Reading Goals of 2016

Reading Goals of 2016

I got my handy dandy bullet journal here and
I”m going to share with you..Wow! I sounded really southern. But today I’m here to share
with you my 2016 reading goals. It’s probably February, but better late than never right?
In case you’ve forgotten, I’m Susie and welcome back to readsusieread. I don’t have all that
many lofty goals this year. And last year I was sneaky and had these what I call invisible
goals. And maybe it’s because such excitement happened at the beginning of my 2016, that
like, I just still think that that part of the year is 2015, that I haven’t really put
a lot of thought into like non-bookish goals. I actually waited until the last minute to
put considerable amount of thought into these goals. So, I don’t think that it’s registered
with me that it’s 2016 yet. So maybe, you know, come the summertime it’ll dawn on me
that it’s 2016 and I’ll give you some different goals, but for now these are my reading goals
for 2016 . First one was one that I didn’t put a whole lot of pressure on myself for
last year, but it is the fifty book challenge on Goodreads. I want to read 50 books this
year or close to a book a week. Mostly just because I got out of the habit of reading
in 2015. Because I was making things and I’m hoping that I can strike a balance between
the two, because I don’t want to stop making stuff, but I also want to actively pursue
reading. The next challenge, which is one that I”m more excited about this year than
I was last year. It’s the Book Riot Read Harder challenge. And don’t get me wrong, I was excited
about it last year but I had it way down on my list, but this year there are some really
exciting, by exciting I mean somewhat difficult challenges on there for me personally, that
I’m looking forward to. And I feel like this list is a way better way of trying to read
more widely and a whole lot more variety, that’s for sure. Here are a couple of the
challenges that I’m really excited about. Read a Biography. Read a non-fiction book
about science. Read a book about politics. Read a book about religion. And read a horror
story. Like I said, they’re all going to be challenging, but for some reason I’m really
excited about that. Oh and in case you have no idea what I’m talking about with the Book
Riot Read Harder Challenge. First of all, Book Riot’s pretty rad. It’s just this awesome
bookish website and community. So, first of all you should just go to But
I’ll leave a link to the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge down below and there’s an awesome
Goodreads group. If I’m awesome I’ll put that link down there too. It’s really fun, list
of 24 challenges. Awesome. This one I’m not going to put a whole lot of pressure on myself
but I would like to read one, just one, one book written before 1900. Just one, just one,
one. That, that’s doable, but I mean I didn’t do it last year. I don’t know if I did it
the year before that either so just one book written before 1900. I might hate it, but
still I just want to try. Next one is I want to do more book reviews. I mean obviously
in video format, because I’m a rubbish writer. But that’s a thing I want to do. And just
make more videos in general. I think that for me and I’ve talked about this probably
almost every year that I’ve been making videos. That it’s just a really good exercise for
me to do book reviews. To get my thoughts out about one specific book and force myself
to think about it enough to make at least a three minute video. But also and it’s been
said on BookTube the comment sections of book reviews are so much more engaging and interesting.
Like not to say they’re not interesting otherwise, but it’s just different with a book review.
You know that the person that’s watching that video is super interested in either the book
or what you have to say. So let’s see how I do. I don’t have a specific number. I just
want to do it more. And last but certainly not least, I want to participate in the hashtag
ReadMyOwnDamnBooks project that’s being hosted by Andi from EstellasRevenge. It’s pretty
self explanatory. It’s to encourage you to read your own books and stop buying new books.
But I also love this one, because it encourages you to use your library instead of going out
to buying books. Which of course I love. This one’s at the bottom of the list because I
don’t like making myself feel bad if I want to go buy one or two books. But also to be
honest, my book buying habits aren’t completely horrendous. I just need to mellow out and
maybe be more considerate when I do buy books. So that’s it. And those are my goals. Nothing
fancy. Pretty simple. I think, though, that based on last year’s reading they’ll still
provide a significant amount of challenge for me so we shall see. Please feel free to
share links to your reading goals videos in the comments below. Thank you all so much
for watching and I hope to see you very soon with a new video. Bye!

