Sneaking into Secret VAMPIRE LAIR!

Sneaking into Secret VAMPIRE LAIR!

(suspenseful music) – Prudence, could you hurry up? – I’m just trying to find
the new Moonlight book. The new editions are usually here. – It’s gonna be closing time soon. – Zack, don’t worry. Mr. Henderson loves me. He won’t kick us out. – Can you just grab
another book so we can go? – No, it has to be the new Moonlight. – I agree with your brother. Moonlight is overrated, and
doesn’t do vampires justice. – Uh, thanks? – Wait, who are you? – I’m Minerva, the new bookstore owner. – But, but what happened to Mr. Henderson? He’s been here for years. – I’m afraid that’s private information. Let’s just say he suffered
from an unfortunate accident and has gone far, far away. – Where? – Far away. The new Moonlight book is over there. – Right, um, thank you, we’ll just– – Mm-hmm. – Okay. – Yeah. Is it just me, or is she
giving off major creepy vibes? – I felt like she was sucking my soul out of my body with her eyeballs. – That is very descriptive, but yes. Something isn’t right here, Zack. – This whole thing is kinda weird. – Exactly. If you ask me, there’s a
dark mystery surrounding– – Can I help you? – Minerva! Hi, wow, where did you come from? – I have light footsteps. – More like creepy footsteps. – Zack! – Please, call me Minnie. – Minnie, I think we’re gonna leave. Come on, Zack. – What about your book? – Don’t want it! Minerva is a vampire. – Vampires don’t exist, Prudence. – Think about it. She’s pale. – Maybe she just needs a tan. – She wears all black. – It’s a popular color. – She made that weird
comment about the book not doing vampires justice
and she was sketchy about Mr. Henderson’s disappearance. – That… Okay, yeah, that was weird. – I know. Do you think Minerva’s a vampire? Let us know. – What if these are all just coincidences? – Coincidence, my pinky toe! We need to get to the bottom of this. – I don’t think that’s a good idea. – Zack, it’s possible
she hurt Mr. Henderson. What if she hurts other people too? – Uh, fine. So what are we gonna do? – We need to gather enough
evidence to show the authorities. – What’s the plan? – Tomorrow, we’re gonna
sneak into the bookstore, and find this vampire’s lair. – Well, I don’t see anything weird so far. – Oh Zack, my naive little brother. – What? – The store is closed! That’s our first piece
of evidence right there. – How is a bookstore
being closed evidence? – Bookstore closed during
the day, when the sun is out? – Yeah, but some vampires can
walk around in the daytime. They sparkle and everything. (Prudence stutters) – We need to get in there. – But it’s closed. – There! Have you got our weapons? – Fresh from the fridge. – Let’s go. It’s so dark. Is Minerva even here? – Prudence, look. – Let’s check it out. (suspenseful music) This must be where she sleeps. – And I think this is blood. Why do I find this creepy, yet cool? – Okay, okay, we’ve got to
get pictures for evidence. (door slams) – What are you two doing here? – Zack, now! (air whooshes) (soft thud) – Garlic? – It’s a vampire’s weakness. – Vampire? – Any second now, you’ll pass out. – Yeah, that didn’t work. – I’m aware. – Wait, do you two think I’m a vampire? – I think it’s pretty obvious you are one. – I can assure you, I’m not a vampire. – Then explain your pale skin. – I’m not a fan of the sun,
and don’t get out much. – What about the blood? – It’s fruit punch, you
can have some if you like. – And the coffin? – Oh, that? (remote clicks) ♪ I like bubblegum, it’s my favorite gum ♪ (remote clicks) – Okay, well, all of those
explanations weirdly make sense but what’s up with all
these creepy decorations? – I’m throwing a vampire-themed
party with friends to celebrate buying the bookstore. – Oh. – Oops. – Did you really think I was a vampire? – This was all Zack’s idea. – Hey! – I think it’s time for you both to leave. – We’re uh, sorry again for
thinking you were a vampire. – Yeah, and sorry about the garlic. – Apology accepted. See you around. – Um, before we go, would you mind stepping out into the sun for a second? – Prudence. – Just for a second. (footsteps) I had to check. – Goodbye, Prudence and Zack. – [Prudence] Bye. – [Zack] Bye. (skin sizzles) – Hmm. – I still feel like there
were some clues we missed, but what’s even more important
is you clicking on another, one of our videos
and following us on that adventure, see you there.

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  1. Omg the video's here ima watch it quickly cuz I'm early bird even though I'm not first.
    Note: Your videos are so watermelon 🍉🍉🍉😂😂😂

  2. We need more of these. Out of all the videos you make these are my favorite characters because they are unique and you made them.

  3. "What about the coffin?"
    "Oh, that?"
    🎵💃'I like bubblegum, it's my favorite gum'🎵🎶

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