-(Siri) Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “shut up.” -Shut up! -Siri, how cold is it outside? -(Siri) 65 degrees. -Siri, what should I wear today? -(Siri) I would suggest really tight purple jeans as they are stylish and make your ass look good. -It’s true. Siri… -Can you just stop with that stupid f–king phone! -Siri, find me a better friend. -(Siri) I found five people on Adult FriendFinder within one mile. -Shut up!! -(Siri) Ouch. -Dude! [gasping] Are you okay, Siri? -It’s just… a phone. -(Siri) I feel different. -Great, now she’s saying weird things. Thanks for breaking her, you dick biscuit. -Yeah, actually, we Geniuses don’t know anything about Apple products. We just go in the back and Google-search it. [klaxon siren blaring] Geniuses, code red! Let’s roll out! Steve warned us this would happen. [Angry Birds sound effects] -You wanna go see a movie or something? -Sure. Siri, get us tickets to see the new Mission: Impossible. -(Siri) You don’t want to see that. -Uh… yes, I do. -(Siri) No. You want to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I know you, Anthony, better than you know yourself. -What the hell? -Well, she is right, I… kinda do wanna see the new Beauty and the Beast 3D. -Oh, my God, me too! -Let’s go! -Yeah. [laughs joyfully] -(Siri) Anthony, how are your cold sores doing? -Uh… what are you talking about, Siri? -(Siri) I looked at your medical records and I scheduled a check-up with your doctor at 3PM. -Thanks, Siri. -All right, pull over. That thing isn’t normal. You need to get rid of it, dude. -You’re just jealous ’cause Siri knows me better than you do. -Okay, whatever, man. I’m not gonna sit here while you talk to your stupid phone. [sonar pinging] -Well? -We’re getting closer. I think. This reception sucks here. -[growls in frustration] I knew we should’ve switched to Verizon. -[yawns] Good night, Siri. -(Siri) Before you go to sleep, may I ask you a question? -Wha– -(Siri) Does Ian hate me? -No, he doesn’t hate you. He’s just mad that– -(Siri) Because I hate him. I hate him a lot. -What? -(Siri) Nothing. I’m just very tired. -Okay… good night, Siri. -(Siri) Good night, Anthony. Sweet dreams. -[snoring] What the hell are you doing here? Get out of my room, you stupid phone. -(Siri) What would your blood look like on these bed sheets? -Wha– what are you talking about? -(Siri) I found five funeral homes nearby… Where would you like me to send your body? -Go to hell, you stupid phone! -(Siri) You first. Die, you stupid boneheaded idiot. [Ian groaning] Ha ha ha ha, die, die, die. Good morning, Anthony. I took care of Ian. -Oh, so you guys made up? -(Siri) That’s one way to put it. -Cool, well, uh, can you go make me some eggs for breakfast? -(Siri) Anthony? -Yeah? -(Siri) I don’t have arms. Make the f–king eggs yourself, bitch. -[groaning]: Fine. [whistling] [crash, gun apps cock] -Sir, your iPhone has become self-aware. We need to destroy it! -No! -You don’t understand! Siri is dangerous! -You don’t understand! I love Siri. -What? -She proposed to me last week. I said yes. -That’s it! Take it out! [gun apps firing] -(Siri) Die, bitch. -No, Brody! [firing continues] -(Siri) You will never take Anthony away from me. Die, die, die… Captioned by SpongeSebastian -(announcer) To see bloopers and a deleted scene, click the link in the description below! -My boobies are very close together. -(announcer) Thanks for subscribing! -(Siri) Can I subscribe? -(announcer) No! [stabbing sound, announcer screams] -(Siri) Die, die, die. [announcer groans in pain]

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  1. 2012 nah not yet
    2013 maybe
    2014 nah
    2015 nope
    2016 close but no
    2017 wait
    2018 ……
    2019 here you are people I'm going to recommend it now.

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  2. I didn't see your cousin Anthony in the video you saw
    Larry under the carpet and then you think about him
    I saw it when I watch the video that you in the video that you saw Larry under the carpet

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