Strangely enough for this genre, I actually
feel the need to make a “newly announced mmorpg” video. Usually it’s pretty slow news wise but I feel
like since I started doing youtube videos about 6 or 7 months ago, we’ve had quite a
lot of big games announced. So this video I’m going to showcase and give
a little bit of info on all the ones we know, this is only the big named titled and not
the small indie projects which I might make another video on since there’s already enough
to get through. Lord of the Rings
First up is the new Lord of the Rings MMORPG which is being handled by amazon game studios
and in partnership with Leyou, which is a Hong Kong based company that owns Digital
Extremes, the company behind Warframe. Unfortunately we don’t have any footage at
all of this game, not even a teaser to loop over, so you’ll have to settle for a mix of
some other games in the background. This mmorpg was actually announced last year
in September 2018 by Leyou and it wasn’t until mid 2019 that it was really put on the radar
for people and that was when it was announced amazon would be getting involved. I’m talking more about the backstory of the
companies here than details about the actual game because we really don’t have any details
at all yet. For a project announced over a year ago, they’re
keeping it pretty tight lipped but if you know the genre you’ll know it does take years
to develop a game and that means we could be waiting a while for this one depending
on the scale of the game. What we know so far piecing together the original
and most recent press release is as follows; The game will take place long before the events
of the main trilogy and books, it will features lands, people, places and creatures that tolkien
fans have never seen before. For those unaware, Amazon is also releasing
a lord of the rings tv series which sounds similar to this game description but at this
time they have claimed that they have are totally seperate from each other. Unfortunately that is how much info we have
at this time so you’ll have to wait for more. What a tease right? Crimson Desert
This is the first one on the list I can actually show some kind of real footage for, although
it’s only a cinematic trailer unfortunately. Crimson Desert is an upcoming MMORPG by Black
Desert Online Developer Pearl Abyss, the game’s name, Crimson Desert would give you the idea
that this is somehow connected to Black Desert Online and the lore but that doesn’t seem
to be the case at this time. Myself as well as many other people took this
to be a prequel from what the guy announcing the game said up on stage, the name, the fact
that crimson desert is actually in the lore of Black desert…But it’s not, PA have since
confirmed that this started out in development as a prequel, telling the backstory of BDO,
but it now isn’t. Confusing right? Well that’s not where this game stops being
confusing. They’ve described the initial details of the
game and from what it sounds like, it’s a single player RPG campaign where you play
as a main character, interacting with a story, forging your path, hiring mercenaries, doing
quests, exploring the world, progressing with your npc companions and exploring their stories….But
then also an mmorpg with an open world, end game content and pvp. So how exactly that’s going to work is a massive
mystery and one that we’ll have to wait to find out. Lineage 2: Remastered
While not technically a brand new mmorpg, I still think this warrants a spot here. Lineage 2, a game released in 2003 and still
to this day active across the world, is getting a remaster. L2 was developed and released on the unreal
2.5 engine and according to recent findings, they’re going to be remastering the game into
unreal engine 4 which should see some pretty big changes to the game and what’s possible
for the future. This isn’t exactly 100% confirmed news so
take this one with a mild pinch of salt but some users have found South Korean job listings
from NCsoft describing a job position for lineage 2 remaster, asking for skills in UE4
and some coding languages which to me pretty much confirms this to be an upcoming project. Lineage 2 as I mentioned is still played to
this day, with private servers of thousands of players, different official versions with
hundreds to thousands of players and as an intellectual property, they have other games
in the works and already released versions that as massively popular albeit on mobile. As for what they’ll actually do and how far
they’ll go with the Lineage 2 remaster and if it will remain true to the old school,
hardcore and truly mmorpg experience that the original game offered remains to be seen. Project C – Life Beyond
I can’t say for certain when this game was announced but I only heard about it a few
months ago in 2019, Project C was the name we all knew as it was the working placeholder
name of the first game coming out of Darewise Studios. They’ve since and only a few days ago renamed
the game to the actual title of “Life Beyond” and with this, thankfully released a trailer
of sorts showing a bit of actual gameplay. The game is an enigma, I’ve read every single
word on their website multiple times, I’ve read questions and answers in the game’s discord
server and still to this day I can’t tell you what the game actually is. It reads and looks like a survival game, building
things on a planet and is described as having a real money economy which is going to be
quite controversial to say the least. They’ve clarified in-game money won’t come
just from buying it…But you can buy it. Which is definitely odd but something we’re
seeing in a few smaller games too in 2019 and actually if you look at Entropia Universe,
a game that also features a real money economy, this can actually be successful as that game
