Stossel: War on Electric Scooters

Stossel: War on Electric Scooters

This is fast! Might this be the next revolution in urban travel? Welcome to Capital Bikeshare. Even better than the excellent bike-sharing programs that cities allowed recently? These bike share bikes are great, but you’ve got to pick them up in the dock here and return them to the dock, and just putting these docks in costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. As so often happens, entrepreneurs invented something even better than bikes that must be locked into a dock. Dockless bicycles! Check out the bike, take it anywhere, and just leave the thing. But just as I got used to dockless bicycles, companies like Bird and Lime invented still another option: electric scooters that people can share. They’ve scooted onto streets across the country. It’s like a watered-down version of a motorcycle. A new two-wheeled battery powered way to get around. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. To unlock a scooter, you just use an app on your phone. For 2 bucks I can jump on one of these things, go where I need to go, and then just leave it anywhere! It stays here until someone else rents it. Won’t it be stolen? No, because if someone tries to steal, the brakes lock up, and this happens. “Please unlock me to ride me or I’ll call the police.” If the thief took one anyway, a GPS device inside the scooter would lead police right to the thief. The leave-the-scooter-anywhere system works. It’s a new twist on old technology, that entrepreneurs found to give us something that works even better to solve needs in dense urban areas. That’s a wonderful thing… if they don’t stop it! By “they”, I mean, politicians. Many cities banned the scooters. A Bay Area city at war. San Francisco said: “they endanger public health and safety”. Broken bones, bruises, and near misses by these scooters. At 17 miles an hour – it hurts! Who am I going to sue when I get knocked down? It’s been banned in San Francisco. Which is particularly ironic, because San Francisco always seems to be clamoring for more transportation options. They’re complaining about the traffic and they’re asking particularly for green transportation options. In San Francisco and many other cities, scooter companies tried to escape destructive regulation by doing what Uber and Airbnb did. Just put these out there, and hope that by the time the politicians notice, the scooters would be too popular to ban. They didn’t get permission first. And that’s the issue. Unfortunately, cities haven’t learned from their past experiences with companies like Uber and Airbnb, and they want these innovators to come ask for permission and go through the regulatory processes. Which can take years. Which can take years, and can also prevent consumers from accessing a transportation option that could be accessible now. San Francisco’s now granted permits to two small companies, but not Lime and Bird, the companies that started the business. The pedestrians say they’re a hazard. They get up next to me and zoom right on by. Still, there are safety issues. This man reportedly died after falling off a scooter, and some people ride recklessly. Excuse me, excuse me, ahh f**k! S**t. Are you OK? They’re gonna run us old people over! We actually haven’t seen a large number of accidents or injuries with these scooters Some people have been hurt. And some people get hurt, but we don’t see ourselves banning bicycles because somebody might get hurt on a bicycle. There will be social norms that evolve, just like we’ve seen with bike lanes. Then there’s the crazy opposition. Protestors say they think the deluge of electric scooters in San Francisco is a symptom of gentrification. This group’s upset because scooters are used by rich people, tech workers. The scooters have provoked intense anger here. Some people throw scooters into the ocean, others set scooters on fire. People vandalize these. It’s a low percentage of vandalism, though. I was just in another city the other day, and we had 10,000 rides and we had 18 vandalism complaints. So, when you think about the amount of ridership. So, the irresponsible media blows this up. Whenever there’s something new, the media always hype the problems. Some people call these scooters a nuisance. Which makes it odd that this city, Washington, welcomed scooters. What I love about the District is they are letting us innovate in this space and How can that be? This is Washington, D.C., they regulate everything! Well, they’re regulating us too, but in a very responsible way. Good for D.C.! Not often I get to say that. One last twist: So let’s scan. The scooters even create new ways to make money. Loading. Accept! Accept! We did it! Yes! When scooters lose battery power, scooter companies pay people, like this family, to find them, pick them up, and charge them at home, $5 to $20 dollars for every scooter they charge. What do you do with the money? Um, well I’m gonna try and invest. So kids make money, people have a new form of transport that’s green, it’s good exercise, takes up less space than cars. Maybe, just maybe, the politicians will leave them alone. Woohoo, that’s a bad one right there boy!

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  1. The problem with these things and bicycles as with Segways is that the people riding them do not bother to learn the basic rules rule number one is that pedestrians have right of way I was living in New York City struck by bicycles on the sidewalk more than once and every time that I came across as Segway the guy was just trying to run right over where I happen to be and not paying any attention to the fact that I didn't see him before I had to jump out of his way.. as the Segway Rider the ride it on the sidewalk 20-plus miles an hour absolutely silent…of course the Segways are just as expensive as an automobile.

