TAG | Independent Bookshop Week!

TAG | Independent Bookshop Week!

Hi everyone its Lauren and I have a fun
tag video for you today celebrating independent bookshops. Independent
Bookshops Week is a campaign which is run by the booksellers association
between the 18th and the 25th of June and this tag was created by Will at
the Vintage Vlog whose video I’ll link below in the description box and it’s
all about the joy of books and book shops which is something that I really
love so let’s get started the first question is What book is
currently in your bag? this is like an in-joke! In-joke! Because
the booksellers association also do the Books Are My Bag campaign in October. My answer for
that is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes because of course, it’s everywhere at the
moment a lot of people have read it, have loved it, there’s also some controversy
about it and it is out in the cinema at the moment so i thought i would read it
and see what all the fuss is about also I don’t really read I’ve never read
Jojo Moyes to begin with but i don’t really read romance novels very often so
I thought this would be an interesting break for me and also I
always always have my kindle in my bag because i have like, ‘reader’s fear’
where I just worried if I finish a book i won’t have another one to read so
i just really like having it, like always, even if i’m reading a physical
book so that if i finish it it’s fine i’ve got my whole library with
me all the time. Question two is What the last great book that you read? and for me
that’s actually the last book I read which is Girls Will Be Girls by Emer O’Toole the main idea in this book is that
gender is a performance and when you were born you are not born wanting to
wear high heels if if you are female or wanting to be a car mechanic if you’re
male or whatever and it talks about the way that society defines gender roles
and that it’s easier for someone to fit into those roles as their gender &
people who defy those norms or what society deems appropriate for your
biological sex then that can be very very difficult and it’s so interesting it’s really really easy to read and from
the beginning it leads you into these theories just so easily, like by the end
I felt like I’m, not an expert in gender theory, but she’s talked about quite a
lot of different complex and theoretical things but at the beginning it just brings you
along on that journey and you don’t have to have any prior experience or
knowledge about gender theory. Question 3 is What book have you gifted the most? now I’m
not someone who gets people books very often because the people that I
know that read a lot I worry that i’m going to give them something that
they have already read and the people that I know that don’t read a lot I just think I don’t want to push my
reading upon them, but probably recently and the book I’ve gifted the most is The
Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild because I think this is
really really fun and whether you read a lot or you don’t read a lot I think you’re going to get something
out of this book. This was shortlisted for the Baileys women’s prize for fiction
and it’s about an undiscovered painting and a lost painting which gets found in
a junk shop and lots and lots of people are trying to own this painting for all
different reasons though it’s a bit of a mystery but it’s also really fun
and really funny. Question 4 is What is your favorite independent bookshop? now
I go in lots of different book shops for different reasons and a lot of it has to
do with location i’ll be honest but the really small independents I really like the london review book
shop which is near the british museum because i think it’s got a really
nice atmosphere in there i really like the displays that they do and there’s a
cafe attached to it as well and which was really nice little cakes so it’s
just a really nice experience going in that book shop and another new one which
I need to explore a little bit more and it’s a book shop just off Brick Lane called
Libreria which Jen Campbell took me to and it just looks really really
interesting it’s like little wonder cave of books all of the bookshelves are
curved and there’s mirrors on the ceiling so it didn’t look feels like
you’re in this complete world of books Question 5 is what’s been your favorite
book recommended to you by either a bookseller or a fellow booktuber? and i’m
going to be really boring for this and just use girls will be girls and again
because I’m not very good at taking recommendations from other people I’ve
realized when I was thinking of my answer for this question there’s a lot of books
that i’ve bought because other people have really loved them, but then maybe I
haven’t read them because I’ve just been reading other stuff that’s quite an
interesting thing I’ve learned about myself is that I don’t really listen to people when it comes to
choosing books! Question 6 is What’s your favorite book shop memory? and I think
for me that has to be about two years ago when i was going around Waterstones
and I’d saved up a load of money i had not bought books in ages I think it’s before i had a booktube
channel and I just went mental and I just thought, i’m going to spend all my
money and buy loads of books and I brought a tote bag with me I was going around the shop putting all
the books in there that I wanted and then by the time I got to the till i had
two books which couldn’t fit in my tote bag so I just put them down on the till
and then the cashier said something like ‘ok great that’s 10 pounds’
or whatever ‘will you need a bag?’ and I was like ‘mate, I
haven’t paid for any of these!’ and I just tipped it out on the till, I was
like yeah there’s there’s quite a lot of books in there that i need to pay for and
it just really made me laugh because I could have just walked out that shop
with all those books no one had seen me going around on the shelves like putting
these books in my bag Question 7 is What the bookshops mean to you and what
do you love about bookshops? and I think for me before I really discovered
booktube as an outlet and it was just a really safe space and a really beautiful
space and I loved is getting lost in bookshops and looking at all the shells
I spend a lot of time when I do go and proper bookshop shopping I spent a long time looking at all the
shows looking all the different displays reading all the blurbs and it’s just a
wonderful thing to do I love walking round book shops by myself it’s quite an
insular and imaginative process and deciding if you want to buy something
and learning about new authors and it’s just a really comforting thing for me
going round book shops Question 8 is What are the books that made
you or what books have most affected or influence you? and I’ve got three books
for this question first one is a set of short stories by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, which
is the thing around your neck and I really love this collection because all
of these stories are in some way connected with an immigrant experience
and what it’s like to come to a new country and be completely misunderstood
and that’s an experience that I don’t have and it opened my eyes in a lot
of ways to what it must be like to go to a new country and and just small things
about your culture which you take for granted other people don’t understand similar to that was something I read
last year it was a room of one’s own by Virginia
Woolf now this is basically a long essay or speech but it is fictionalized and
it’s Virginia Woolf talking about what women need in order to progress and in
order to become great writers and the two things that she says you need are
the means to support yourself and a Room of One’s Own in which to write and this
just was a book that really spoke to me and make me see some things I hadn’t
really thought about before in terms of feminism and the history of feminisim and
the history of men writing about women and women not having a voice of their
own there’s a lot of topics in here that I loved, there are a lot of sentences that
I kept on the lining and finally a book that really affected me and still does
when I think about it is A Girl is a Half-formed Thing by Eimear McBride and
this is just beautiful it’s a very interesting book is written as a stream
of consciousness and at first it’s very difficult to read it very difficult to
understand i would recommend to keep giving it a go because the more you get into her style
the more you’re sort of getting what’s going on and you just get used to it by
the end and it’s just a beautiful beautiful heartbreaking story i think
because it’s told with such honesty from the main
character’s perspective you just you just empathize with her so much Question 9 is what book would you
recommend for father’s day? this is quite difficult because you know I don’t think
as a type of book but dads like reading a book that i have gifted to my dad in
the past and I’ve also gifted to my boyfriend’s dad is The Narrow
Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan which won the man booker
prize in 2015 and this is about the japanese prisoner-of-war railroad it’s a
very raw yet very beautiful book and it’s the kind of thing that I think my
dad would be interested in because it’s sort of about war and it’s about a part
of world war two that in the West at least we we don’t really hear about so I thought my dad would like this
Question 10 is What is at the top of your TBR or to be read pile? and for me
that is something very exciting which is Eimear McBride’s new novel which is The
Lesser Bohemians and I was sent an advanced copy of this last week this isn’t out until September, I
honestly don’t know anything about it and i sort of want to go into it cold
because it’s just my love for A Girl is a Half-formed Thing which is making me
really excited about this so that’s my attempt at the independent
bookshops week tag i hope this was interesting I’m not very good at tag videos and
tagging other people in it because I don’t know and who’s done it already but because
this is such a beautiful tag about book shops which is something that I think
really important i would love anybody who wants to have a go at this tag to
have a go so I tag everybody’s watching this who has a booktube channel to join in and if you are in the UK there are
events happening all across the country in your different independent bookshops
between the eighteenth and the twenty-fifth of june so please look them
up you can find details about them on the independent bookshops week website
or just go into your local bookshop and see if they’re doing anything during
that week if you don’t have a booktube channel I’d love to hear your answers to
these questions in the comments below and I will see you next time bye!

