Selling Books on Amazon FBA | $1 Buy Cost How Much Profit? (Part One)

Selling Books on Amazon FBA | $1 Buy Cost How Much Profit? (Part One)

here is our dollar here is start to
adopting our next kid. Ok I’ll Accept, thank you you’re very welcome
I did and you know you helped that I mean fly on the airplane with all these
books this is super interesting you guys
remember this they’re like little mailing postcards I honestly almost want to just keep this
book and mail in the postcard and see what would happen
could you imagine if they actually sent me to the freaking books membership
benefits that you receive each month being a part of the Edgar Cayce group
you get a magazine home study lessons names of doctors and healthcare
professionals that are in your area a library by mail summer seminars at your
KC medical readings on loan and notice of new Cayce related books on all the
topics interesting seriously let me know should I actually send one of these in I
kind of wonder have our call today when I entered let’s call when I entered three six eight to seven
that’s just in case one of you guys wants to get edgar cayce books ringing what what thanks Edgar Casey I don’t
need help in that department thank you oh my gosh well at least the book is
profitable Kristen and I stopped doing books
probably three years ago and the reason being is we would spend so much time at
these estate sales and so much energy and effort just trying to track down a
one book that was actually worth while I can’t even explain to you how insane
this process is starting out for us this is one of two books already that are
profiting over a hundred and fifty dollars each remember we went in there
with one dollar and I’m not even all the way through the books like we have all
of this to go I have only done two out of the like five or six stacks of books
that we have had and I’m so excited right now guys you have no idea like that is how I feel I’m gosh I can’t
believe this right now we’re so lucky I don’t even know what to say
well alright I’m gonna keep on recording this and hopefully we can catch more these are all books that are profitable
let’s see what else we get I’m just gonna have you guys join me while I scan
these along so as I’m going through these I’m gonna just break down what I
am looking for in these individual books this one is a bad buy number one reason
why this one’s a bad buy or bad seller or a product that I wouldn’t sell
currently ranked 2.4 million in books so let’s find one that is actually pretty
good made this might take a second okay so here’s here’s a pretty decent
example currently this book is at 1.2 million probably generally would pass on
this but because we got all these books and I quite frankly don’t know what the
shipping situation is gonna be like I’m throwing it in the good pile probably a
bad idea meaning that’s probably something that you should not do but
given the circumstances I’m gonna throw this on the good pile for right now when
I actually goes through it and do more in-depth research because this is just
like going through checking it like figuring out which ones are probably
worthwhile which ones are definitely worth looking into get an idea of how
much profit we’re gonna have so 1.2 million probably not a good book but
I’ll go through it regardless now remind you we’re trying to shoot for anything
under 1 million that’s kind of where the bread and butter is this one’s at 1.2 so
it’s not that – that’s it’s not terribly bad I would I
would hope for a lot more profit but let me explain what’s going on so current
list price on this one is $6.99 and that’s what’s showing in the buy box for
Amazon FBA that’s probably brand new so what I had to do if you actually use its
catify what you’re gonna want to do is click the research button which is in a
down center and I’ll show you what it looks like actually I’ll do a screen
recording so down center you’re gonna hit research
that’s gonna pull up a little drop up menu and then I like to click on Amazon
Prime because what I’m gonna be doing is selling this as an Amazon Prime product
then I’m gonna skip over the used goods because these used Goods aren’t really
liked so I’ll go through the what I consider good versus bad all of her
books are either in like they used very good or use goods pretty like I’ll go
in-depth on probably another video every single variation and how we’re going to
actually list these products when we send it out so probably in the next
video I’m gonna go through each individual listing and explain what’s
used acceptable what’s used good what’s to use very good used like new and how
that all works because Amazon has their own policies around that not fun stuff
I know so this one’s 1.2 million selling for about six dollars used then we go
back over to our listing and what we’re gonna do is put it in the list price is
six dollars I put it in as 591 because that’s probably what I’m gonna price
this app because that’s where somebody else is it has it priced at it’s
currently netting 81 cents now you might sit there and be like that’s nothing and
I agree we got all this for a dollar so I’m alright with only making 81 cents on
it and given the situation and the circumstances and how much money we had
to start I’m trying to just capitalize as much as I can and make you know 81
cents may not seem like a lot but when we have 81 cents times 10 you know
that’s an extra eight dollars that we get to spend and starting out at one
dollar and to go up to eight you know I’m not gonna cry over spilled milk here
I think it’s worth it and I think you guys probably understand
because when you have nothing it’s a big difference
so let’s find another one and by the way if you guys can hear the heaters right
here I’m sweating my butt off because the heaters right above the camera I
should probably actually moved the camera instead of just staying over here
but whatever here’s another one calling the circle the first and future culture
Cristina Baldwin 970,000 and books I’ll take it currently listed by Amazon and
here’s another thing if Amazon is competing on it are you gonna sell it
yeah doesn’t matter it’s a book we’re gonna
list it regardless so used Goods kind of the lowest price is about six dollars
and thirty cents right now that’s by Jensen books they’re like a massive
bookseller on the platform so I’m actually gonna price it at the next
