Take an RV Tour of 8 Class A Motorhomes – Winnebago, Tiffin, Newmar | Tampa RV Show 2019

– [Marc Bennett] Continuing
on with our RV Super Show coverage today, we’re gonna
be walking you through some Class A motor homes. We’re gonna be walking
through Tiffin Allegro Bus, Tiffin Phaeton and Open Road. Newmar Canyon Star, Dutch
Star, and Mountain Aire. And with Winnebago,
we’re looking at some new wheelchair accessible
units and the Horizon 42Q. So stick around. (eclectic music) (rollicking music) All right. Now we’re inside the 2019
Tiffin Open Road 36UA, which is basically the
bunkhouse replacement to the former 35QBA, which
is what we used to have. Though they are both bunkhouses,
this is a very different floor plan from the one
that we used to have. Ours, you had a TV
totally off to your right more up in the front cab. This one has one mounted
at an angle on the wall which is not directly
in front of the couch but at least it’s a
reasonable viewing angle. Behind the fireplace and
television, there’s a half bath. Ooh, better not be left-handed. But it’s actually a
pretty spacious bathroom. This little wall, you know? Lighter weight’s important on a gas coach so you’re not gonna see
as heavy of built walls. Just across from this bathroom
is the bunkhouse area. Just looks like a giant
closet, so it fully closes off. But these are the bunks. Has a clothing rod up here. If you are not having anyone
sleeping on these beds you could be hanging a lot of clothes. This upper bunk will flip up. Which would then allow a pretty big space. So you’d need to make some
mods, but I would think you could still convert
this space to an office. (mattress comforter crinkles) So this is a 1.5 bath. It’s really spacious ’cause
this is a full wall slide on the street side. And this rear bath is real large too. A king-size bed. This bathroom’s pretty spacious. Lots of counter spacing here. It’s a pretty decent floor plan. Well, yeah that works. I’m good. And with that full wall slide this feels very open floor plan. Pretty good use of space
for a 36-foot coach. Especially with a 1 and a half bath. And I haven’t seen this in
the other gas coaches before but this has a multiplex
wiring with, they call the Spyder system with Tiffin. This system allows you to
access all of your lights. This sees all the tank capacities. And here’s all your
main lighting controls. All your climate controls. Other settings. And even your slide operation. In the cockpit area, they
have much larger windows than we had in our 2012 Tiffin. This is a really big
window in the driver’s area on the driver’s side
and the passenger side. Other changes in the cockpit
area, they have removed a lot of the carpet that
we used to have up here. – So here in the passenger
area, which is where I used to have my office in our 2012 Tiffin I do like the space
here and the big window. But I’m still
(pull out desk slides) not a big fan of this area. This is just a weird bump in the this is not even deep enough for a laptop. So, I didn’t quite know
if it’s a design feature but it doesn’t seem very practical to me. Much smaller than the pull
out desk I used to have in my 2012 Tiffin office.
(pull out desk slides) In other words, good space. And I do like that there
is a power outlet down here for charging laptops
and electronic devices. So for a 36-foot bunkhouse
coach, I’m actually really happy with the amount of changes
that Tiffin has made to this. To floor plan, to space, to
bringing in new features. They’ve really mixed it up a lot adding in the 1 and a half bath. I think this is a really nice coach. For 36 feet, I’m liking what
they’ve done with this one. – [Marc] MSRP on the 36UA is $203,000. The show special was $173,000. (rollicking music) All right. Now we’re inside the
2019 Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH which is actually a new floor
plan from Tiffin this year. The MSRP on this coach is 357
and the show price is 308. So, let’s have a quick walk-through this brand new floor plan from Tiffin. All right, up in the front of the cabin we’ve got theater seating on my left and a pull out couch on the right with a large TV mounted to a Televator. It’s nice and comfy booth dinette. It actually feels lower than a lot of ’em that I’m used to. But it’s nice and comfy. Ergonomics. Kitchen has a large sink. A dishwasher and a pull out counter. I like this nice big
window in the kitchen area. It lets in a lot of light,
and it’s really nice to be able to take in the views. So, 1 and a half bath floor plan. Let’s do the toilet test. Yeah, it’s not too bad. It’s a little cramped in here. But what’s nice, is you can
actually wash your hands while you’re still on the toilet. (laughing) – [Julie] (laughing) – Listen, in the back of the coach we have the full bath. It’s got dual vanities. And you’ve got your washer
(sliding door opens) and dryer right here.
