Spring Clean With Me 2019 ✨ MAJOR cleaning, decluttering, organizing

Spring Clean With Me 2019 ✨ MAJOR cleaning, decluttering, organizing

Hey loves, it’s finally spring, my favorite time of the year, and today I’m going to take you along with me
as I spring clean my home. Our place has been a mess. We just traveled to Australia and we haven’t finished unpacking and organizing everything from our move. I noticed that I don’t feel completely at
peace unless my space is in order, so in this video I’m going to give my home
the love and care it deserves because tidying and cleaning are also forms
of self care. Huge thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this video! This is the current situation in my room. There are clothes everywhere, some things
from our trip that I haven’t put away, and you might not see it, but it’s pretty dusty too. Now, it’s time to start putting things away! Marie Kondo says that in order to stay tidy,
every item should have a home, and you should always put the item back in
its home after using it. That’s just an amazing tip because I tend
to leave things out, in plain view, just because it’s easier. But I’m working on making a better habit
of creating a home for each thing and returning it home after use it. I really gotta ingrain that. By the way, here’s a small tip for travelers: I always keep my metro cards from the places
that I’ve travelled together – just like I keep my currencies together – so if I go back to that country,
I can just bring that card again. And over here for Wilson’s stuff, I just gathered
all of his loose things together and put them in another room so that he could
go through them later. At this point, I’m just clearing out anything
on the floor so I could have space to vacuum. This is my new Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum. It’s quite the beast. It’s a completely cord-free vacuum, which
makes it so convenient and hassle-free. There are no cords to plug in and pull around. The vacuum has 3 modes for cleaning:
Eco, Auto and Boost. Eco mode is perfect for every day cleaning, Auto mode has something called
“Dynamic Load Sensing”, and Boost mode gives extra power for big spills
and deep cleaning. It even has a digital display that gives you
real-time reporting on your mode selection, battery life, and
how much runtime you have left. It also alerts you when maintenance is needed, for example with filter washing or blockage detection. The Dyson V11 has increased suction power
with a new V10C motor, and a high torque cleaner head that can
automatically sense when you go from hard woods to carpets in Auto mode, adjusting the power according to the floor type. This new feature is called Dynamic Load Sensing, which saves you so much time because you don’t
need to change the cleaner head. I love Dyson vacuums and this one is the most
high tech and powerful yet! To learn more, visit Dyson.com for more info,
or click the link down below! After I’m done vacuuming, it’s time to wipe things down! Here I’m using a microfiber cloth and my
DIY cleaning spray. I shared the recipe in my previous cleaning
video, which I’ll link down below. I’ll start with my makeup area, which isn’t
so bad since I recently decluttered it. Next is my nightstand. By the way, let me show you
what I keep in my nightstand. It’s a little art project of my handprint
from when I was 6 years old! Crazy, right? I just think it’s so precious, it’s one
of my favorite sentimental items, and I guess I keep it close-by to remind myself
of my inner child. After that, I’m moving over to Wilson’s nightstand. You might notice the nightstands are different because I only had one in my bedroom before, and then the other one used to be my vanity
in my apartment. I figured they’re both white but they are mismatched, but I’m not sure that I mind enough to change it. What do you guys think? Would having mismatched nightstands drive
you crazy or are you okay with it? Fashion over function, or function over fashion? Let me know in the comments! Ooh, now this is a good part. I did a swipe over the top of my bed’s headboard and oh my gosh, there was so much dust –
SO much dust. I was amazed and kind of disgusted. Alright, then I’m wiping down the mirror. And I did a swipe on the top of that as well
– pretty gross. And now let’s review the BEFORE… and the AFTER! Wow – so much cleaner. Alright, so let’s move onto the bathroom. I have a smaller bathroom here, so thank god
– it’s easier to clean. I’m just wiping down the counter & the mirrors,
and also the cabinet down below. For the sink, I have this sponge that I keep
in my shower to clean with. I like keeping it handy so I can scrub down
anything when I need to, while I’m showering or after brushing my teeth. I’m wiping the top of the toilet because
it gets pretty dusty there too. But to clean the toilet I actually switch
to using paper towels – something I can throw away – because it’s
just so dirty for me to use a towel that I would throw in the wash and reuse again. I just can’t get over the thought of that,
like the contamination. So I stick with paper towels here. Then I’m taking out the trash, and bringing in a white trash can that I brought
over from my apartment! This one matches better, and I like that it has a lid. And that about does it for the bathroom! Off to the next area that needs a MAJOR spring clean: my office! My office has been a mess since I moved back home and I hadn’t finished unpacking and
re-organizing everything. This is the current state of everything. I gave Wilson one of the desks now, so I have to re-organize how I setup everything