reasonable one which is probably at seven dollars and seventy one cents
let’s see if that’s even profitable seven dollar 71 cents still net Sybil
dollar and twenty cent profit so we’ll take it you might be asking what I’m
doing right now I’m literally just writing down a list of the profits like Bible stuff five dollars in profit death collectors 622,000 not bad this
may be really good how do you get a sticker off
but there’s another sticker that was underneath that one signed copy so we
have to have a little conversation about signed copies on Amazon I have sent in
two or three signed copies of books maybe one I think one of them sold I
don’t know what happened to the other two but over the years we actually have
sold it like one or two and I think we’ve sold more actually on eBay there
are some people that are just really interested in specific authors who want
to collect all the different works of books from that specific author this
book nobody probably really cares about it unless it’s a first edition and
that’s where things get interesting and you can tell if it’s a first edition
yeah I found his signature kind of cool it’ll tell you which Edition it is on
this page it’s the page that everybody always kind of just passes by that
nobody really cares about it’s kind of like the little brother that nobody
likes so alright here’s what it looks like put the screenshot right up here
the line sequence could extend or descend e or even have no discernible
order depending on the publisher all these sequences below our first editions
so is this a first edition it looks like this could actually be a
first edition this could actually be worth something either way I actually
think that this is profitable either way so thanks to Jack Curley for saying this
book the author of the hundredth man pretty neat okay all the books are officially
scanned checked everything it’s 2:30 in the morning so I’m just gonna go run
through the profits and then tomorrow I’m gonna go through the VHS DVD players
and all that stuff that in it of itself is actually really profitable because I
was actually looking at their listings on eBay and what’s recently sold and
stuff and that’s the thing I need help with the eBay desperately Kristen and I
have ran an eBay store before and we did terribly at it so if you’re good at eBay
send us a DM and help us because I’ve got a lot of stuff that I gotta sell but
I don’t I don’t know I’m gonna run through all the numbers here I’m gonna
figure out how much projected profit that we’re gonna be making out for this
so we have an a mindset an idea of how much we’re actually gonna be making off
of the books alone once we go through the numbers more in depth later I am
also going to include the numbers with the VCRs and the DVD players and the
stereo system stereo equipment type stuff so just keep that in mind and just
if you’re curious this these are the profitable worthwhile books
that’s deck that’s tack right there this text over
here is the stuff that isn’t worthwhile that’ll probably end up going to
Goodwill because I don’t read enough to justify keeping all of those and
somebody else could probably use them so let’s run through the numbers so that whole time I haven’t looked at
the screen I have no idea what the actual numbers are so I think I’m gonna
try and do is look at the numbers with you guys at the same time just out of
excitement what’s your guess my guess is we’ve had a couple of
hundred dollar plus books I know that I know that we’ve got the signed copy
which we’re not including this I think my guess is that we’re gonna be at $300
and that would be an incredible feat if we hit $300 that would be insane Plus on
top of that the DVD VCR stuff that should give us another two hundred bucks
so let’s check it out three two one
all right 440 dollars and 30 cents that blows me away I don’t even know how to
respond to it right now it’s super late I’m a little tired $1.00 to 440 dollars
not even accounting for the signed copy look if that’s not enough proof for you
just by seeing that I don’t know what would be proof we went to a closed
estate sale and paid $1 and now we have over four hundred and forty dollars in
projected profit from one single dollar I hope that inspires you a little bit
and that’s you know that like that that should be the perfect example in mind
you that I mean I guess I shouldn’t get too excited because shipping cost might
be a little bit higher than I expected you know we might go through the books
and find one or two that are you know not like I went through them and I
checked him but I guess I maybe I didn’t check them enough I don’t know I’m just
trying to play the devil’s advocate it may not be exactly at $400 but here is
the deal so we are going to document this process so completely now one
factor is and a lot of people will say a lot of people might get mad at us for
doing this but I think we need to protect the health of our accounts that
we’re gonna be selling on and for the overall big picture here’s what we’re
gonna do so I’m gonna publish an Excel spreadsheet or Google Drive sheet that
everybody has access to and what I’m gonna do is I’m going to put the
category that I would be in the Aysen which is the identifying number that
be on Amazon as well as our by cost and our projected profit and then our actual
profit the date of purchase and the data sale so all those columns are gonna be
in it however for you guys until it actually
sells I’m gonna keep some of the information hidden I don’t know how I’m
gonna do that yet I don’t know if I’m gonna just go through there on a monthly
basis and check it but I think to protect the security of our own account
and make sure that people aren’t going through and figuring out which counters
ours and then placing like false you know or fraudulently giving bad feedback
I’ve got to do something to protect ourselves
so that is going to be a factor that you guys have to take into account but I
once we do create that spreadsheet and once everything’s up and running I’ll
make sure to make a you know tell you guys about that way you guys can follow
the journey and figure out like okay this is how much was spent we have a
paper trail leading back all the way to day one I can make my CPA really happy it’s just starting to sink in $440 and
projected profit for that hall is crazy so I hope you guys enjoy this I know
it’s probably not the the video that you’re expecting but we’ll see you

