Reese Witherspoon bikes around set and introduces the women of The Morning Show

Reese Witherspoon bikes around set and introduces the women of The Morning Show

Hey you guys. I’m on the set of The Morning Show and I want to show you around. This is our production trailer and this is Ronit, my friend. We’re trying to teach women that there’s lots of different jobs to do on movie sets. Tell us what you do for a living. I’m the script supervisor. She’s the best. She keeps all the trains running on time. I feel like Dory in Finding Nemo. Follow me. This is Tamara. Hi. Tell us what you do. I make sure all the
actors are in the works, like in hair and makeup on time. And get them to set. Prep their trailers. This is Bel Powley. Hello She plays Claire on The Morning Show. Is this the most dialogue
you’ ve ever had to memorize in your entire life? No, I think it’s the most
dialogue you’ve ever had to memorize in your entire life. Traumatized. Hey. Hello. Tell everybody where we met. We met on a movie called This Means War. That’s right. We fell in love in The Couve. Vancouver. We call it The Couve. Everybody, this is Sophie. She’s our costume designer. Hi. We’re going to go look
at the costumes guys. We have been friends and coworkers for quite a while now. We did Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama, This Means War, and we done one more but it’s alluding me right now. Apparently it was great. Will you show everybody around the trailer and all the cool costumes. I would love to show
everyone around the trailer and all the cool costumes. Okay, so the way that we have it arranged is we have all the men’s
costumes on one side and the women’s on another. Reese is our number one, so this. We start with her. Everything is labeled, tagged, bagged and this is where it lives. What’s the best part of your job? Working with the actors. The people, the crew, the cast. What’s the hardest part of your job? Waking up early. So you’re not a morning person. Are you a morning person? No. We have no morning people
on The Morning Show. Are you a morning person? Yes I am. Such a morning person because I like this. I wake up at like 7, ding. If this was called The Night Show would you have done it? No. I’m gonna get to the set now but I’m gonna see you out there okay? Okay good. I’ll see you there. Okay thanks Tamara. Bye We love you Ronit. Okay Thank you so much for
visiting me you guys. I hope you like this
little behind the scenes look at base camp. I gotta go to work. See you later.

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  1. God! These people work so hard and still find force to be positive in front of the camera! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Can we expect more behind the scenes as the show keeps on rolling out?

  2. Thanks, Reese for the behind the scenes. Your butt looks good in those jeans. You work too hard. Missed you. See you on Instagram Have a Great Day.

  3. What a hacky pathetic excuse to get some camera time, Witherspoon jesus christ last time I saw her dumb ass was on a VHS box for legally blonde

  4. I can't believe this is online for four hours now and has just 1.500 views (exactly 1.500 as I'm typing). I study landscape architecture which is a super interesting field, but everytime I see behind the scenes stuff I wish I worked there.

  5. So you do what I do I. I just chat all day but I don't get paid? Ok someone needs to film me. Hollywood here I come. Y'all never met a boy so sweet.

  6. Reese I recently saw your Netflix special and was particularly moved by your interview with Pink.
    I think what youโ€™re doing is incredibly important work. Thank you for being such a positive force of empowerment for women and young girls!

  7. Reese, Iโ€™ve always loved you since โ€œMan In The Moon.โ€ But as of recently, I also love your oldest daughter, Ava Phillippe, only as a fan. And I hope she becomes an actress after her college graduation.

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