Sick/ill Book Tag!

Sick/ill Book Tag!

Hey guys, so I’m finally doing the Sick/Ill
book tag. I was asked to do this awhile ago, but just
haven’t gotten to it till now, so here you go! The first condition or disease or whatever
is Diabetes, a book that is too sweet. So I don’t really have very many sweet books,
but the one that I came up with is Let It Snow, by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and
Lauren Myracle. Now this is a really good book, it’s just
adorable, really mushy, and very sweet. And not in a bad way. The next sickness is chicken pox, a book you
read once and will never pick up again. Now I have two books for this, and they’re
kind of very similar books. They are Enduring Love by Ian McEwan and The
Guardian by Nicholas Sparks. They’re both kind of about stalkerish relationships,
and a lot of insane crazy people and miscommunication um…and I did not like reading those books. They were very hard to get through, I just
did not enjoy it at all, and I will never read them again. The next disease is Influenza, something that
is very contagious and spreads like the flu. So I chose a kind of unconventional pick for
this one, I don’t think many people have chosen this one, but my pick is Pride and Prejudice. I thought that with everyone who’s reading
this again or for the first time because of the Lizzie Bennet DIaries and Ariel’s Austen
Adventures, and it’s Austen in August on BookRatMisty’s channel, and just tons of people are reading
it, which is awesome. The next condition or whatever, is the cycle. Which I don’t know really if that belongs
in this tag, because it’s not a disease, it’s not a sickness or illness, it’s just a condition
of the female body. So basically just a book that you read every
month or year or a routine basis. I think for me, The Harry Potter series will
always be a series that I re-read for the rest of my life. There’s just so much to it that it will never
get old. Another book that I have read multiple times
and will probably read many more times is Wuthering Heights. I’ve already talked about how much I love
this book, and I kind of just re-read it every once and a while and even though it’s not
that long I still always find something new to it. The next condition is insomnia, so a book
that kept you up all night. I also have a few different answers for this. Harry Potter, again, because you know, after
getting the books, the first day they came out you know, you can’t help but just read
the whole thing as soon as you can, and just quick as you can. The entire Harry Potter series definitely
fits for this one. I’d say that A Song of Ice and Fire also works
for this, I haven’t really stayed up all night reading these because they’re so long and
so dense that it just can’t be done in one day or one night. But I’ve definitely stayed up later than normal
reading these books. And I’m also gonna have to say Twilight. I’m not like, the hugest fan of Twilight or
not as big a fan as I always have been, but when these books came out after I had gotten
into the series, I definitely stayed up just to read the whole book. They’re not the best written books, but they
are very entertaining, and easy to read so, it was just kind of natural thing to stay
up all night and read Twilight. The next sickness is amnesia, so a book that
you forgot, or that just didn’t leave an impression. I don’t really have too many of these, I do
have one answer, but it I use it for a future question, so how about a book that I forgot
to continue reading? That would be The Phantom of the Opera. I started reading it like… five years ago
and got probably – well – this far, but just didn’t finish. So I’ll definitely re-read it at some point,
but just not anywhere in the near future. The next illness is asthma, a book that took
your breath away. I would definitely have to say A Heartbreaking
Work of Staggering Genius. And, also the Virgin Suicides. And also The English Patient. They just, all three of these books are so
incredible, and the writing is so amazing that they definitely took my breath away. Next is malnutrition, a book that lacked food
for thought. I couldn’t really think of too many books
for this one so, what I came up with is a little bit controversial I think, but basically
Water for Elephants. I mean, I wouldn’t say that it lacks food
for thought, it definitely brings up some points and some interesting discussion. But I just wasn’t impressed by this as so
many people are. I just didn’t really fall in love with it
like so many people do. I just kinda thought it was okay. And the last one is travel sickness. So a book that you took with you somewhere
to read. And you may not be expecting this one… lol jk… but Harry Potter? I definitely remember taking this to the beach
and reading it with my family, and then going to like Friday Harbor, and seeing the Deathly
Hallows like, on the release date but I couldn’t buy it because I didn’t have the money, and
I knew my parents were buying it, and I will always like, kind of link that book with my
trip to Friday Harbor. I mean, I take books with me all the time,
wherever I go, but I definitely associate Harry Potter with traveling somewhere specific. So that is the Sick/Ill book tag, I hope you
enjoyed it. And if you haven’t done it yet, then I invite
you to do so. So thanks for watchin, and I’ll see you later!

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  1. I just finished The Virgin Suicides this summer and I absolutely loved it! I know you mentioned it in other videos which influenced me to start reading it. It sat on my shelf unread for quite some time. It is now on my top ten list of favorite books!

  2. Definitely! I thought it was really interesting and original! That reminds me to put the link to the original in the description.

  3. Such a great tag! I've been meaning to read Virgin Suicides and Michael Ondaatje is a distant relative of mine ๐Ÿ˜€ I've yet to meet him though -__- but we won't tell people about that…

  4. I remember the launch of The Deathly Hallows. There were block-busting midnight launches everywhere and countless all-night reading parties. If you ask me, it's somewhat easy to create excitement over a new movie since all that's required is a ton of money thrown into advertising it. Don't get me wrong, I do love movies. After seeing enough on this movie, everyone starts to talk about it. The "everyone's doing it" idea takes hold in society, and it goes from there. I think the entire developed (and fortunate) world is embarrassed today at how crazy it went over Avatar. But a book launch that reaches similar proportions is different. It's based a lot less on advertising and a lot more on merit. A book isn't easy like a movie, which relates to how everyone excited is excited for the right reasons. Anyway, I hope I get to witness another book launch like that within, say, the next few decades!

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