    So I could see this if they don't have assholes like the guy they show hitting the pedestrians in the crosswalk

  2. How are assholes just allowed to block people from going where they need to go, without some form of physical, painful, consequence? I don't care how many there are, if ANYTHING like that ever happened to me, the so-called protesters standing closest to me will never be able to live a normal life again, cuz I'm going to physically damage them, and to hell with another "assault with great bodily harm" charge, I'll go back to jail for somethin like that, these people have got to be taught a lesson…

  3. I love it. “They can swoop around! Me and hit me!” Yeah uh, cars do that too!

    Then there’s the idiots that allow heroine areas and won’t allow a stupid scooter.

  4. You know what else is a nuisance, hurts and kills people and is driven by rich people? Cars. BURN THEM ALL, MUAHAHAHA

  5. There are scooters that are available now that are designed to look like bicycles and are very comfortable and safe to use. I live in Toronto and this is way better than using congested roads or the packed subway.

  6. To all of the politicians and others who want to ban/regulate scooters, I would ask them at the public hearing: "How much is GM and ExxonMobil paying you to ban electric scooters?"…What would their answer be?
    Let's all go to the public hearings and then post their responses on youtube!!

  7. Here is a solution: make designated spots for people to park those things using GPS and fine those who park outside of these areas. Also give money to people who place them in the right spot if they find one outside of it

  8. Politicians mad that these companies didn't ask first are the politicians who will only approve businesses of their corporate buddies only.

  9. Those scooters are annoying. People leave them all over the place which ends up blocking busy side walks. China has this same problem with their bike shares x100, and it looks like trash on the streets. Scooter shares need to fix their system so that you're not allowed to just leave it anyway, because people will and have done that. "It just works" to me shows that you did absolutely no research on this subject. This might as well have been a paid ad.

  10. The problem is most people dont care and ride it like there own bike. Run stop signs, run red lights, pass on the right when the car is on a turn right only. Trust me when peds have a walk. The scooter guy was trying to run the red light then bangs the peds. He will say its peds fault.

  11. Fuck you americans are so stupid these things are great its the fucking idiots riding them u should ban fucking idiots

  12. Yo prefiero mi bici para ir al trabajo. Pero si le ponen regulaciones a los patinetes, no veo por qué no.

    I prefer my bike to commute to work, but with good regulations, the scooters… why not!?

  13. Just buy one and ride it…and why do they always have to be electric…been riding my Xootr for years – no electricity – are people too stupid to move their legs?

  14. You still need docking stations to prevent clutter. Just charge more and return a portion of the money if you leave it at a station. That or your next ride is half off.

  15. San Francisco bans scooters but let's homeless bums use drugs and poop on the sidewalks. Good call libtards

  16. Those scooters are on our college campus in a small city in northwest Ohio. Not sure if that city is even on the list of 65 US cities, but it shows us how those scooters are becoming a kind of public transportation option. Don't fight against the scooters, they are much safer than those numerous car accidents and crazy inattentive drivers out there.

  17. Ive been flipped off by enough of these scooters riders when they fly in front of cars to start a scooter bonfire

  18. Finally got to ride the lime scooters this weekend. More expensive than the buses (so no loss of business to Utah Transit Authority), but great for getting around town faster. For a guy like me that doesn't own a car, these scooters give more more ways to get where I want to be.

  19. the scooters are used and parked irresponsibly
    I recently saw 2 moms having to go into the street bc the wide sidewalk was littered with scooters
    2 moms with strollers

    the fee per scooter needs to be higher to limit the litter/clutter of the parked scooters
    the net profit needs to have a $ promised to schools and roads

    F that girl lying about the amount of use that is unsafe, daily the users are being unsafe – riding double, too fast on the beach boardwalks, or blowing lights as if the didn't exist

  20. Why don’t ban the bicycle as well? Better ban car as well, oh, should ban all technology ,we can just walk

  21. They only make a song and dance about them so they can create a tax on them. They greedy caniving a holes. They do it with everything from sugar to drones.

  22. who am i going to sue ? we have got to the point were we have decriminalize crime in this country ! so if you want some retribution you will have to get it your self !

  23. I got hit by someone on a Lime scooter… hit and run, and I got left with a broken spine… cuts and bruises… as they fled the scene

  24. I watched two 5-ish kids riding bikes this girl falls over 6 times per day some people a just unlucky I guess.

  25. Cars pollute the environment, injure and kills tons of people a year, yet electric scooters are a hazard. Go figure.

  26. This is a free country they don't need permission to open up a business and put screwed is in these cities that's the problem with you City officials trying to milk companies of all their money

  27. Tons and tons of fuel will be saved every year and it'll be easier for us to breathe people are volunteering to do this it's a good thing no one is being forced to rent a scooter or buy a scooter they are volunteering this is great

  28. Canals in Paris. A rivers in Portland. Beaches in California. Filled with abandoned rental e-scooters. It's in the news every week. I wish there was somewhere I could toss my last two replacement Prius batteries.

