Senior Citizens Guess The Price Of College Textbooks

Senior Citizens Guess The Price Of College Textbooks

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  1. From what I have experienced, it’s mostly the science and such textbooks that cost the most. My chemistry textbook was one of the most expensive books I’ve ever purchased and now it gets used as a laptop stand.

  2. God, I’ll never forget having to buy a special edition of an engineering textbook made SPECIFICALLY FOR MY COLLEGE. $350 down the drain.

  3. Ok, I clicked on this just to leave this comment. SERIOUSLY THIS IS A VIDEO. SMH. You guys are officially out of ideas. 🤣 lmaooooo.

  4. Campaign for your schools to use open source and Creative Commons texts! Textbook companies court teachers and schools by making the teachers editions complimentary.

  5. I am honestly disgusted by the challenge between each other rather than the halfhearted apology they have at the end of the video. PAY FOR MY TEXTBOOKS if you find it so funny

  6. Textbooks are so overpriced it's not even funny. I had more financial aid than anyone I knew at University. I only went for 1 year and I still came out $10,000 in debt. I can't imagine what 4 years would have done to me. Sad but true reality these days.

  7. I once paid $200+ for a biology textbook and I tried to resell it to a used bookstore right next to my campus and they said that they can buy it for $0.01 yup a penny. Because it wasn't the newest edition anymore even though all the information was the same

  8. My school actually pays for the online books for most of our books. It’s really nice considering we don’t use them a lot

  9. Cengage Learning is fixing this issue by offering a subscription for their textbooks, Cengage Unlimited. Anyone could get 4-month access to Cengage Unlimited for $120, and 12-months for $180. If you're not into e-books, you can rent a book for 8 bucks.

  10. The surgical skills book is so cheap because it's not a medical school book. It's a trade school book. It's for surgical technology, AKA "scrub school," students.

  11. I've heard through the grapevine that Mcgraw-Hill is a shady company. They allegedly bribe professors to require the most expensive textbooks. Idk if it's true, but I hope not.

  12. my anatomy and physiology book cost Php 2395 which is roughly $47 dollars but at least I can use it until I grow old

  13. These publisher disgust me ! Grabbing $ from students who aren't really working yet (or if they do, they are not earning much yet)

  14. the good thing about being in social sciences is that profs can assign individual articles/readings rather than making us buy a textbook. pair that with the school librarys vpn and (almost) all of my assigned readings have been free. that being said, ive probs spent up to $500 altogether in my 5 years as a uni student

  15. There needed to be more engineering books because those are not cheap… there were a few books that I could not buy used because they were so specific and they were so expensive….

  16. This makes me so thankful for being in the UK. When I went to college they gave us a choice when it came to textbooks. We could've used the college ones but had to return them at the end of the year with no damage or you could've bought your own and highlighted in that. A lot of people bought their own to write in and it wasn't bad since you could generally get a copy for under £35

  17. Wth I'm studien professional business administration focus on taxes and the books i use cost between 15-25€ is there really this big of a gap between America and Germany?

  18. Most university students these days are Gen Z. I'm a millennial and I teach at university. …Luckily this means the textbook companies send me materials for free.

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  20. Whenever I finish my courses I sell my textbooks to other students for 10$ each. Nowhere cost to the price I bought them, but it definitely helps other students

  21. Fun fact: In USA if you graduate high school with a 4+ GPA, or G.E.D. you become elligible for "pell checks" where the Govt. will pay for whatever career course in the community college of your choice including books.

    You dont have to pay anyone back as long as you graduate the course, if you dont, then you must everything back.

  22. I was going to college and did take a film photography class developing film is so much fun! (And I was the only student with two photographic art pieces in the show) but my textbooks all together per semester were about the same cost as tuition lol

  23. Where are they buying these books? I found all of these books on Amazon for half the price. That Viscous Flow book was like $30. Lol, and people wonder why people call Buzz Feed fake news

  24. I tried buying mine online but, they were custom made for my class. 1 book cost me like $33 and the other was $65 because it has my instructors name engraved on the cover. 😰This is just 1 pre-requisite. I still have a few years and more classes to go.

  25. I went to university in Belgium (highly recommended), the most expensive book I can remember was €60, and it did come from the USA. We were outraged by this price :p

  26. Jesus, why the hell is education in the US so expensive? My college textbooks usually cost around 6-10USD each. $20 is probably the most you'd pay for a book. Almost every publishing house releases a "low price edition" for any foreign textbook in order to help students. They're paperback and printed in newsprint but they work just like any other text book and they only cost 8$.
    I go to a state university and the teachers are so understanding that they just give you PDFs of the books they use and all of their powerpoints for free. They don't even require us to buy any books because they understand our broke ass selves.
    Don't even get me started on US uni tuitions fees. In my country, you can enter uni at just $20 on basic fees(we have free tuition) per semester on state colleges and private colleges go for around $1000 on tuition fee per semester.

  27. As a mechanical engineering student, I have paid $600 for one textbook but I still guessed lower for most of these books. I have a calc textbook that’s super thick and has single and multi variable calculus and touches on differential equations and quite a bit of vector calculus- I was only $170 and didn’t skimp on any topics.

  28. Is this for real? I live in Sweden and though it was super expensive but "introduction to fil history is 65 dollars here. Any one who need anything we can ship it for half the price then!"

  29. In Italy University textbooks cost around 20-80 euros (and University costs around 1000-5000 euros per year). I'm so shocked by these prices 😨

  30. I’m just thinking about how I’ve bought two or three textbooks – none of which nearly as expensive as these – that I haven’t even used. I don’t even take any of these kinds of classes, these books are soooo expensive

  31. In México the calculus textbook of James Stewart combined single and several variables costs less than 50 dollars (less than 1000 pesos).

  32. These prices are insane. I am a lawstudent and our textbooks tend to be on the more expensive side, but the maximum amount I have paid for one book is about 85$. It’s usually between 30 and 60$.

  33. He said all together 250 and that's including equipment 😮😮😮 I swear to Bob uncle Sam bout to eat a fire cracker 😂😂😂

  34. Im a nurse those text books in science and anatomy are soooo expensive and really heavy felt like my arm was gonna fall off when im bringing it in university

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