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  1. Greate steps, I noticed that all images became dark and you mentioned that we should apply further changes to the image. So, do you have a photo on how we enhance the images after applying the sky to it?

  2. What a genius idea !!! This is usual for reflections in water but you are the first one having thought about using this method on building and foregrounds 🙂
    No halo, no tedious selection,…
    best regards

  3. By the way, is this method working in luminar ? I have just discovered today two tutos from nicolesy and jim nix making a silhouette in black and white and a luminosity mask but after struggling with halo,… your method could compensate the lacks of luminar

  4. Nice one again. In the past I took your tip to heart to always be shooting clouds and skies when there is optimal light or sky phenomena. Some which I just shot out of my office window. And organized them in Lightroom. Great to have.

  5. When I look through my library (I have many of your courses) I can't find the download. What is the title of the download or is it in another area?

  6. I love your tutorials. I’m not judging people that add things to their photos, but for me personally, I don’t feel right adding things to my photos. It’s always good to have new knowledge and tools in your toolbox either way.

  7. I never replaced a sky before with double mirror flipped at the bottom . but I have to admit this looks much better with that technique. Thanks !

  8. For some reason, after the duplication of the sky, I cannot get the wireframe on the duplicated layer in order to get the dropdown to flip the layer (tutorial says: press cmd key, right click, flip vertical). I am running the most current version of PhotoShop. Must be something simple I am doing wrong. Note that I can get to the same place via the menu Edit>Transform but would like to know what my problem is with the mouse. Can anyone advise? Thanks.

  9. #fakenews, #fakephotos, #fakereality. where did the honesty go? Digital cameras took the integrity out of photography. I even add some gain to the colour at times but am never happy doing it as it feels like I cheated as though without it the photograph is a failure!
    Do untouched out of camera photographs ever win competitions? I doubt it ~ My personal work has organically progressed to around 50/50 black and white and colour.
    Everything that becomes digital dies, the digital world has no soul ~

  10. I have been replacing skies for years in my photographs. I wish I could get back all the time I've wasted doing it the wrong way! Thanks, Serge! 😀

  11. Salut Serge. Félicitations pour vos vidéos. J'adore suivre ceux-ci, ils sont vraiment intéressant. J'espère que vous continuerez longtemps.

  12. Bonjour Serge.
    Félicitation pour tes vidéos, c'est très agréable de les regarder, tu es très pédagogue. Ta voix est sympathique à entendre, ton accent fluide et compréhensif pour moi.
    30min de vidéos youtube ça peut paraître longue, mais pas avec toi.
    Un grand bravo pour ton travail. Continu ainsi !

  13. Thanks for the tip .
    It is kind a funny to play around with my old photos now ..using this method
    I Took an old pic of a boring sunset from a greyish day And made it to a Northen light image .ön-northen-lights-by-niclas-krog?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=15640569

  14. You're tutorials are always good but this one I like especially, simple, fast, effective, understandable and straight to the point. Keep up the great work. Greeting from Serbia.

  15. When I do the multiply my sky changes colours completely. Like the clouds become blue or so… anyone having that issue?

  16. He keeps saying command D to undo, that is not correct, Command D is to Deselect whatever is selected. When he said to undo, i thought he was going to show a whole new way to replace the sky but it was just a continuation.

  17. It is an incredible technique and hides more, than with a selection only of the sky, post-processing, thank you very much from Spain.

  18. How do I add skies to my library??? Cant I add direct from my hard drive? Must it be opened in PS First?

  19. Best channel so far, btw make yourself a favor and switch mouse for a wacom tablet 😀 also make bigger the develop tools to get more precise adjustment

  20. I tried this the other day, but my image becomes way too dark when I change it to Multiply Blending mode. Still experimenting with it. Could be the photo i'm using.

  21. This works absolutely wonderful! You been the first one that I watched on youtube 3 years ago,and I understand that I love photography and I can definitely do it by myself.

  22. Sr Serge Ud. es un MAESTRO del Ps … Lo que hace es real Espectacular !!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  23. On the last 2 or 3 pictures I did it, it wasn't necessary to use the magnet tool or lazo to do any selection, it just blended perfectly, even on one image with a lot of trees. Do you think adobe make any update regarding this after this video?, maybe as a reaction to luminar ?, or it is just me? 🙂

  24. This video unbelievable thank you so much, quick question do you find it better to edit the photo in lightroom then add sky or add sky then edit the photo.

  25. i have a good idea which worked quite well if you need this for a kind of portrait shot once you have Gaussian blurred the bottom you can invert the selection and do the top as well if you have a small depth of field worked quite well 🙂 again i am learning so much from your videos i am going to buy some of your tutorial packages 🙂

  26. hello Serge, I really like this method. Is it possible in GRFX studio pro to blur the sides as you did with buildings around the Tour Eifel ? GRFX saves time because it duplicates sky, flip, blur but i think we can't do selection before applying gaussian blur so all blur are horizontal, which is a huge limitation. correct ?

  27. hello, does recent sky package contain milkyway, stars,… ? in my old version coming with sky replacement course, i had only daylight, sunset and bad weather

  28. c'est en anglais et les sous-titre sont en anglais pour moi qui ne parle que le français, l'allemand et le finnois.

  29. I love your skies Serge! I downloaded (also the paid ones) them. At the moment i am denoising them professionally. Looks much better. I also found more than 250 other incredible (romantic) skies. Your sky removal workflow is great.

  30. Please help: when using the lasso tool with the 5 pixels the selection is too harsh.. you can tell easily that that I used it. how can I fix this..

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