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  1. Excellent presentation, Fr. Jim. And your mantra #WhoCares, in response to those who mock LGBT Catholics and their faithful advocates in the Church, is quite apropos. It reminds me of when God called Ezekiel to "stand up" and "not be afraid" to speak out prophetically in the midst of "impudent and stubborn" people "whether they listen or not." (Ez. 2:1, 5-7) Thank you.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous that any Catholic would be against Fr James Martin. Nothing in his ministry or this talk, for example, should be objectionable to anyone who is familiar with Jesus of the New Testament and the teachings of the church.

  3. Yikes. Lots of un-Catholic teachings from Father James Martin here. Why doesn't he simply become Episcopalian? He clearly doesn't believe in Catholic teachings on morality but doesn't have the integrity to admit it.

  4. Father Martin says at the end that "homophobic" Clergy are simply "confused by their complicated sexuality." What a bunch of nonsense!

  5. When' a serious matter is discussed at University, it's become poor practice to offer a knee kerk reaction – to call the speaker a heretic, to blame the university for allowing discussion. In the US, we have the liberty of "freedom of speech, in that we are always invited to state our own position, even if it differs from that of the speaker. Using angry retorts is not allowed during formal debates, not is it acceptable if you wish to go beyond limited information and anti-support statements. Father Martin wrote about the terrible display in Florida, reflected, then wrote about it. I have sat in church sanctuaries in which the needs of the GLBT are addressed. What is so difficult is that when I go to church I am not there to make judgments about the other people in the pews.
    When venom and not logical, compassionate speech is used, a proper first step is taken. Followers of Jesus – we cannot imagine that Jesus screened the folks who came to hear him, turned away those who seemed "different," Even those who came for a crust of bread were fed. I like to try to embed what Jesus might have said, people with whom he kept company. I am very eager to read Fr, Martin's book. Rev. Mary Latela, M.Div.


  7. if the archbishop of new york doesnt excommunicate the governor over abortion and infanticide.. he will burn in HELL with them.. hes obviously a demon-c-rat.. weve already written the pope.. we knew him decades before he was pope.. we ll just see about that

  8. Fr. Martin the Catechism doesn't say that the people are intrinsically disordered it's the attraction and the acts which are disordered. And even so, we all have disordered feelings, that's what lead us to sin. Whether straight or same sex attracted.

  9. Homosexuality “is an abomination” and “they will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.” You cannot expect to get to heaven with sin on your soul. “Nothing unclean will enter heaven.”

  10. Father Martin, you give me hope that the religion I was baptized into and practiced most of my life, will shift from the hypocritical stance it takes when it comes to the LGBT community. I have seriously considered walking away from the Catholic religion because of the hypocrisy. Are we Catholics being taught by God's word to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, except when the person is gay, lesbian or transgender?? I don't think so! The church is teaching this, not the word of God! The hatred is shameful. The individuals displaying hate towards this group are committing sin and displaying the complete opposite behavior from what I have learned from God's teachings. Shame on the church and shame on the so called God loving Catholics that show anything but love and acceptance to the LGBT community. God Bless you, Father Martin.

  11. People like this have led us here. " Do we judge are straight brothers and sisters the same way we judge LGBT?" Of course we don't, not anymore. And that is why he can speak this way, it's The Logical Next Step.

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