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  1. Not gonna lie I chose this one cus I thought it said “So your willing to date a murderer” but this is still funny

  2. I'm so glad that the woman in the blue dress was booted off snl..

    She breaks to much and is overall just terrible at her job.

  3. Don't you think SNL cast is frequently getting out of character and giggling? I think they are now milking the fact that people laugh at it…. Like really laugh…. But now it looks deliberate…

  4. Pete seems like he is on the stage just because someone who was supposed to play it couldn't come and they had to find someone at the last minute.

  5. That black actress is horrible. Couldnt they fill the “AA female” spot with someone more talented?

  6. these guys break the 4rth wall way to often for it to be endearing. they laugh more than the audiance at thier own material.

  7. Can someone point me to a sketch where Leslie Jones doesn’t break continuously? She’s so damn unprofessional compared to everyone else

  8. Leslie Jones is the queen of flubbing lines. She screws them up noticeably in almost ever sketch she does. She really does not place herself in the scene.

  9. I feel like the new cast laughs on purpose probably because the producers caught on to the fact people like breaking character. Not if it's that obvious and constantly. It just comes off as unprofessional at some point🙄

  10. Everybody knows why this Skit and crashed and's because of that black amazon woman who should not be a comedian or an actress

  11. I feel like this could've been funny if it had been with a funnier cast. Imagine this done in the late 90's or early 2000s.

  12. welcome back to you're willing to date a magician. that's why i dont like leslie, she totally does a half assed job all the time.

  13. Pete and Leslie. Sigh. Pete just doesn't seem to care and Leslie just seems to be doing the same thing in every act.
    Also breaking for no reason whatsoever is just them being bad at their job.

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