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  1. I live in Greenville Texas and is going into 7th grade and I'm already am looking into colleges because I really want to have a successful life and this is my dream college.When I apply I hopefully will get accepted,please reply thank you!

  2. I've graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1995 and I remember correctly that was the last year named ETSU. Proud to be one of honored graduate of this institution, excellent courses, very friendly environment….Keep on the good work! Thank you for offered me quality education.

  3. This is an ad meaning it is publicity and does not tell facts. Do not waste your time, effort here. poor quality teachers. Met pervert professors, harassers, abusers of power like dean joseph webber, assistant dean la velle hendricks. Shithole backward place. Few stores in commerce, nothing to see. Backward town. More like village. And quality of teaching is very poor.

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