(sliding door closes) I like that they actually
say this is a sliding door so people don’t try and yank this handle. Now this is the much
more spacious toilet area which would you expect
in this larger bathroom. (rollicking music) – [Julie] This is the kitchen. I am really liking this
big, narrow, long window from the kitchen so you can see outside and it lets in a lot more light. That is a fantastic
feature that we’re starting to see a bit more of in
some of these RV’s here at the RV show. Very nice. Got a dishwasher there. Yeah, loving that back
window in the kitchen. So the Tiffin Phaeton has
been one of the top-selling diesel motor homes for many years. It’s a great coach. Lots of great features. Very comfortable. A little bit still too much
brown and beige for my liking. But definitely a lot
lighter than what we’ve seen in previous years. And we definitely like the
trend that we’re seeing with Tiffin improving their style and to being a little more modern than what we were seeing a couple of years ago. (rollicking music) – ‘Kay, here we are in the
2019 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP. But one of the biggest
things they’ve done this year is they’ve gone with a
much lighter interior. This white linen finish on
the wood is traditionally in Tiffins only in the bathroom. But they’ve brought it
through the entire coach. And this lighter color really
brightens up the whole thing. I really like these recessed
lights, it’s very clean lines. I think that looks really nice. Very open and spacious. They’ve really packed some
technology into this as well. They have a digital dash,
which is becoming popular in some of these
higher-end diesel coaches. And they call this the
Spyder system in Tiffin. It’s the multiplex wiring,
the centralized system. And this interface is cleaner
than some of ’em I’ve seen. But you can really see
about everything in here. With the touch of a button,
you can close or open your shades. (mechanical whirring) – The storage is really
great in this coach. And it actually has two of these really big pull out pantries.
(pull out pantry slides open) Very deep. Really nice.
(pull out pantry slides shut) This is the second bathroom. Pretty good. Look at this nice, over the fantastic fan they’ve got that little great. Doesn’t that look pretty? – Underneath the cupboard, there’s a huge farmhouse style sink. – Beautiful spa like bathroom. (rollicking music) Even a fireplace in the bedroom. A king-size bed. Really liking the spa type of bathroom. Gorgeous shower here. Very nice vanity area,
right behind me here. Which leads you into
a huge walk-in closet. Plenty of storage for your clothes. Your coloreds drawers. Even little cubbies for your shoes. And, to lock all your
valuables, personal safe. (door opens)
Washer, dryer in here. (door closes)
The toilet test. Nice work, Tiffin! That was the Tiffin Allegro Bus 45 OPP. This is called the linen interior package. White Linen cabinetry,
they’re calling this. Beautiful coach, if this
is in your price range. So MSRP on this is close to 500,000 but they’re show special today
is around 420,000 dollars. – Oh yeah. I could get used to this. (rollicking music) – Now of course, as we’ve
said before, of the 1,500 of these here at the show,
cannot even possibly come close to covering even a fraction of ’em. So we are focusing on what’s
new and what’s different. Different floor plans. Different decor, different technologies. And just something that’s
showing a little bit more innovation and
thoughtfulness in the design and layout of these RV’s. So, I think we found
what we’re looking for right about here. So we just arrived here at the Winnebago. And really pleased to see
they’ve got three models here. They’ve got a Class A,
entry-level Class A. They’ve got a bigger Class A and a Class A diesel here that
are all mobility-accessible with wheelchair lifts. They can lift up to, I
think it’s 800 pounds. These weigh about 350 pounds
a lift, up to 800 pounds. So it really makes it easy
for anyone that needs easy accessibility into their RV. This has been offered by
Winnebago for about 40 years. But it’s always for custom orders. But now these are being
made more widely available just ordering through
the dealers to be able to get your wheelchair lift into your RV. And that means that just about
anyone can get out there now. We’re now looking forward the Horizon which is a favorite of ours. We covered this at the
RVIA Show back in 2017. It’s the new diesel pusher
with beautiful, contemporary styling, and we’re trying
to hunt that one down again right now. (bell rings)
So we first showed you the Winnebago Horizon when it was unveiled at the RVIA Industry
Show back in late 2017. Fell in love with it. Beautiful modern, contemporary styling that we’d never seen anywhere before. That was a 40 foot coach. So let’s go inside and have
a look at this tag axle. See what’s different. I’m sure they’ve kept the same styling. But, obviously, a lot more, a lot bigger. So let’s go check it out. – Ooh it’s the RV guys. (vinyl swishes) – [Tall Man] Hello! – [Woman] Hey, guys. – [Julie] Hi, how are you? – [Tall Man] Been watching
