always a thing. But Madeline
Miller has given her a story and that is this book, this very very shiny book
which I’m gonna put down because it’s messing with my lighting. But like I said, this is
a reread from me and I absolutely loved it. It’s one of my favourite books, so I’m
super excited to reread it. I am going to be annotating it as well because it goes
towards some of my summer project. This book will complete my first
challenge which is to go to Dwarf Mount, which is a book with a hint of
romance. This also happens to be the July book at the month for Myth-Take, so
this book is going to start me off pretty well. It’s pretty much doing
everything I need it to. But yes, like I said I will be annotating Circe and I’m
going to be listening to the audio book as well just to help speed me up because annotating
really slows me down so I’m kind of like counteracting it with the audiobook.
I do read and listen at the same time, as I always do. I should probably also
mention as well but I will be weekly vlogging all throughout July. There’s
going to be two videos a week from me if I can manage it, so… enjoy that. This is
the first one. It’s starting off with a babble. It’s going well. OK excuse the very white background,
but I was about to start reading, and I went downstairs to get my cup of tea, and
the mailman came, and very unexpectedly I had some mail. I still can’t believe this.
Basically my very lovely friend Britt over at Basically Britt sent me some
mail, and I wasn’t expecting it, and I cried. So I thought I would show you
because she sent me some things from her Etsy shop and I just love all her designs
so I thought I would share. So she did send me a card but I’m not going to show
you what’s inside because that’s for me. She also sent me three of her bookmarks,
so we have this one which says “life’s full of sunshine” covered in sunflowers. We
have a galaxy themed one which says “books let me escape the real world”. And
also this one which i think is my favourite, which says “it’s a good day to
have a good day”, and I just love the floral details on it.
There we go, look at that and the tiny little bee! It’s just so pretty. But then she
also sent me a packet of the bookish stickers that she’s just introduced, and
I’ll do like a cutaway shot of all these, but basically like, these you could
use them in your bullet journal or a reading journal or just anything really.
But they’re really cute and I’ve actually gotten really lazy with my
journaling lately, but I think I’m going to try and put more effort back into
my bullet journal in August, so these stickers will come in handy then. I don’t
want to stick them in my July spreads because my July spreads are rubbish and
the stickers deserve better. But yeah, I will leave a link to Britt’s channel and
her Etsy shop down in the description box, but I just thought I’d mentioned them in
case you wanted to go check them out. And thank you Britt for the mail because I
wasn’t expecting it, and I’ve messaged you anyway so you already know my reaction
but you’re just too nice to me. But yes, I am actually going to read now because I
keep putting it off and I don’t know why. I think I’m almost a bit too daunted to
start the read-a-thon now, but – my god I’ve got mascara all over my face from when I sobbed. But yeah, people on the discord chat are
talking about how much they’ve read already and I don’t want to let my team down so
I’m going to read now. I’ve got my cup of tea in that owl mug over there. Let’s
do it. Hi guys! It’s now Tuesday the 2nd of
July which means it’s the second day of the read-a-thon and yeah, I haven’t done
much reading today because I have just met up with a friend, Sheryl, and we had a
lovely catch-up. But between last night and this morning I’ve managed to get to
page 150 of Circe, and one thing that I just want to say is that I am absolutely
adoring the audio book. Like I have already been preaching about the
audiobook literally everywhere. I’ve basically coerced Britt into reading
it and I also just keep like tweeting about it, telling the people on discord to
read it. I just – I want people to listen to the audiobook because the narrator –
I think she’s called Perdita Weeks – she just manages to sound like a goddess
and it baffles me. Like she just has the exact right tone of immortality, like she
has the patience but also the almost boredom at times and the authority and
the power in her voice, but she just sounds so calm and serene the entire time
and you can just – you just get the feeling that she’s lived a very long
time and knows how to tell a story and I just – it baffles me that I can
genuinely believe that this woman is a goddess. Like, what? I absolutely love it
and I would highly recommend it to anybody who thinks they might not get
along with Circe or they just want to speed up their reading process because
it is quite a slow moving book. I forgot how much I loved it, but I think
something about like the whole aesthetic officer Circe in this book just wins
me over because she’s literally goddess whose power comes from nature and
honestly the descriptions of her turning up on her island just… they got me, guys,
they got me. Yeah, I just thought I would show you through some of my annotations
as well because I’ve really gotten going on that now. So I’ve basically been like annotating every single page because I just love it so much I want to annotate
everything so I thought I’d show you some of that now. I feel like my dress
matches Circe so well today. As I said, I’ve been annotating it quite a lot – not that
you can tell on this clip. There we go. But yes, in the beginning I’ve just
drawn this like tiny sun because Circe’s father is Helios who is a Sun
God. And I’ve also just been like making a note of certain characters who…I don’t know,
like how they’re related to Circe, I guess. So we have like her siblings and
her mother, father, and also just like random uncles and things. And we just
have some like general annotations about things that might be interesting,
whether from a feminist point of view or whatever. I’ve also been circling names
the first time they come up just to make a note of them I guess. I’ve been kind of
marking recognisable stories, so every time a character comes up in this from
another mythology book or just a reference to someone else’s mythology,
I’ve been making a note of it so that I can see where the story is kind of
intertwined. Let me find my favourite part. This is the chapter where Circe arrives
at her Island and there’s a lot of annotations for this part because I just
absolutely adore how the forest is described and how she’s like very much
seen to have an affinity with nature and how she’s like really tied up with it, so
I basically just annotated this to death. I’ve also started colouring in the
corners of pages for quotes that I really like, because I don’t like having
sticky tabs sticking out my book. It really annoys me. So I drew a little heart
next to it but I wanted another way to mark it so I can see like as I’m
flicking through any pages with this pink corner has a favourite quote on it.
