Residence Life at Oscar Peterson Hall

Hi, my name is Jen and my residence is Oscar
Peterson Hall at the University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus. There’s actually just
tons of green spaces around campus and you’re always bound to see a deer or two on your
way to class. It’s just really beautiful and there’s tons of nature everywhere. I was actually
really nervous about moving into somewhere away from my parents house, but the res-life
staff always had things going for us. We were never bored. You are placed based off your
program, so we went to a lot of classes that were similar so you were making friends a
lot easier. On every floor there’s a Common Room and a Laundry Space which is really convenient
and then right downstairs in the lobby is the Residence Services Desk where you can
talk to any of our Residence Life Staff and there’s also Colman Commons which is our cafeteria.
The reason that I chose to actually come to Mississauga is because it reminded me a lot
of home. It was a very close-knit community, you got to know people a lot better and everyone
was just close and so it was really nice.

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