you all these years – Yeah! – I’m so sorry we never meant to. (laughter) – Chris Duval. – Nice to meet you Chris. – We text you a few, I mean
E-mailed a couple of times. – [Julie] Yeah the names familiar, yeah Awesome. – I’m glad you guys are enjoying it. – Alright now we’re inside
the Winnebago Horizon 42Q It’s another Class A diesel pusher. The Horizon is a very forward
thinking, very contemporary styled RV as you can see. So a couple of features. Try to have a quick look around here. One that I thought was
pretty neat, this little area here, this little counter top area, lift that off and this
is an area you can throw trash into, but what’s
interesting about it is there’s an access panel on the
outside of the coach that you can access that and take
your whole bin outside. Which I think would help keep
some of the smell on your trash out of your interior
of your motor home. And I love having it so
easy to throw stuff in there instead of taking up
space under your counters. – So much as we love this
little trash at the back of the counter for shorties like me, I can’t actually reach
it, so I’m gonna be using a utensil to shove my trash
into that little trash bin. (laughter) But I do like this
thoughtfulness here, they’ve got some little groove here in
the countertop for the water to be running off into
the sink from your dishes. Farmhouse sink here, I
really love this kitchen. I just love the clean
lines, the modern look, the contemporary look of this coach and, all of the windows all
around, light, bright makes it feel really big, I mean it is a big coach, it’s 42, 43 feet but feels even
bigger with all this light. (mumbling) – Well I guess anything looks
bigger with this sorta light. (laughter) I like everything big
because I’m so small. – One thing I’ve noticed
that’s a little bit of a knock on the cabinets, when we
where at the RVIA show in 2017 the cabinets when we would
open them they were all soft close and soft open. These, I had a little
trouble figuring out how to operate them, but then when I did, if you don’t hold it, it
slams up against the ceiling which I didn’t really like. Once you get used to that,
I guess you just know to not let go of it
when you’re opening it. The latch when you get
used to it is pretty nice. I do like that there’s no visible handles, I think that’s a nice look. It’s carpeted inside which
would help reduce sound and vibration of dishes
and stuff like that. I like this feature too,
this slide and glide, that you can move the table
from one side to another, depending on what you want
access to in those cupboards, or if you want to have the
seating moved one way or another. We love these gigantic windows
because they bring in so much light and allow you to
take in all the amazing views. Speaking of light, we also
really like the ceiling lights in here, very contemporary, very modern. Not for everybody but it’s
something we definitely enjoy. Half bath right here, doing
a little bathroom test, it’s a little weird to walk
into it and then step back into it, but at least it has
good mobility in here, and you can wash you hands while
still on the toilet. (laughter) But, other features in
this 42Q, king size bed, another full bath in the back here. A lot of space on this
toilet, really roomy. We got the washer and dryer in here, it’s got this small little
door on this side and the big door on this side, but
what I don’t like about it is it’s limited at how far it comes open. So now, you have a difficult
time accessing the washer and dryer because you have to
step back behind this toilet to get to it. I haven’t sat down and
looked at this too long but I do think they coulda had a
better solution than having a door that blocks access
to the washer and dryer. There you go. Love the shower, it’s really, this is really cool. Really big, but I really
like the lighting in here, big skylight, lots of room, plenty of room to move around in here. 6MSRP on this Horizon
was 488,000 with the show special of 350,000. (rollicking music) – So we’re here at the
Newmar booth and we’re gonna be going through a Canyon
Star, gas Class A and a Dutch Star, diesel Class A. Alright, so now I’m in
the 2019 Newmar 3927. This is their gas powered,
Class A motor home, and it’s a Toy Hauler, so it has the living space upfront here, there’s a little couch on one side and the dinette on the other side. It has the galley area with
a full bathroom across the hallway from that and then a bedroom, with a queen size bed, and then you open the
door out of the bedroom into the garage, and in the garage area
there is fold down seats that you can use. Also a bed that’s a bunk, that
can be above Toys you haul. So having the bed area and
seats on a lift that are above the rest of the garage
area, that offers a lot of versatility because
you can load all your Toys and still have that space
