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  1. wait wait wait wait……CollegeHumor, Cracked, ImprovEverywhere AND My Damn Channel…..what…..the…..fuck….is going on……

  2. This guy was so cool and she was such an arse. Ahahaha this was brilliantly done. This series has been really well done so far.

  3. Someone as fat as the fucker in the video can't even get a boner.  Penises don't work when you're about 200 lbs overweight.

  4. This points out so many problems with how the media viws attractiveness these days. I wish they did this reversed gender as well.

  5. Hmmm… I get the joke but doesn't this seem like something that at least a few women would actually be like? I fucking hate humans.

  6. I love henry so much.
    He is my spirit animal.
    He was the only person that has ever shown me it's okay to let the weirdness out.

  7. Geez, all the people calling her ugly are assholes. The actress is still a fucking person. Jesus Christ. And these are the people calling her a bitch for making judgements on appearances.

  8. omg thats Y? because hes mean? xD although I have to say seeing him stand up to her at the end was kinda hot. I dont even care that hes fat, just the fact that he stood up for himself and was showing some backbone lol besides I think henry is cute anyway x3

  9. Dude. Everyone would sleep with Henry Zebrowski. Cute little voice and face fucking knowledgeable on aliens and serial killers. Lil dream boat.

  10. Henry's pick up line: "Okay so, to get in the mood for this creepypasta I want you to lie down and….take off your pants."

  11. Whenever she said "look at you, and look at me", my thought was that she was comparing herself as a mentally retarded female to a normal man.

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