This one just says “for a hundred generations I had walked the world
drowsy and dull, idle and at my ease. I left no prints. I did no deeds. Even those
who had loved me a little did not care to stay. Then I learned that I could bend
the world to my will, as a bow is bent for an arrow. I would have done that toil
a thousand times to keep such a power in my hands”. And then I also have this one a
couple of pages later because this is one of my favourite descriptions of
Circe, so it says “I scarcely knew myself. My gaze seemed brighter, my face sharper, and there behind me paced my wild lion familiar. I could imagine what
my cousins would say if they saw me, my feet dirty from working in the garden, my
skirts knotted up around my knees, singing at the height of my frail voice.”
I just really love that image of Circe. I mean… I kind of relate to her? I mean
I wish I had a wild lion familiar. But I don’t know, it’s just one of the things I
kind of want to paint if I was any good at painting people. But yes, I just really
like this. So that’s kind of how my annotation has been going so far.
As I said I’m around the 150 page mark which is about halfway through. But yeah,
I’m definitely going to be reading more today so hopefully I’ll be able get
quite a lot done because I’m speeding through it quite quickly. And I don’t
really have any other plans for today so this is my plan. Hi guys! It’s now
Wednesday morning and I am going to be meeting Charlotte in a couple of hours.
We’re going to do some planning for Myth-Take, which is very much needed because
we have many ideas and not many plans , so we’re going to be doing that and I think
we’re just going to like spend many hours in the Waterstones cafe which is
very nice, and it’s nice and sunny today so it’ll be nice to go out the house. But
I’m not meeting her for a couple of hours yet, so I’m gonna read some more
of Circe this morning. I’m around the 200-page mark and I kind of want to try
and finish it today. I feel like it’s possible, but it depends how long me and
Charlotte spend together today. But I think if I read some this morning
and then this evening I focus on reading the rest of it, I think I’ll be able to
do it guys. Do I have any updates on Circe since reading it? I have read
another hundred pages so I feel like I should, but I think because I have read
it before and I already know it’s a favourite, I don’t quite know what else to
say at this point. Circe has turned more into the like bad guy type
situation that people perceive her as but I don’t perceive her as a bad guy.
She does do some horrible things but like… I love her still.
I’m just baffled because Madeline Miller has managed to create a character who
actually feels immortal, like… authentically? If that’s even possible?
Because we don’t know what it feels like to be immortal. She kind of just manages
to make time seem infinite and it baffles me. And I just feel like she’s
captured the voice of like a Greek goddess perfectly because there is quite
a lot of like… not relationships or romance, but she does actually sleep with
quite a few people in this book and I just feel like that such – that’s such a
typical thing of Greek mythology but like it’s all reasoned out within this
book and it makes more sense because like I said, time frame is literally
eternity so like everything’s reasoned out and just – I don’t know how to explain it,
but I will try and give more coherent thoughts when I’ve finished the book, I
think, because at the minute I’m just like “I love it so much!!” But yeah, I’m
gong to go and read more now, and will hopefully update you when I’ve finished the
book tonight. So its like… I suppose about 11:15 p.m.