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  1. That nailpolish looks amazing!! What is it? – I really want to read the girls will be girls book.. 😍📚

  2. Next time I'm in London, I'm going to visit the London review bookshop! I find it quite hard to know where to find the independent bookshops because they are less visible than the chains. (But that's where booktube comes in handy.)

    You mentioned your kindle in the video. Do you use it often? Which books do you buy as an ebook (and why)?

  3. If I have a bad day, I know a trip to the book store will lift my spirits more than a hug or comforting words.

  4. I have had a Girl is a Half Formed thing on my shelf for months – I picked it up after work the other day, read one paragraph and thought this is too much for my sleep frazzled brain! I am really looking forward to it, but think it is definitely a weekend book…

  5. I feel so excited about The Improbability of Love, I only hear good things! And hurrah for The London Review Bookshop, so chill in there xx

  6. OMG the Lesser Bohemians looks beautiful! I need to read The Thing Around Your Neck having LOVED Americanah and enjoyed Half a Yellow Sun. Working on the IBW2016 tag myself right now too!

  7. 1. A Longman anthology of Poetry
    2. Virginia Woolf's Orlando
    3. I don't think I have gifted a book more than once, but the last book I gifted to someone, and might see myself gifting again is We should all be feminists by Chimanda Ngozi Adichie
    4. There are not that many independent bookshops here, but a one with english books that i love I think is called 'English Books'
    5. Probably Americanah, again by Chimanda Ngozi Adichie, although I am looking forward to read some Ali Smith.
    6. It is not specific, but I remember that when I was little, I would go to the bookstore with my mum, and I will ask her to buy me a certain book, and as soon as we were out of the bookstore I would start reading to the point on which I many times finished the book before arriving home, and then my mum will be annoyed by me because that meant I needed more books 😛
    7. Bookstores are a place for imagination, where you have so many stories and things you could learn about, and you somehow have to pick the ones you want.
    8. When I was little, my mum used to read us the stories of a group of sort of children called 'Los Bambalinos', I think those really changed me.
    9. That depends on the dad, but I would say that the short introductions of Oxford could be interesting, since there is a topic for everybody in there
    10.Chernobyl Prayer: A Chronicle of the Future by Svetlana Alexievich

  8. I have been loving listening to everyone's answers to this tag. The bookshop memories are my favorite! It must have been pretty funny when you revealed a whole tote bag full of books. I would love to visit The London Review shop someday! I am lucky to have a very nice independent bookshop near me that has a little bakery on the side. My family is moving in a couple of weeks, and checking out new bookshops is one of the things that I am most looking forward to!

  9. Hey, I adored this video! I'm visiting England in a couple of weeks and want to go to a lot of bookstores. Do you have a list of bookstores I should go to? Thanks!

  10. "Reader's fear." So real. Realizing I've forgotten to bring a book with me is like realizing I don't have my phone, or my keys, or some other necessary and ubiquitous object. I for one do not understand what the Me Before You fuss is about. Not a fan of that book–looking forward to your thoughts on it! Beautiful video, as always!

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