Remembering Elvis | Priscilla Presley’s life with the King | Sunday Night

Remembering Elvis | Priscilla Presley’s life with the King | Sunday Night

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  1. I met Elvis once back in Vietnam he came to perform for the troops. We got drunk and sang songs together and also shot guns together! Elvis was a legit all american guy. The day he died I cried so much I could've sank the Carpathia while saving passengers for titanic

  2. IMO she looks fantastic. If I didn't know she was Elvis' wife I would've guessed she was like 50. Of course some people are put off by plastic surgery but I think it looks she looks fine and maybe not ""natural"" but beautiful nonetheless.

  3. Why does someone need to be blamed??? It's not Elvis's fault, he didn't treat his addiction so he didn't disappoint his fans, plus people around him were toxic(not Priscilla), and it's not Priscillas' fault cuz she just wanted stability and love that she deserved, and she also suffered much with him being on constant tours, their relationship might have been right but in different time, their love was still young and their ending was just an unfortunate case, but NO ONE IS TO BLAME!!! NOT ELVIS OR PRISCILA!! SO STOP TRYING TO MUD HIS NAME AND FIND SMTH BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE THAN TRYING TO BLAME ONE OF THE BIGGEST LEGENDS FOR SMTH THAT COULD HAPPEN EVEN TO YOU!!!!!!!!

  4. ELVIS THE PEDOFILE ELVIS FATHER AND MANAGER , struck a divorce deal with precilla she sign form to never utter a word about what happen in the mansion and she slso was given graceland if elvis passed ,, elvis never knew he was gonna die he forgot to take precilla off land and property ,, but the reason presilla didnt writ a book or two ,SHE HAS STAKE IN GRACELAND HER DAUGHTER FORTUNE WOULD OF BEEN RUIN CAUSE NO ONE WOULD OF BOUGHT ELVIS RECORD AND MANSION WOULD OF BEEN WORTH A PENNY ,, today its a popular tour spot,, and precilla and lisa get the checks GREAT DEAL SHE MADE TO SACREFICE THE TRUTH ABOUT ELVIS THE BIGGEST PEDOFILE ALIVE NOT MICHEAL JACKSON and the reason lisa marie divorced micheal cause she saw no money in it , micheal kept secrt what she told him all about her father marrying a teen bride and more ,, micheal jackson could of got paid if he told the real truth … MICHEAL JACKSON WAS ACCUSED WHEN ELVIS FANS KNEW ABOUT PRECILLA THEY ACT LIKE IT WAS COOL FOR HIM TO MARRY A CHILD

  5. I love Elvis but she is such a phony. She bailed out on him when he needed her the most. She’s shocked by the cheating that was going on but she knew that before she married him. And her parents should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t care how much I kicked and screamed, my parents would have never let me go live with anyone when I was 16 years old.

    Beautiful woman when she was young, she’s my inspiration. I love her makeup & hair when she was with Elvis.

    Poor Elvis, RIP. 🖤

  6. Elvis died of a heart attack caused by polypharmacy” the combined reaction of several prescription drugs. The combination of prescription drugs depressed Elvis’s central nervous system: the brain, followed by the heart, and finally the lungs. he simply did not realize the effect of drugs combined in the body.

  7. I'm surprised no one is saying that he was a pedofile for being around a 14 year old and bashing his name to this day like they would with other stars in his time.

  8. Look at his mouth too much surgery,and she didn't like Michael? You're daughter could have produced another king with biological offspring from both kings. Look at Lisa now? Regeretting mj was the highlights of her life,she cried a lot. She could have been a happy wife with mj

  9. Yup she shouldn't have gone to surgery she can be cast in a horror film,aging gracefully is better if you're really beautiful.

  10. Good video. Just, when you talk about Elvis' house…it is not pronounced Grace, land…It is just Graceland, like England or Scotland, honies!
    Get it right, you crazy Australians!

  11. Graceland is pronounced the same as 'Scotland' Simple, you little former relative of a convict, from Ireland! it is Graceland, pron: like England!

  12. Wake you little boys from, down under…Graceland is pronounced the same as England! Get it right/correct, perhaps!

  13. That woman has managed to curve out a whole career simply because she was once married to Elvis. Thanks also to him she is worth an absolute fortune amd she still goes by Presley but didn't they divorce?!!! So technically she was completely out of his life. 50 plus years of milking it, they were not together!!. Didn't he have a girlfriend at the time of his death so why does noone hear from her. Prescilla has made blagging yourself through out life an art form the same way Sinita is with Simon cowell, it is a bloody joke.

