Spring 2015 Book Haul

Spring 2015 Book Haul

Hello everyone. I’m Susie and welcome back
to readsusieread. As the title suggests, I’m here to bring you my spring book haul. “But
Susie I thought you were doing the Read Five Before I Buy Project. And there’s no possible
way you’ve read five book you own already.” Well astute viewer, you would be correct.
A couple of weeks ago I announced on Twitter that I was no longer going to be doing the
Read Five Before I Buy Project, because it just wasn’t working out for me. I came to
the conclusion in conjunction with an awesome video that Amanda Nelson over on Book Riot
made about TBR guilt. I’m an adult and as long as I have the means and the means and
space to buy books I shouldn’t feel guilty about it. And so I wont. Especially since
all of the bookstores I enjoy frequenting are at least an hour away, I don’t go book
shopping that often. I tend to do it seasonally, like every three or four months. If you remember,
the last time that I went book shopping it was on New Year’s Eve. But the first half
of the video is the I-have-awesome-friends-who-give-me-or-send-me-books-for-no-good-reason-other-than-they’re-awesome portion of the video. Towards the end of last
year, I knew I was going to go book shopping on New Year’s Eve so I started asking some
friends for some help on deciding on what I should buy, because you know I can’t make
any decisions for myself. The wonderful Jenny from adultishbooks saw a couple of books on
my wishlist that she had and offered to send them to me. The first being The (*A) Constellation
of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra. I actually remember very little about this book because
I remember seeing a rave review from Chelsea from the channel chelsandabook, which rest
in peace (the channel, not Chelsea). Remember the days when we would pick up a book because
we liked the way it sounded? Now we pick up books because people that we love talk about
them. I have no problem with that and I tend to agree with a lot of Chelsea’s opinions
on books. So I’m really looking forward to this hopefully in the near future. I think
it’s a piece of historical fiction. Correct me if I’m wrong. The next book that Jenny
sent me was Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. This book got some really rave
reviews. A lot of people said that this was their favorite book of the year. It’s a family
drama, that has to do with a culture-clash. I believe the mother is Asian American, or
an Asian immigrant, and the father is a Caucasian American. Their oldest daughter has died.
It’s kind of a murder mystery, but it explores the dynamics of a multi-cultural family. And
it sounds really good and it’s not too long. I was very very very thankful that she sent
this to me because it was a new release in 2014. Next was a complete surprise. But one
of my friends at work gave me a copy of Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. If you remember
this was one of my favorite reads from last year and it’s one that I do hope to re-read
this year if I can get back into the swing of reading. She so graciously gave me this
books. She already had a copy of it. And she was sent another one for review or for promotion
or some thing so she just gave it to me. And it’s lovely and it’s wonderful and I’m glad
that own it. And it may be one that I annotate or underline and stuff which I don’t normally
do but when I re-read it I may do that. And I’m really excited to own it. The next book
I believe I’ve already shown in a couple videos but it is The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. I was
sent this as a belated Christmas present from the wonderful Max from welldonebooks. It’s
a piece of Canadian literature. It’s about conflicting Native American tribes and a missionary
I believe. I remembering hearing about this book a year ago whenever Stephen and Colleen
raved about it in a video. So I’m glad that I own it and hopefully this will be the year
that I finally get to it. The next few books I was sent by the fantastic Jen Campbell the
author of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores (*bookshops) and More Weird Things Customers
say in Bookstores (*bookshops). I was watching one of her videos and she was reading aloud
from a poetry collection of hers and I fell in love with it. I don’t generally read a
lot of poetry and I realized I really needed to get my hands on it. And I realized then
that I owned NONE of her books. And it was a shame because I kind of consider her a kindred
spirit here on booktube. So she kindly sent me these two books. In addition to her book,
The Bookshop Book which is kind of a exploration of really interesting bookshops across the
world. And I was really excited that she offered to send them to me, but not just those, but
this, and the wonderful little poetry collection that she read from The Hungry Ghost Festival.
If I remember, I will link her poetry video where she reads the first poem out of this
book because it made me absolutely intrigued and fascinated by her poetry. So hopefully
that will be linked down below. Otherwise you should definitely check out Jen Campbell’s
YouTube channel and her books. I haven’t read them yet but they are high priority. I’m really
looking forward to them. Before I forget, I’m going to go ahead and share with you the
books that I have purchased recently on my Kindle. I’m just going to run through these
kind of quickly. The first one is If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. In my wrap up
