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  1. I think the reason why i dislike sudying is because i am so disorganized. If i just had my shit together i woul probably like it lol

  2. Do you live alone, with family, or dorm-mates? I live with family and find it a struggle at times with the noise and being interrupted. Do you have advice on how to best study while living with family or dorm-mates? I can’t always go to the library as it’s closed some days and hours. Thanks! Love your videos!

  3. Also you are ducth and study law.. That's very cool because i am from Indonesia and here we still use some colonial dutch laws and they are all written in dutch!!! 🙂

  4. Jesus I really need to find a public library in Portugal near to me, I'm a lazy person but sometimes I just have that I want to study moment, so yeah.

  5. Watching this makes me miss school. I studied at the library like it was no one’s business. The library at the college I went to serves as a good luck charm. I’ve gotten pretty decent grades on papers and exams. Sadly, I had to take a leave of absence from school due to the lack of financial aid.

  6. I'm a high school student. Watching ur video makes me more motivation to study !! love ur video so muchhhhh!!!! Thank youu

  7. Why all 'study with me' videos r only writing and writing? Because I can't remember the lesson if I only write. I need to memorize and discuss with friends.

  8. Did you say that your desk is messy? U r kidding right. My desk looks messier than yours even if I am not studying.

  9. taking a break from studying and watching this to get motivated to study more because Im dead tired and it's midnight and I ve got an 8am class tomorrow, this would be my 2nd all nighter in a row, WAITING FOR TOMORROW AFTERNOON EXCITEDLY TO SLEEP A BIT

  10. "Its such a mess" come on girl we both know that you're clean as hell. If you'd come to my house you be shocked as fuck. My desk is more messy than yours even though I´m not doing anything on it.

  11. well.. she is just rewriting text of this book alomost the whole video!! It's doesn't make any sense!!!Juste waste of my time

  12. I wish youwould do more videos that resemble the 5:06 mark. It made me want to just hit the books and start studying. Very motivating that part of the vid. Please consider doing long study with me's. New subbie btw!

  13. Io ti adoroh ebanche se sono italiana e molte cose non le capisco,mi rilassa molto guardare i tuoi video😍❤🌈🌞⚡

  14. simply awesome…i get motivated to study at my library…thankyou…😘😘😘…i watched all your videos…i like them all…one of the best study channels..keep going…and you know something i studied for 1 hour when i dont want to study actually..only beacause of your motivation video…its very cool to watch your note taking and study session..waiting for your next study sessio video…please do as soon as possible…god bless you dear😘😘

  15. Sorry but highlighting is passive learning. The only semi active learning you did was summarizing it by writing it down.

  16. Kebab is actually not a junk food here in Turkey. It’s just street food 🙂 Love the video btw I’ve been a fan of your videos for years now ✌🏻

  17. Zo knap dat je alles in het engels doet! Je hebt natuurlijk wel een accent maar niet zo houterig, want ik herkende niet gelijk dat je nederlands was! Super trots mag je wezen!

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