has been running with varying population levels since 2003 which is more than you can say
for a lot of mmorpgs which had less controversial features. So the game is being described as an open
world game with the main focus being on community, you’re on a newly discovered world which is
entirely uncharted called Corvus, full of secrets. The game shows and lists pvp, fighting opposing
clans, fighting the native creatures, in game contract system for accepting and listing
missions from other players, basically a pure player driven economy and sandbox…Which
yeah features wise sounds extremely vague and with it being a sandbox with the ability
to buy in game currency could be whale dominated but it sounds at least unique and interesting. Definitely one of the ones on this list that
I think will either flop or be amazing with no in between. Dokev
Another one of Pearl Abyss’s reveals at Korean Game’s convention, G-star is DO-KE-B, a seemingly
Pokemon inspired MMORPG that is targeting a wide all ages audience. Fortunately this is a game we actually have
a trailer to show unlike some on the list, although again it’s just a scripted cinematic
and not actual gameplay. The base premise of the game is capturing
creatures to then use in battles across a cityscape. There’s not a ton of details but if we take
what the trailer shows us as gameplay indicators, the creatures are ghosts, we capture these
ghosts using our ghost busters style backpack vacuum cleaner and then battle other ghostly
creatures with them. It would appear you have three creatures at
a time and the creatures can only be seen while wearing special glasses. There’s been a very small piece of information
given to the public about the game description which is “Dokev revolves around a wide variety
of unique creatures, known as ‘dokebi,’ that grow and gain power from people’s dreams. According to a post on reddit from user TamerTouya
the creatures in the game are based on Korean Folklore and that’s where the name comes from. While this game is definitely aimed at a younger
audience, so was Pokemon and that is massively popular among all age ranges so I can see
if done correctly, Dokev being a big hit, especially if the online or MMORPG elements
add to the experience in a meaningful way as that has always been my personal wish for
Pokemon, to have a big open world with tons of people and a real economy to engage in
as well as the other base features. V4 – Victory 4
V4 or Victory 4 is a mobile MMORPG that has recently released in South Korea, under the
massive Publisher Nexon and is one of the best looking mobile games I’ve ever seen for
what that sentence is worth. It apparently even struggles to run on mobile
and emulators, so the next step of course is to not be on mobile anymore. They have just days ago announced that they’re
also launching this game on PC very soon, I think in December but likely we’re not going
to see this in the west for a while if it holds true to usual releases from South Korea
to here. While it’s not even confirmed to release in
the west at all, the developers have a track record of releasing in the west with both
of their other titles so I’d say it’s pretty likely. As for if it will be worth playing due to
being a mobile game first….Who knows. I just know it’s an mmorpg, it’s new and it
fits the list. With it launching on pc very soon in Korea,
hopefully we’ll get our hands on it and see if it’s something worth waiting for. Gran Saga
Another one from the east here, seems like most of this list actually is from South Korea
to be honest. Gran Saga, announced very recently, from the
developer NPIXEL, we have a trailer for this one yay! Gran Saga is another crossplatform mmorpg
which is seemingly becoming pretty popular and made in Unreal Engine 4. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot of
info unfortunately, as with most on this list. There’s 4 characters announced, the game seems
to revolve around collecting powerful weapons called Gran Weapons. Sadly that’s all I have to say on this one. World of Warcraft Shadowlands
This is hardly news worthy just because how big World of Warcraft is I’d imagine almost
everyone knows about this so I’ll keep it short. World of Warcraft Shadowlands was announced
at blizzcon 2019, scheduled for release in 2020, already up for pre-order on the
website. This expansion is going to be more of a foundational
change than just a bunch of new features to add to the heap, they’re going for a stat
and level squish, redesigning the leveling system, adding some flavour back to the classes
that already exist and of course with new leveling content and the features you would
expect such as new leveling zones, factions, dungeons, raids, an all new hub, further character
customisations and a bunch more. Not much to say here besides it’s world of
warcraft modern, so you know what to expect and hopefully with them realising now that
the game has gotten way too far away from what it started out as in vanilla, they’ll
start to dial in some classic esque features and changes to make the game feel a bit more
authentic to the original MMORPG design that people have missed since the first few expansions
of the game. Plan 8
We’re now down to honorable mentions since the next and last three games on my list aren’t
really mmorpgs or at least most likely won’t be. First up we have Plan 8, the third and final
Pearl Abyss 2019 announced game, this one being a futuristic looter shooter game that
they’re describing as an MMORPG still. I’m thinking this one will be more akin to
warframe, destiny 2, the division 2 style of MMORPG where it’s not really one at all
but still shares some features that give you the feeling of it being an online world with