  14. Thank you priscilla without you graceland would been no existing. And above all else you have kept his legacy going. Long live the king 👑

  15. What does she know he only married her because he had to she was under 18 in his home and the general and her father said you need to marry her and make it right

  16. Elvis and I are most likely cousins through my grandfather. my grandparents and great grandparents loved his music! i do too. i can't wait for Lisa Marie's new albums!

  17. I don't know what is the truth Elvis said that yes she was Jealous of him kissing his female fans but she is the one who cheated him with that karate teacher that's why he divorced her and he was hurt that's why he became addicted to drugs.
    And now she is telling that he had that life of Rock stars : sex and drugs
    I don't know what is the truth

  18. My grandma told me before that grandpa went to the army the same time Elvis went but grandpa wouldn't wanna talk to him because he was a babe magnet. Kinda like how so many guys were jealous of Justin Bieber

  19. My car mechanic inherited Elvis motor home years ago and it was Elvis way of thanking him for a huge Chicken dinner they had at the house while Elvis waited for it to be repaired!!! They talked and laughed for hours as Elvis said he l Loved home cooking

  20. You can put Emotion into anything and people will really believe a lie!Elvis DID not Die in 1977!The EVIDENCE screams he escaped!

  21. The inconsistencies in Witnesses accounts of events on way to Hospital where they cant get their own stories straight the Un cashed life policie and Priscilla slipped up in !988 on Oprah saying: "Like he said the other day"

  22. Actress said to Vernon 'Where is Elvis Vernon?That is not Elvis!"Vernon responded:"Oh Elvis is upstairs we had to show the Fans something"The body was that of a young man whom had overdosed 3 weeks prior and they had kept him on ice.The casket weighed 900 lbs due to it being a Refrigerator.The Wax face of Elvis was a rendition of Him in 1958 ,which Vernon had made by a realitivly famous french artist in Paris.

  23. Before Elvis made it big, my grandmother (when she was young) went to one of his shows and she had apparently caught his attention. Her mother was also there with her, and Elvis made an effort to get permission from my grandmothers mother to take her out for a date. However, she said that my grandma would not be allowed to go out with him because she thought he was too much of a 'bad boy'. True story.

  24. People came and stood in the streets, the traffic stopped in Memphis for days after Elvis died. My husband and I sold sausage biscuits served with vodka and orange juice. TCB! Taking Care of Breakfast! Got thrown out of Graceland, ah memories.

  25. she loooks so cute for her age!! 73?? she still has that something, a young shine which most of these old ppl dont any more unfortunately

  26. It’s been 100 years she teels about himit’s sad Priscilla did nothing of her life you sleep Priscilla and Lisa you grandmama now it’s sad

  27. that happens when Christians walk away from God and start thinking in destroys women heart, money and shallow music at the end the day ,the one who would suffer is the one that dont have God in their lifes anymore ….42years old! ..

  28. Can somebody explain me why in Elivis grave you can read AARon instead Aron, his real name ? why double AA ? its a mistake, mmmm why no body fix it… its so blizzard to me

  29. Priscilla got a point about the girls but with that said what Priscilla had to do to keep the show going Priscilla probably relieved after the work, have the husband for show coming home anyways sort of the same for both but that a life in the arts, in the end would be nice to get s run til 2069 but if got to bow out, just do the same as Elvis and Priscilla did, knew in the beginning that end up similar, with how things worked out for Elvis, Ronald, James and Jonathan etc

  30. I think Priscilla knows more about what happened to Elvis then she let’s on. I still believe he didn’t die in 1977.

  31. My great uncle Eddie was his next door neighbor for awhile and they would go horseback riding together. It’s crazy how small a world this is. Rip Elvis and uncle Eddie ♥️

  32. I suppose when Elvis preyed on a 14 year old girl it was ok 👀…. But If a school teacher was to do it or any other adult for that matter the shame would hit the headlines as fast as I could say PEDO! 👌🏽

  33. It’s been 100 years she teels about himit’s sad Priscilla did nothing of her life you sleep Priscilla and Lisa you grand-mama now

  34. Bull Elvis had to many people around him they could have saved him 100 times they could have put in in a place to be in peace and stop over whelming him with pressure of making music

  35. 🎤 Elvis is one person I'd want at my perfect fantasy dinner party. Guitar in the corner, 100 strong choir waiting in the wings.. 🎤
    The others would be the 3 grandparents I never met.

  36. I really hope they make a great movie about Elvis soon. Much like Freddie Mercury (BR), Elton John (RM), we need a movie about Elvis. Especially since her wife is still alive and anyone who has worked with him to try and explain details about his life that some people don't know about when he isn't performing.

    I hope they make a great movie about Elvis

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