with my desktop and my journaling desk. I’ll be honest, I was overwhelmed tackling this room because so many things don’t have a home. I’d have to find a new home and system for everything. After trying to clear off the tables first, I decided it was probably best to just empty
out all the drawers onto the floor and start the KonMari method of organizing from there. So here’s the layout of all the stuff that
was in my drawers, along with the things we’re going to add. After taking everything out, I immediately noticed how many items were useless and easy to declutter. This is why I love the KonMari method of
emptying everything out of its container, onto the floor. When things are still in their original place,
a part of you doesn’t want to mess it up and you don’t realize what could go and
what could stay. But when you take everything out, you kind
of “wake up” the items and you can objectively see which ones you
need and which ones you don’t. I spent quite some time here going through each thing, sorting it into its category of stationery,
tech, miscellaneous or sentimental items – and deciding what I could toss, recycle, or donate. Here I’m just testing out all my pens to see
which ones I could let go of. Once I knew what I wanted to keep, it was time to re-organize them into new trays
& compartments. So here’s what my desk looks like so far. I decided to put my clear organizer on the right corner, and I like how I could stand up my hard drives
like that. Next let’s fill in the first drawer with stationery! These would be the practical items I’d reach
for most often. In the second drawer I’m putting stationery
refills, new notebooks, and things I’d reach for less often. Now I’m going to organize my TECH stuff. I gathered my most frequently used tech accessories
and put them in the third drawer. This one is a deeper drawer which is great
because I could fit more gear in here. Alright, so I’ve been cleaning for like four hours. I took a little break and ate something, watched
half an episode of Terrace House. It’s evening now, and the light’s not as good, but I think I still want to work on cleaning my office. I’m working on the tech stuff now and kind
of revamping whatever’s in my closet, because that’s where I store all my tech stuff. Okay, let’s do it! Here’s a glimpse of my office closet, where
I record my podcasts, my voiceovers, and store more gear and art supplies. This container is another tech drawer. So here I’m just going through all my tech stuff and organizing everything in a way that makes sense. The container is for gear that I reach for less often, but need to keep somewhere: camera accessories,
extra wires, all of that. Then I keep my cameras and lenses in these
camera bags that I put in one of the cubbies, because I reach for these most often. Alright, so continuing this declutter the next day, what’s left to organize in my office are
miscellaneous stuff and sentimental items. Here’s a box where I keep thank you letters
& nice reminders from you guys! I’m super grateful to receive a lot of love
and support from you all, and I definitely cherish and keep these letters, anything that you send, any gifts, any artwork. I love them so much. It’s just amazing to be able to receive
letters from all over the world. If you’re curious: the right side of the
box are letters from you guys, the left side are nice notes & things from
brands or people that I’ve worked with. And then I have this other box on the left I kept for personal letters from friends throughout
high school & college. Another sentimental box I keep is this one
that’s labeled “PLACES”. These are little things that remind me of
the places I’ve been. Here’s a small notebook I kept while in
Italy, so I decided to add it in there. And then what’s left are a bunch of random stuff that I’m going to take out of the office
and sort into other places. Okay, so that is it for the office! Here are the before and after shots. The only part I have left are my BOOKS. I still need to declutter my bookshelf to
be able to fit more books there. But I’ll leave that for another day because
I’m pretty tired at this point. Most importantly is how clear the floor is! This has been covered with stuff
for the past two months, so it feels really good to have everything
more organized and clean. Here’s a final look at how I organized the drawers too. Alright, that marks the end of this spring
cleaning session! Thanks again to Dyson for sponsoring today’s
spring clean video. I’m so happy to have a space that feels
clean, organized, and more airy, so I have room to breathe and I feel at peace. I also feel pretty accomplished for
reorganizing the office because that was a task that I put off for two months. Now, are you planning on doing some spring
cleaning yourself? What area of your home needs the most work? Share below in the comments! If you want to see more cleaning & organizing videos, I’ll leave them in the upper right-hand
card and in the description box below. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it! Have a beautiful weekend. I love you guys so much. Bye!

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  6. A good cleaning tip is top to bottom so upstairs first then downstairs and work ceiling to floor. If you hoover and then dust you'd be surprised how much dust and debree will have gone onto the floor while dusting. Always floors last. I used to hoover first but my Great Gran told me off for it and she was the fountain of all cleaning knowledge! 🙂

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  21. French, Turkish & Vietnamese subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributors listed in the description 💕

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