persistence while not having the massively part involved. So perhaps best to call it an morpg, an mmolite,
whatever the kids are using now days for these type of games which are becoming very common. The setting is something like a mix of Tom
Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow and Matt Damon in Elysium, futuristic exosuit style with
men and women augmented via machines and tech to fight against in this case, futuristic
oppressive robots…That’s from the trailer, the robots could be aliens, who knows. Either way, this is actually a super exciting
game for me personally because I’m a fan of this genre and the setting looks really cool,
so hopefully PA delivers on a solid experience. Path of Exile 2
Path of Exile 2, I’m including this purely because it’s a huge announcement and the crossover
between ARPGS and MMORPGs is pretty huge. To the point some people consider PoE to be
an mmorpg due to the hub based cities or towns where you can see other players, trade etc…I
guess it’s close but just misses the massive part in most of the game, but if we consider
Phantasy Star Online to be an mmorpg which some people do, why not include Path also? That being said Path of Exile 2 announced
recently at ExileCon, the game so far is not really described as a traditional sequel but
more of a step in the direction I think most persistent games are going to be taking which
is just a tech upgrade and a bunch of new features while carrying over the base game’s
content and persistence as to keep everyone happy. So Path of Exile 2 will have all the previous
game’s content, as well as a new huge campaign, a tech overhaul, new features and pretty much
everything else you would expect from a sequel. Definitely the best way to continue on a game
and one that monetises itself based on cosmetics, grinding gear games has definitely stayed
true to form in being pretty consumer friendly and having their finger on the pulse of what
their community wants with this. While I don’t consider it an mmorpg, it’s
close enough that I feel talking about it on this channel is fair and that’s why it’s
included here. Diablo 4
Now as the last game up in the list , Diablo 4 is not guaranteed to be an mmorpg or even
have hub based cities like Path of Exile or really anything that make it an mmorpg…Or
it could have even more. Really it’s too early to tell. In terms of news as a game announcement, everyone
knew D4 was coming from last year but blizzard massively dropped the ball and it seems they
rushed out this year’s reveal to try and generate a bit of goodwill in the community following
what seems like years or at least a lot of months of negative press for Activison blizzard. D4 is definitely years away from releasing
but the reason I’m including it in an mmorpg video is because they talked about some features
that sound very positive if you’re a fan of the genre. They’ve shown mounts, which means the world
is large, they’ve said it’s an open world, they’ve shown pvp, talked about world quests
and world bosses….All features and leading language that makes it sound like the game
will be at the very least a hybrid arpg mmorpg and at best case for me at least, a full on
MMOARPG, something akin to Lost Ark which I played recently for the first time and it
blew my mind how well they’ve managed to bridge the two genres. Diablo 4 looks super gritty and is definitely
going back to the more gothic horry style of the earlier games in the genre and away
from the arcadey, feel of diablo 3 from the look of things and as a huge diablo fan I
am definitely hype for this. That’s it for this one, I’ve tried to keep
up with all the games, these are the major ones on my radar that have been announced
in the past 8 ish months, hopefully we’ll get more info on them soon and there are a
bunch of other smaller games that I intend to cover which just didn’t fit this video
as it’s already a long one, so maybe I’ll make a video about the upcoming smaller titles. Either way, these games along with all the
other ones we’re waiting on means at least the next couple years there’s a lot of games
to look forward to in the MMORPG genre. Special thanks to the people supporting me
via youtube membership subscription which is basically patreon but for youtube, you
get cool perks that I can set up myself such as this shoutout! If you’re interested in getting involved,
check out the Join button under each video. Chillie Hue, Rowan, Miss Yun, Ramms, Duo T,
Jack, Angel, Joe Marathon5150 and Marius. Thank you guys so much and thanks to all you
guys who watch the videos, leave comments and likes, follow me on twitter, join discord
and , I’ll see you guys on the next one, PEACE!

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  1. Looking forward to more info on Plan 8. The visuals look fantastic as expected. Pearl did an amazing job with BDO's combat. So i'm not particularly worried on that front. And like you, I am also a fan of this genre. Can't wait.

  2. Pantheon seems to be the only mmo in development that would come close to my niche, guess I have another couple years of waiting before I can try to get back into the genre. I just can't get into the Korean games anymore. The character models always turn me off and having all the cool cosmetics sold in shops instead of earned as rewards always kill the fun for me.

  3. Been having a rough time with finding an MMO that sticks (not much to do in Classic WoW until later phases, as well as Archeage Unchained's handling of the archepass and other systems being demoralizing, to say the least). Hope that can change in the next couple years, which is why i pay attention to these kinds of videos compared to others. Good work, ya got a sub from me.

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