available once you unload Toys then you have extra seating
capacity, there’s table you can set up in there and the
sleeping arrangements for the rest of the folks once you’re parked. It has a little over 3000
pounds of cargo carry capacity which is larger than a lot
of gas powered Class A’s. So which would be important
if you’re gonna try and be A Toy hauler. Right so, versatile, gas
coach in the Class A. Base price on the Newmar
Canyon Star is around 172,000 There was no show price listed. Alright, so now I’m in
the 2019 Newmar Dutch Star Class A diesel pusher, model number 4002, and interestingly this is in
the 40 foot range but it’s a tag axle. We are seeing the lighter
cabinetry in here again, a lot of the Newmar products still
does have dark cabinetry but we have seen quite a few here
with the lighter cabinetry. This has opposing slides,
in the living area, has nice big recliners on
one side and then a full size couch on the other, with
a Televator to raise up and below that couch, so if you’re
sitting in the recliners it’d be a really good viewing position. It has a dinette, with the two chairs. Galley area has some of that,
square farmhouse style sink it’s not the full, deep
farmhouse sink we’ve seen in some of the others. This is a bath and a half model. So you have the half bath
in the front and then a full bath in the back, it
also has the washer dryer. Couple other notable features
on this Newmar Dutch Star 4002 it does have the digital
dash, we’re seeing a big trend towards the digital dash. As you might might imagine
being a tag axle 40 foot coach it has substantial
cargo carry capacity of approximately 9000 pounds. So that’s, you’re gonna have
a lot of ability to carry pretty much whatever
you need weight wise and storage capacity is actually
better than I would have expected on a 40 foot tag
axle because some people don’t think about the fact that,
when you put that third axle that’s at three foot across
that wheel, and that’s basement storage that would have
otherwise been available in this size of length coach. Another feature I really
like on this, they have a slide out, that drops
down to be flushed and has tiled floors which is a
really nice look to have that tile run all the way out to the edge. Now there is a little trim
piece between where the slide and the main floor meet,
but visually this tile floor still flows all the way into
the slide which is a really nice look. I also really like this tinted,
or darker shade of mirror because it doesn’t look
as much like a mirror, so it seems darker and so
you actually get the depth of the mirror reflection but without that, bright and harshness of
a bright regular mirror. It’s a nice touch having
that smoked glass. Base price on a Newmar
Dutch Star is around 371,000 there was no show price listed. So one of the challenges I
had here at the Newmar booth was that quite of the
units have already sold and they’re already locked up,
so lesson learned for our next show, stuff we really
wanna get we gotta get early in the show before they sell out. – [Julie] We’re inside a
Newmar Mountain Aire 4534 you can see here it’s got the
dual digital monitors here for your GPS, for your cameras
all the way around the coach. Its got a, it’s not turned
on right now but it’s a digital dash, we’ve seen a
lot of that here this year at the show. Also, over here we’ve got a
cell phone charging pad here just on the left of the dash area, so turn around take a look at this coach, beautiful, very, very
gorgeous this Mountain Aire. Light interior with these
fabrics, really liking what they’re doing here with
the really light interiors. The floor is beautiful,
it’s highly polished but it looks like wood. You can see all the LED
lights reflecting off it. But, beautiful coach really
like what they’ve done with the finishes here on
the window treatments. Definitely up scale, very elegant. But look at this U shaped
kitchen, it’s got a big island and when the slide
comes in, the slide actually comes out over this island. So that stays in place and
the slide comes forward to here on this kitchen island. But nice big U shaped kitchen,
you can see a dishwasher there a nice double sink
over here, and yeah just really beautiful, elegant coach. TV in the bedroom. Quick look in the bathroom, and yeah, nice big bathroom. Big toilet with a Newmar rear exit door. Dual vanities, and another very nice spa
like shower area, a really big spacious shower, Newmar
are doing very nice showers. Very spa like bathrooms. – [ Marc] Base MRSP on Newmar
Mountain Aire is 581,000, there was not a show price listed. Thanks for watching today’s
video, we hoped you enjoyed it. Still ahead in our Florida
RV super show series are some luxury Class A coaches and
interviews with industry manufacturers. We’ll also be starting our
ultimate RV makeover series so make sure to check back
regularly for new videos. Subscribe and click the bell
for notifications of new videos, until next time
we’ll see you on the road.

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