SFM FNAF Series: Old Memories (Full Season 2)

SFM FNAF Series: Old Memories (Full Season 2)

What happened? Freddy? Chica? Bonnie? Please, wake up! (Warning! Jumpscare!) Oh, sorry Foxy! AHHHHH! Where are we… What happened to us? Remember? We were attacked by those brothers, and it ended up into fredbear being destroyed because he was lied to. we were attacked by those brothers, and it ended up into fredbear being destroyed because he was lied to. It’s best we find a way out of here and see whats been going on outside this door Who are these robots where are the original 4? Toy Chica:Hello, children! welcome to Freddy fazbear’s pizza! Puppet: Uh? Shut up shut up! be quiet Who’s there? Puppet:Freddy! you’re alive? Freddy: Puppet? Is that really you? Foxy: Thank goodness you’re alive! Now we can exit this room! Is there a way to open the door yes, but- (6AM music) (6AM music stops) Oh no!, it’s 6:00 a.m.. I need to go Wait come back! Great. That was our only chance It’s quite strange having new animatronics around Non-human entity species unknown So, I guess we have to wait… Something doesn’t feel right. It’s like there is something missing. Bonnie: foxy you are just paranoid What? What is it? Impossible why is he here? And Fredbear too? What the hell is going on!? Fredbear? are you alive? He is dead Both of them If only you could see what I see… -Clock Ticks- -Growls- (Warning! Jumpscare!) -Screams- Shut up, what is wrong? Sorry I just want to leave this room, but it’s impossible. Chica: Puppet will open the door soon so be patient No! Screw this! I’m leaving wheather you like it or not! Oh my god, Shut up! -Exhales- Please… Enough yelling… How about we force the door to open? Wait I think I have an idea! I ran into the door which will break it open. Oh, yes. I have the best ideas! Aren’t I a genius? 😀 What that won’t work! just watch and learn -Inhales and Exhales- -Screams- -Slam!- -Foxy slides off the door- -Crash!- Well well well great job at least I am helping out you haven’t done anything ! i have no hands and a broken jaw… Nah… Your a chicken, That’s why! -Foxy makes chicken sounds at chica- -Slams door off hinges- Freddy: Good Chica! Chica: Strange… the restaurant is still active, but we aren’t out there to perform. Come on, lets go. Are you coming or what? Well it’s not exactly safe… Bonnie its alright, staying together will keep us safe… -Toy Freddy laughs (maybe?)- What do you see (Sound of hell) What the hell was that Uhhhhh….. Replacements… They look like us, But better… Hide! someone is coming! LOL? 😀 Foxy: Woah! what just happened? Chica: It was an accident Steps and laughs Children Scream Animatronics: (WTF?!) OMG. Oh, my god someone just got murdered. What do we give? Calm down we have nothing to do with it so keep quiet and wait for the restaurant the close…. I think the pizzeria is closed now should we check out the Parts And Service room? Guys wake up! I wanna eat your money… (What?!) let’s just go -Door creaks open- What are you doing? Freddy? Freddy can you hear me? (Incomprensible dialogue) Freddy are you okay? I think so although my head hurts… Do you remember anything from earlier? I’d rather not talk about it. Freddy wait! Listen I know this is quite a shock It is to me too, but there isn’t much we can do so the best option is to forget about it I told Bonnie and foxy Everything we saw and they will forget about it, too Yeah. It was horrifyng to wittness. Thank you Chica For your support well, I should go now it was nice talking with you Sure. No problem. (Mangle Run) Where did she go? (Warning! Middle-Jumpscare!) Mangle scream Calm down, how are you alive? Sorry for that I don’t know how I in life Puppet? Bonnie! how are you not locked up anymore? Thanks a lot for releasing us from that room!>:( Oh. Right sorry Explain this Well you see- (Toy Freddy Screams) (Toy Freddy screams and Freddy falls) What’s going on?! Freddy are you okay? Thank you sorry for the reaction I was scared and confused (bite) (Foxy yell) What the hell are you a zombie1!? Puppet, What the hell is going on All right, all right those children who were murdered by that evil man became souls of the new animatronics Wait is this the same man who killed us, and you yes? Puppet: Why didn’t you either? Freddy: You got a point. How about we all introduce ourselves? Puppet: Alright. Mangle: Are you okay? Yeah, it’s just that I used to perform here years ago, but now it has all changed I’m sorry to hear that, but at least you still have your friends That’s true Thank You Mangle ???: Pathetic pulpit you think you can protect all the animatronics. We’ll see brother What was that for? You do realize that we are new into this and in the tronic world. right? Don’t you think you’d rather learn more about yourself socialize and explore and sleek just a thought Good to see they are interacting What happened, I don’t know he just suddenly screamed and fell to the floor without any explanation All right everyone, please. I’ll stay here until he wakes up, but Fred Fine we will leave Thought you could use some company Don’t worry Freddie puppet is strong and in no doubt he will survive this incident Freddy: You think so? Chica: Of course everything will be all right Hey Freddy, I forgot to tell Um never mind I better go. Good night Freddy Puppet! You’re alive! Puppet: What happened? I’ll gather everyone explained I don’t get it. How do I just pass out like that it isn’t normal Unless… Oh My god Found it Is this some kind of a joke No, this is serious. This Plushie is my voodoo doll Meaning our nerves and in endoskeleton are connected if something lost happen to my plushie I would dream the same injury like a curse that could explain why I passed out someone did something to this Whoah! That’s a lot to take in Now that you know stay away from my music blocks at all times We’ll get it. We’ll leave you be for now. How can I physically grow back into my costume Oh Oh, Springbonnie, I thought we were brothers Puppet: Wait, what? FredBear? Shadow Freddy: You can see me! Puppet: Yes…but… I thought you died Spring Bonnie I’m not sure if he will ever wait up. I don’t understand. What caused his anger, but anyway I need to do that into my suit My powers can transfer your soul into the costume, but it may hurt a little Hold still… Oh my god Bonnie! Bonnie? can you hear me? Bonnie:Thanks toy Bonnie, but you need to run. Toy Bonnie: What? why?? Bonnie: because- (Strange noise) Hey, Fredbear?! it’s you yeah?, I transferred to sewing no time to talk. That’s man. He is here Quick! Gather everyone to the stage! Purple guy Laughs Purple Guy make gore sound (Purple guy die) IT’S OVER FOR YOU

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  2. ''oh shoot darn it my shift is over but I forgot my wallet and the doors are locked well sigh I better call Mr Afton find out what to do.'' night guard leaves a message on the machine of William Afton. ''hi it's me the new night watchman the doors are locked in the office I can't get the doors open so I need someone to get down here and open them so I can get it so if you can have someone open them for me i can get my wallet and go home because my shift is over also want to mention that the animatronics have been banging on the door it's a little strange but i thought you should know it's creeping me out call me as soon as you get this message bye.'' Freddy FAZ Bear is right behind him with a mean look upon his face.

  3. you thought mangle was a girl? dude if you go to tiy chica school years they say he so there is proof that mangle is a boy.

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  6. I like the way when bonnie screamed to and then foxy fell 0:45 and another funny thing bonnie scream inside doors very loud 1:01

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