Salts Mill Bookshop

Salts Mill Bookshop

Hi! It’s Nicole and today I want to take you
to one of my favourite local bookshops located in West Yorkshire in the
north of England–more specifically in the World Heritage Site of Saltaire. Although London is one of the capital
cities for Publishing in the Western world and it makes sense that so many
booktubers are based there, there are also so many other
great bookish places in the UK. The main attraction in Saltaire
is the old textile mill right next to the river which was converted into a
quaint commercial centre in 1987 It is home to several independent businesses
such as an art supplies shop, an antiques shop, art galleries–including a
collection of works by world-renowned local artist David Hockney, several
eateries, a bike shop, a furniture shop and even an exhibition all about the
Salts Mill and its grumpy Victorian capitalist proprietor, Sir Titus Salt, who
established the village of Saltaire. The name of the village is a portmanteau of
its founders surname and the river upon which the village is situated: the River Aire. But let’s get to the bookshop! It has a fantastic selection from
mainstream novels from all of the major publishers to poetry to reference books
on crafting or space stations or nature to self-development books to
children’s books to politics to works from independent publishers and local authors. And of course you can get bits and bobs
like calendars and postcards and gifts too As the website says:
“All minds are generously catered for here.” The books in the “Read Me”
section are always changing and have short reviews from staff and
customers about the books on display. There’s also a “Read Me” section for kids
that has both kids books and magazines complete with reviews for each. The Salts Mill Bookshop really works with the structure of the building keeping its sense of history. Juxtaposed vintage and contemporary elements make it cosy and welcoming but also new and exciting. I love how alive this bookshop always feels! Even on days like this one it’s pretty quiet there’s still a buzz and the beautiful
books, open spaces for browsing and wide windows to let lots
of light in even on cloudy days is great for augmenting that airy feeling of “possibilities” that being in a bookshop tends to give. There are also several seating areas for
friends to wait on you while you decide which 10 books you’re getting this week..! and I always have to make a quick
stop to the round kids books table which is my favourite feature of the kids section. The books are always beautiful and fun. Like most of you, I imagine,
I just really love bookshops and this one is one I particularly enjoy being in
and feel an unwarranted pride about it being right in my neighbourhood. It’s well curated and I am always pleasantly surprised and tempted by its wide selection. If you’re ever in Saltaire, it is definitely worth a visit.

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  1. I love this! I am so jealous, I live in the San Fernando valley in California and bookstores have all but vanished except B&N. I will look at this many times 🤗

  2. This was so great Nicole and the sound was perfect! What a beautiful bookshop in a beautiful building and how great that they have local authors books as well.

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