video where I talked about Brown Girl Dreaming I asked for recommendations for other books
by Jacqueline Woodson. And the one that got the most recommendations was this book, If
You Come Softly. It is, I believe, a young adult novel about a bi-racial couple. The
way that the lovely people described it in the comments made me know I had to get it
so I went ahead and picked it up on my Kindle. I’m terrible and I have yet to read it, but
it’s also high priority. I also picked up Sula by Toni Morrison because it was on sale
for $1.99. I’ve been meaning to buy more Toni Morrison anyway and I was still kind of coming
to terms about whether or not I should be spending money on books so it was nice to
find it on sale and give me the good excuse to pick it up. And I believe it is the next
Toni Morrison book I want to read because I kind of want to try to read her books chronologically.
I believe, Sula is the second book that she wrote, or published after The Bluest Eye.
And last but certainly not least I picked up The Book of Strange New Things by Michel
Faber, because I didn’t finish the physical copy that I had to return to the library and
I was really enjoying it. So I went ahead and picked it up on my Kindle. Over halfway
through it and I’m definitely glad that I continued on with it. Now onto the books I
actually purchased (IRL) I had the pleasure of going book shopping with my dear friend
Jenna from OnTheBigAdventure, whom you should definitely check out because she has come
back to YouTube and seems to be able to make videos more regularly again. So definitely
check out Jenna. These are in no particular order. The first one is The Year of Magical
Thinking by Joan Didion. “But Susie, you have this book checked out from the library.” Why
yes again, astute viewer I do. It’s actually right here. But I’ve had the book checked
out for as long as I possibly could and I actually need to return it. I know that I’m
going to fall in love with Joan Didion. I just have a good feeling about it and I found
a used copy for a really good deal. So I couldn’t pass it up. In case you’ve forgotten, It is
a memoir about Joan Didion dealing with the grief of losing her husband suddenly. When
I picked this book up Jenna said “that’s a really good book by the way”. And when I posted
pictures of it on Instagram multiple people also commented on its greatness. So no surprise
but I’m really glad that I own it now. And I’ll hopefully get to it soon. The next book
that I picked up was the Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. I’ve been kind of getting into fairytale-esque
stories and this has I believe it’s a fairytale retelling, I’m not sure what fairytale it
is a retelling of but it’s set in the 1920’s in Alaska. A couple who has been trying to
have children decide to build a snow child one snowy afternoon. The next day when they
wake up that snow child that they built has disappeared and they have been noticing a
young girl running around in the woods and they. I believe they take the child and raise
it as their own. It sounds eerie but whimsical. Sounded right up my alley for what I’ve been
getting into lately. Next I picked up, finally, Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I’ve been looking
for this edition in real life. And every time I see it in real life I talk myself out of
it. But I went into the bookstore knowing that I was going to pick up Moby Dick. Because
it’s something that I want to read and I know that if I don’t own a physical copy of it
I will not read it. Because I have it on my Kindle. And even though it’s a big chunk of
a book I don’t want to read it on my Kindle. I want to read it physically. And I didn’t
want a hardback. Anyway! Moby Dick, classic piece of literature, I know that Choncey and
Ronnie will be very glad to see this book in my video. Next I picked up The Warmth of
Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson. Didi from FrenchieDee raved about this book in one of
her Read Soul Lit videos last month. When she talked about it I just knew I needed to
get it. It’s a piece of nonfiction. And it’s quite large, but I think it’s going to be
a quite poignant read. It’s about the migration of formerly enslaved black citizens from the
south of America to the the north of America. And it spans from the early 1900’s to the
1970s. And there are interviews and it’s just, it’s a book that is highly acclaimed, and
that I think is something I really want to read. I think it’s an interesting and important
aspect of the American history that I need to know more about. And I think that this
book will definitely give me some insight into that. Last but certainly not least The
Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon In Two by Catherynne M. Valente. This
is the third book in the Fairyland series. I own the first two. And have read the first
two. And I found this one for a very very good price because it’s a used copy even though
it looks pristine. I’m very happy to own this. I was disappointed that the bookstore that
I went to didn’t have any other Valente, but I was glad to find this one for such a good
deal. I love this series. And I look forward to reading it. I believe that that is all
that I have to share with you today. As always please feel free to share your thoughts or
comments on any of the books I shared here today in the comments below. Thank you so
much for watching. And I hope to see you soon with a new video. Bye!