  29. "Just leave it anywhere".

    Umm, that's the most common complaint about these things. They're just left anywhere.

  30. Cities just like the Federal Government always want to regulate everything because they want to take a piece of the pie. In my city Bird came in and dropped scooters overnight without checking to be sure permit was approved first. Needless to say the city rounded up all the scooters and charged Bird a hefty fine to get them back. Bird did manage to get their scooters on a close by oceanfront city, but again that city is just waiting to kick the scooter company out because they don't want scooter riders on the boardwalk or sidewalks out of fear of danger to pedestrians.

  31. Why does the old man again fart what to do young?

  32. Our campus is full of scooters. People on scooters can't seem to remember where the brakes are. I've seen at least ten accidents. Half are riders sliding out of control, usually in the rain. Half are scooters slamming into people on the sidewalk, usually from behind. Every time, the driver runs. They take no responsibility for who they hurt. Even a few stitches are expensive in America. Then the scooters are parked everywhere, clogging the sidewalks, making walking between classes difficult. I can't image how impossible they make it for the mobility impaired. If drivers are responsible, scooters are great. But in reality, people on scooters act like asses. Because, let's be honest, most people are selfish asses.

  33. Surveys show that a third of scooter riders are just joyriding. Hardly green. They can often simply walk the same distances. That woman in blue is flat out lying about the injuries:

  34. "Scooter drivers are rich people" or, err, people who want to get around without cars they maybe can't or don't want to afford.

  35. i have been hit twice and my dog once. they just kept going. almost 1k in my doc bills and my dogs vet bill. ever rider was under 18 and on sidewalk. they should be band outright! i saw a 4month old baby almost killed by a scooter. mom pushing stroller in crosswalk as UNDER 18 kid flys by her and clips the stroller handle. guess what….scooter rider just kept going.

  36. A great idea but poorly implemented. It's becoming a new type of danger and recklessness that defies logic and common sense and a new kind of litter that disregards the local landscape. Basic driving laws and rules are ignored and they leave them everywhere. Laying across sidewalks blocking everybody and more specifically ADA and elderly folks. Blocking fire hydrants, bus stops, tourist attractions & parkways. Laying in flower beds. I hear some people are billing these companies for storage fees because their scooters were left on their property for days. Is anybody is responsible for this?

  37. If you look at how many pedestrians get killed by motor vehicles…we should be talking about banning cars from our city centres before banning scooters!

  38. Not a fan of the scooters. They should not be on the sidewalk. $5000 fine would be great per idiot and great revenue for the city.

  39. How is it green if they're just charged by electricity generated from burning fossil fuels?
    These bikes need to be regulated and there should be a mandatory theory test to make non driving /riding members of the society acknowledge and follow the road rules. Also insurance.

  40. 5:50 …Did he say, “It’s good exercise”? Walking is good exercise. Standing while a machine does the hard work is not. These scooters make people soft and lazy, and they are a blight on the streets, lying around on every corner and sidewalk.

  41. E scooter is making people stupid they park anywhere , in the way of people who walk down sidewalks and ride on sidewalks the person who rides the scooter are retarded

  42. Who am i gonna sue when i get knocked down?

  43. These are a public menace to society. People are not coordinated enough to operate them safely. Pedestrians are at risk and they are scattered everywhere. I hate them with a passion.

  44. Electric scooters are the replacement of bicycles. But only slower and lighter. Blame the few driver fuckers, not the machine. Millions of deaths in cars and noone complaints.

  45. The problem isn't solved by causing another bigger problem. Only a true asshole can watch that video of the scooter crashing into pedestrians and not feel hatred towards scooters. Imagine if it was a motorcycle or car hitting a pedestrian. The real problem is the nightmare of policing these new criminals. They are clearly breaking laws by littering and causing serious damage to innocent citizens at a significant higher rate than bicycles. The issue is that these are mostly hit and runs.

  46. I think I might have to side with the government on this one. It is crazy leaving property anywhere cluttering the place up and expecting police to respond if it is stolen too.

  47. These,scooters are horrible for blind people who have mapped out the streets in their mind. They don't know that there's a group of scooters blocking their way, which they will eventually fall into. They're, also horrible for people who are in wheelchairs and depend on getting around the city sidewalks unabated, but are blocked by a bunch of scooters, how is someone in the wheelchair supposed to move scooters out of the way?

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