and I just finished Circe. In fact, I finished Circe bang on 11 o’clock but I didn’t do anything for the past 15
minutes because I’m just like… this book guys. I feel like this book is just my soul . Like
if you see anything of me online really then you probably know that I’m
always like… I just adore nature and I’m always trying to make my life seem more
magical because why not, and I very much want the whole like woodland nymph/witch/ any kind of mythical being kind of aesthetic. And it’s like
basically that aesthetic that I’m always going for… is this book. I want to absorb
so much of Circe’s traits and even like the negative side of her that’s shown in
this was still authentic and like, I just can’t help but admire her in a way. And it
just has such a bittersweet ending as well, at least I think so. I think that’s
just because I adore Circe so much. I didn’t love one of the things about the
ending, because all the way through she kind of like has different partners
because she lives a very long life and wants companions and like, if they
come along, why not? And I kind of appreciated seeing the fact that not
all of them were like a one-in-a-lifetime kind of romance, some
of them were literally just like “might as well”. But like, the kind of ending
relationship… I don’t begrudge it, but I’m also like really?? I think I would have
just preferred to have seen her like go off and do her own thing, which she
she did but like… I just feel like not every kind of story of companionship
needs to be a romantic kind of companionship if you know what I
mean? Like I would’ve preferred her to just have a friend or something like. But anyway
that’s…It’s always bound to happen that way and I suppose it is a Greek myth
retelling when like everything’s about romance or just who’s sleeping with who,
basically. But yeah, I rated it 5 stars, of course I did. But this
also means that I’ve completed my first like… stop, on the book junkie trials,
which is very exciting. I already feel like I’m behind because everybody – there’s a discord chat for the read-a-thon, and everybody is really quick at reading and
there’s people on the scribe team who are on like the third book already. It’s
the third day and I’m like, I have read this book quicker than I normally would,
a lot quicker than I normally would. I read it in three days where a book would
usually take me a week because I’m so slow, and yet I still feel behind,
because people get competitive and are a lot quicker at reading than I am. So
I’m quite glad to be able to say I’ve at least read one book now. And tomorrow I’m
going to be moving on to The Harm Tree by… I can’t remember the author’s name… Rose Edwards! But I’ll talk about that more tomorrow because it’s very late now, so yeah. Hi guys! It’s now – it’s Thursday evening
and all I’ve really done today is subtitle a video and I spent a very long
time taking lots of photos, and I started my second book for the book junkie
trials which is The Harm Tree by Rose Edwards. This is an ARC that I got from
Preston when I went to the northern young adult literature festival, and all I really knew going into this is that it follows an old war which starts
up again, and it follows two friends who end up on the opposite sides of this
war, so I’m intrigued to see where this goes. It has kind of Norse
influences in the names and it kind of does feel a bit more Nordic than your
usual fantasy would. I’m only 50 pages in so far so it’s very much like the world
building and the character building that’s going on at the minute, but I am
intrigued. I’m quite eager to keep reading so that’s always a good sign
when you’re only 50 pages in. There’s like a character guide in the front
which I have had to refer to quite often already – not because the characters are
hard to follow, but because the war that is mentioned is very much about a
divide in religions. So there’s two different religions and the gods are
called …I think there’s the white god and the wise one, and I just haven’t quite
wrapped my head around like which places worship which gods and things like that
and who believes in what and you know, that kind of thing. So I have had to
refer to that quite often just to kind of try and solidify what they’re actually
arguing about or like, just to see which belief is seen as treason or heresy and
things like that. But when it comes to things like that in books I usually just
keep reading and at some point it’ll all make sense so hopefully that will
happen. But for now, I’m going to start editing this vlog and then watch some
booktube and hopefully read some more of this.
I think over the weekend I might just do a few shots here and there because I’m
going to start reading The Furies as well as The Harm Tree and like do one of
the side challenges that isn’t part of my quest journey,
just because I really want to read The Furies by Katie Lowe. So I’m going to be
doing that, but I am going to be away from home from tomorrow evening until
Sunday evening, so I don’t know how many like spoken updates you’re going to get
from here. I will of course update you on Sunday on what I read over the weekend and
yeah, I’ll be back then. Ok please ignore the state of this
because I’ve just been in the bath. But I forgot to give you like an update on
things are coming up soon and I really want to because I completely didn’t get
the chance to update you last time. I’m not making sense.
Basically, on Saturday the 13th, Charlotte and I are going to be hosting another
Twitter chat for Myth-Take and this time the theme is Greek mythology because
that is our theme for July. And I just wanted to tell you because now that I’m
doing weekly vlogs, I can actually tell you things like that in advance and not
after we do it So please if you are around on Saturday evening then come
join us. It’s going to be I think 8 p.m. UK time
and yeah, I’ll leave a link to the announcement to that down in the
description box so that you can read the actual details because I wasn’t prepared
to do this announcement. I’m really excited to do it. You don’t have to be
like a professional in Greek mythology or like know everything to join in. You can
just join us, talk about what you do know, and maybe learn some things, I don’t know.