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  1. The Snow Child is wonderful.  It's a retelling of The Snow Maiden (Russian fairytale).  I  loved it.  

  2. I love Jen! her videos are always so fantastic and I can't believe I still haven't read her books! 
    I've been really interested in the Snow Child, so I can't wait to hear what you think of it!
    Also, have you ever read anything by Louis Erdrich? She is an amazing Native American author and her books are so beautiful! I think you'd really enjoy her books and poetry!

  3. I can't wait for you to read Everything I Never Told You!!! I want to reread Station Eleven as well 🙂 Glad you introduced me to that one. Enjoy The Orenda! it was delightful. I just got The Year of Magical Thinking recently too! I just heard of The Warmth of Other Suns from Token in America's channel and it sounds incredible. Cant wait to hear your thoughts on that one.

  4. Oh man, I've been wanting to read The Snow Child for awhile now. So jealous! And I really need to get on the Fairyland series because I've heard nothing but great things about it and it just sounds wonderful.

  5. I listened to the audio book of The Warmth of Other Suns last year and it was amazing. I hope you like it!

  6. The Snow Child is wonderful, I hope you enjoy it 🙂 I've been meaning to pick up The Bookshop Book for a while, a book about books is one of the best things you can have!

  7. Finally someone who makes sense about buying books! Honestly, you'll only buy what you can afford. Yes, The Warmth of Other Suns! #ReadSoulLit  

  8. Good for you Susie! I feel the same way about book buying, it's just going to happen, no getting around it lol. So happy you got If You Come Softly, I just reread it last month and man oh man it was better than I remember. You can definitely finish it in a sitting and I'm sure you'll love it. Great haul!

  9. I've been eyeing The Snow Child for a while! It reminds me of a Russian fairytail Snegurochka…it's very popular here.

  10. You got some great books from friends I loved everything I never told you such a moving though provoking book. The BookTube reading buddies group on goodreads I think will end up reading station eleven next month if the poll continues as it has been if you fancy group reading it 🙂

  11. SUSIE! YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE! (that video by Amanda was so true!) I'm going to read Station Eleven very sooooon! I'm excited! God, I want the Bookshop Book! This book haul was so wonderful! 

  12. Look forward to "Everything I Never Told You" – it's AMAZING! I love how it deals with the family and not the murder per se. I own "Station Eleven" but haven't gotten to it yet; I must soon, though 🙂

  13. Nice haul! I read If You Come Softly a long time ago, and I feel like it would be a very timely reread. The book on the Great Migration looks awesome. I'm watching an African-American history course on Yale Open Courses and just finished the lecture about that.

  14. A Constellation of Vital Phenomena is in my top five books of all time. Marra is brilliant and I got to hear him speak about the conception of the story. It was fascinating, and you don't often hear about the Chechen conflict in Historical fiction. Hope you enjoy! I love Jen Campbell, I've read her three books so really need to get to Hungry Ghost Festival. It was wonderful to hear her read it though! Have a great day:-)

  15. I recently finished SULA. Not a favorite, but even saying that, it's by Toni Morrison so you know you're in for a great read. I enjoyed it. A great piece of feminist literature. I hope you enjoy it too.

  16. I'm in the middle of The Book of Strange New Things too! It's definitely interesting, I'm not quite sure about how I feel about it yet. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts!

  17. Aw, Susie! I'm actually honoured to be associated with Constellation!! Not the easiest book to read but supremely powerful! Enjoy all your wonderful new reads :).

  18. I look forward to your thoughts on Sula. I just read and reviewed it and will really be curious what you think of it.

  19. You're so lucky to have friends who send you books! And I really enjoyed The Snow Child, I thought it was very good.

  20. New subbie here! Not only do I enjoy your videos, but you are one of the TWO (interesting) people on youtube that put closed captioning on their videos. This makes me so happy because my dad is deaf and now I can share one of my favorite things (books!) with my dad! Keep on keeping on!! 🙂

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