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  1. Thanks to everyone who stopped by this video – hope you enjoyed it. Drop a comment below if you have any questions 🙂

    As always we love you all!

  2. This is exciting I'm happy for you! Congratulations! Cant wait to figure this all out. I buy books for my own use, from libraries and thrift stores I see potential. I bet I pass up hundreds of dollars. Thanks for great video I enjoyed your reaction!

  3. Reezy Resales is your book man, and Part Time Pickers is your E-bay guy! Both are on youtube, and both are super helpful, down to earth folks!!!

  4. @flippingprofits don't forget to check
    you can enter the isbn of each "dud" and potentially get a small profit from them, they pay for the shipping,send you the label and pay you directly after they inspect your shipment! I just herd about them after I found an online book seller moving to Texas from Missouri. They had tons of gaylords of book for free I scanned and found a lot for Amazon but also found a decent amount of profit in checking the price with them you have to have a minimum dollar amount to send a shipment but it adds up quickly.

  5. Also if you use scout iq you can connect it to your sell back your books account and the scout iq app will tell you instantly if there is a profit on either platform. You can even just do the 2 week trial for scout iq then just cancel before you are charged. Sorry so lengthy. Hope it helps! Good luck on your journey!

  6. Another Awesome video! I was yelling saying “Way To Go” after you showed the amount of money from the books! Here we go! As you both always say “Anything Is Possible”. Thanks for sharing 😊

  7. Books. Ugh! I am bipolar about books. I don't know how many hundreds of books I have listed. I used to think I should at least make $3 profit each. Now I think I just want to move them as fast as possible getting the most I can. Today I sold one and made .33, and I was satisfied because it's gone. I also sold some making $10+ and $25+. I'm ahead overall so I'm feeling better about that .33. I just have to stop second guessing myself. I lost money by having to pay the storage so I shouldn't have been so stubborn in my thinking at the start. Thanks for this series. I appreciate you. Hope you aren't catching that cold. Fluids and sleep.

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