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  1. Those are pretty good goals. I'm focusing on #readmyowndamnbooks too. No book buying ban, but I'm doing pretty good at staying excited about my already owned TBR collection (I could open a small bookstore with my TBR so I think of it as shopping my own shelves). I even went to B&N the other day and DIDN'T BUY ANY BOOKS!

  2. Reading one book written before 1900, I love that goal! If you end up doing it and want to buddy read… I maaaay be interested!

  3. My goals this year are to read 50 books & to not buy books unless I've either already read them or need them for the next book in a series. I use my library a lot now and after all of the books I bought last year & didn't read, I think it's a good idea for me to be at least a tad more considerate of what I purchase. OH! And I want to read the first Game of Thrones book. I divided it out so that I could take a year to read it, to make it less terrifying to read, and so far, I'm doing well with it. So, I guess I have 3 goals.

  4. Those are great goals! I always kind of have a goal to read one book written before 1900 too, which usually ends up being my big book that I tackle in the summer. (This year is Middlemarch). 90% of the books that I read are written like after 2000.

  5. Great goals, Susie! Funny enough, I'm with you on the read a book written before 1900 and that's mainly because Emma and Sense and Sensibility are sitting on my shelf and I haven't read them and I want to read at least one this year. :]

  6. Nice goals! I like the idea of the read harder challenge, but I wouldn't be able to bring myself to do all of them. Just don't want to read a horror story! I have a hard time with forcing myself to read something versus reading what I really want, just more mindfully. Good luck with your goals!

  7. For your pre-1900s book can I recommend North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell? Phenomenal book and mini series! I am also participating in the #readyourowndamnbooks challenge too!

  8. I'm so excited for the read harder challenge! This is my first year of participating and boy oh boy it looks good.

    Hardest ones for me will be:
    -a collection of essays
    -Audie award audio book
    -book about politics
    -food memoir
    -a play
    AND! The hardest of all! Read a book out loud to someone 0_0

    My social anxiety coupled with the fact that my SO is so not into books will make this one a (hopefully fun) challenge lol

    ANYWAY! Great goals Susie! I love hearing how your doing and what your up to, books or knitting or what have you. Makes my day, so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nice goals! If you want to read a pre-1900s book, I recommend you Dangerous Liaisons – Choderlos de Laclos. It's a french book, so it would also be "exotic" ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that's also the book on which Cruel Intentions is based (Not that the movie is a masterpiece and/or a reference :p)

  10. Great goals!! I am also going to try really hard to do the read harder challenge, but I am definitely nervous….but I guess that is good right?

  11. Great goals! I started the Read Harder Challenge, but now that I've found out that I'm moving in the fall I want to switch gears to #readyourowndamnbooks. I need to read and donate as many books as I can before packing up!

  12. Are you planning to do any crafting/knitting videos? I'd love to see what you've made and what you are interested in. I've got into knitting late last year and I'm really enjoying it. I'm still a super beginner but I'd like to learn more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I'm actually currently uploading a video that includes my reading goals for the year, but as it's only 35% completed I'll put them here as well: 1. Read every day. 2. Have 25% of the books I read be by people of color. 3. Read two books by authors from every continent. 4. Upload YouTube videos. (The last is book-related for me, and is also very general because I'm terrible at uploading regularly/on a schedule and at least want to get some things up.)

  14. Great goals! I especially like the #ReadMyOwnDawnBooks Project! Booktube sometimes (some times… mostly, all the time tbh…) makes me want to run to the nearest book store and buy those beauties! While I just as easily could go to the library. In my town the library is even next to the book store! And I know that reading a book published before 1900 can sound scary, but Alice in Wonderland is published before 1900. And so is Anna Karenina, and Robinson Crusoe and… the list goes on and on. Some good stuff! A guarantee for some happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with your goals, and: enjoy!

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