It’s just – we like talking about books, alright, and we want people to join us
as we do that. So if you are around on Saturday evening – or just Saturday
depending on your time zone – then come and join us. It’ll only be about an hour
or something. We’d really appreciate it because we don’t want to be just talking
to ourselves. So yeah, keep an eye out for that, and also keep an eye out for my
video that’s coming out Friday because we have another announcement coming
which is even more exciting. Some of you are pretty good at figuring out the
hints that we leave so yeah, keep an eye out for that on Friday. But yes! Now me
and my very shiny face will actually leave you to the whole weekend montage. Hello! I’m now home, and I am going to end
this vlog with like such a long update, I feel like, because I just have so many
books to talk about. So I will try and keep this relatively short but I think by now
we all know that that’s not going to happen. So while I was at my boyfriend’s
house this weekend, on Friday evening we went to watch the new spider-man film.
And then on Saturday – yesterday – we didn’t really do much until the evening, so I
took part in the basically read-a-thon which was hosted by Basically
Britt. I didn’t think that I would be able to take part that much because I tweeted
something saying like “oh I’m going to be very low-key taking part”…
I read pretty much an entire book, which I’m going to talk about in a second. And
then today, after leaving Richard I met up with Jasmine from Jasmine’s Reads.
We just went for coffee together and browsing around Waterstones.
We had a lovely time it was so lovely to actually meet her because we’ve been
meaning to for quite a while now and yeah, it was – it was good. So that’s kind of
what I’ve been doing activity-wise. So yes, rewinding to the 24 hour read-a-thon
yesterday. Like I said, I managed to read pretty much an entire book, and that book
was The Furies by Katie Lowe. I picked this up because of Becca over at Becca
and the Books. She recently read this and was raving aboutit, and she like particularly
brought this to my attention because it might have been a myth-take book, which I
don’t think it is because it’s not a fantasy retelling so I wouldn’t class
this as a myth-take book, but it is heavily inspired by mythology and like the
classics that way. It’s kind of- it reminded me a lot of The Secret History
because it’s very much the kind of dark academia/pretentious kind of
schooling and if you know me at all then you’ll know that I particularly
love that, so I did really enjoy this one. I haven’t really formed proper thoughts
on it because I was just reading it so quickly and like I said I wasn’t at home.
I feel like I haven’t formed proper thoughts, but I rated this 4 stars.
I’m trying to pinpoint why I didn’t rate it higher so I think this is one that
you might have to wait for my wrap-up for to like, get more coherent thoughts.
But I did really enjoy it and I’d recommend it. It was a good one. I’m
really really surprised I managed to read it so quickly because I don’t usually do
that, so I was particularly happy about that. But that also meant that I didn’t
have a book for my train ride home because I didn’t expect to finish that
book at all, so I went to Waterstones today while I was with Jasmine and picked up a
couple of books. But the one that I bought for my train ride home what was
Other Words For Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin. I don’t really know much about
this one besides it being a fantasy and I think witchy, and I only read 70
pages on my way home. Now this won’t go towards any of my quest challenges for the
read-a-thon, but I’m going to use this as like an extra one, the same with the
Furies. I think the Furies is going to be Orc Grove, so i’ve done a MASSIVE detour
and gone to visit Orc Grove after completing my first challenge with
Circe. And now I’m currently reading The Harm Tree for my second challenge, and
also reading this one for an extra few points. I think I might do this one for
Glimmer because look at this. It’s beautiful. But so far, like I said, I’ve
only read 70 pages but I’m really really intrigued. Like it’s written in a very
particular kind of way that makes it seem kind of mysterious and just strange.
I could not tell you what’s going to go on in this book but I’m very intrigued
to find out. And I’m kind of glad that I picked this up because I’ve been umming and ahhing about it for quite a while. I feel like it’s one of those books that I very
much anticipated being a bit like “meh’ about, I thought it might be a bit
average. But the writing style and just what’s happened so far has really pulled
me in actually so maybe this is going to surprise me.
So yeah, this vlog has had ALL the books in it. How many books have I talked about?
Like four, five? I don’t even know anymore. So I’m going to leave this vlog here.
Next week, I don’t even know what I’m doing. I have a lot of videos to make so
probably that. I know I need to blog some more and I’ll be meeting up with a
couple of people. But I think at the weekend will be when I do more
interesting things because next weekend I’ll be staying with Charlotte and we’re
going to a book festival, and I’m gonna go see Samantha Shannon again because
I’m obsessed. I’m quite excited for next week’s vlog because I’m gonna be doing
something interesting. But yes, as for now I’m going to go and have some food,
probably read some more. But I will update you about that in next week’s
vlog, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this vlog. I hope you’re having a lovely day and I
shall see you next time with a new video. Bye!

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