The 3 Rules of Money Only 3% Of People Keep

The 3 Rules of Money Only 3% Of People Keep

Like most people, I grew up in a family where
nobody talks about money. My father was a farmer who works harder than
most people I know. I am not sure he worked that hard because
he loved his cocoa farm. I think he worked hard because he wanted money. Unfortunately, he never gets enough of it. Going through the school and the church in
my country aren’t different. Nobody talked to me about money, so there
I was at age 17, going through a major emotional crisis of my life. I was wondering, “Why are most people poor?” “Why do a few people seem to have too much
when most people have nothing?” I couldn’t discuss this with anyone in my
family, school or church because they were all poor, so I turned to books. I read and read as if my life depended on
it. That was about 16 years ago and today when
I look back, nothing has changed, except that I have changed. Though today, I have more money than most
people, the situation of the world is still the same; a few people make too much money
while most people always struggle for money. In this video, I’ll be sharing with you the
3 important rules I learned which changed my financial life. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so
that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Don’t sell time; it’s too scarce
Growing up, I wanted to be an accountant. I was so crazy about the dream of becoming
an accountant that nobody could be a better student than I was in accounting class. However, when I started reading books about
money and I discovered that as an accountant, I would have to sell my time for money all
of my life, I left school. Listen! We all have only 24hours in a day. If you think that is a lot, consider that
only one-third of those hours are productive hours. We all have very limited energy and that means
that we can’t work all day but let’s assume that you’re a superman and you can work 20
hours every day. Well, working 20 hours every day won’t still
make you rich. I’ve spoken about this a few times and I want
to repeat myself here; until you can work a thousand hours in a day, you can never become
rich. Show me any human being who has more than
enough money, and I will show you that none of them sell their time because an individual’s
time is too limited. So, what can you sell instead? Well, sell the scalable value. Sell value that could be sold without your
full-time effort. This is not as difficult as it sounds, I tell
you. The problem we have however is that most people
are not trained to sell value or anything for that matter. All my life, I’ve been on the street, trying
to sell and I can tell you that selling is not as difficult as most people think. Now, let me give you a simple formula that
can change your life completely; Focus on other people, their needs and problems. Focus on the world, our needs and problems. One interviewer once asked Elon Musk something
like, “Why are you a billionaire when you claim you want to save the world?” Meaning, if truly you love to save the world,
why are you so rich doing it? This line of thinking is like, if you want
to help other people, then you shouldn’t be wealthy doing it. Or, the rich are greedy and that’s why they
make a lot of money. As a student of money, you must not believe
that bullshit. The opposite is the truth; the rich are rich
because they are generous. The rich are rich because they are selfless
and I’ll give you a simple personal example here. In the year 2013, I wrote a book. To confess to you, I didn’t know what I was
doing. I was simply angry and I wanted to put my
anger into a book. Little did I know that many people would like
my book; so, when I noticed that people like my book, I decided to stop selling it. Instead, I decided to start giving the book
out for free. This, of course, doesn’t make any sense. Traditional thinking says; when you have a
product that people like, then, increase its price, right? But I worked against this norm and started
giving the book out for free. Then, the miracle happens. Thousands of people started downloading my
book and when most people read this book, they share it with others which make the book
even more popular. And before I knew it, people started registering
much more for my other training programs, invited me for speaking engagements and meetings
with important people and I started making 10 times more money giving my book away than
selling it. Don’t sell time, sell value! To create value, pay attention to other people’s
needs, love people and be willing to solve their problem. Be generous and you’ll get more in return. Use other people’s brains, time & energy or
yours would be used. After the last point, someone would ask me,
“But it still takes time to create and sell value?” Yes, it does but it doesn’t have to be your
own time. Over the years, I’ve talked about selling
value using other people’s time, brains and energy. Why this topic is a very harsh one, it’s like
other life’s realities; it’s tough but it’s true. Life is like a jungle. You can’t afford to be the weakest animal
because if you do, you’re gone. Think about a soccer game. There is an opposing team and one of them
has to win. If you don’t win, you’ll be won. Think about the battlefield. If you don’t kill your enemy, he’ll kill you. Yea, some of the above analogies are too harsh
but you get the picture; there are two groups of people in the world; people who buy other
people’s time and people who sell their time. You know who is rich out of the two groups. The first rule of money is; don’t sell your
time, sell value. I’ve shared with you how to create value. So, how do you sell or even create value without
selling your time? That leads us to the second rule which is;
use other people’s time, brains and energy. How do you do this? Learn how to cooperate, partner and ask other
people questions. Second, learn how to employ people and build
a team. You need some money to achieve the second
step but you don’t need money to start with the first step. Even when I had no money, I still used other
people’s brains, time and energy. I learned a lot about human relationships
and negotiation. I make friends with quality people, help them
with whatever they need that I could offer and ask them for partnership or to help me
out in any way I needed. Some of these people rejected me while some
accepted my proposal. I did this for many years until I started
making reasonable money. Today, I’m at the second step. Because I have some money, I no longer have
to wait too long to get people to be part of my team. Don’t kid yourself. The game of money is like football. You need a team. You can’t win the game of soccer alone. You must learn how to steal other people’s
brains. You must learn how to corporate and form a
partnership and as time goes on, you must learn how to employ and delegate. That’s how you work a thousand hours in a
day. Use technology for your selfish reason
I’ve told you earlier that the rich are not selfish but now I’m telling you to use technologies
for your selfish reason. Here is the thing; every successful business
in any generation leverage technologies. Today, when you hear technology, your mind
goes to the computer and Artificial Intelligence. Well, those are some of the technologies we
have in our generation but you must not forget that every generation has new technologies. It took technological advancement for our
ancestors to discover that they could plant crops. It too technological advancement for them
to discover that they could create clothes! It was the technology that helped our ancestors
to know that they could build houses, create electricity, use horses for transportation,
eat on a plate, write on the stone, create soap or fly in the sky. Some of these things may look unimportant
today but it was a big deal when they were invented and the work of smart people in any
of those generations and ours is to use those technologies for their advantage. The problem with this is that only a few people
in any generation ever use technology to make money. Others simply love to consume those technologies. A good example in my personal life was at
a time when my company was spending as much as $3,000 every month on Facebook Ads and
I still meet people who think that they never give Facebook any money. Well, if you use Facebook, YouTube, or any
other website out there, you either get paid or pay. That’s why I advocate selfishness here. Look around you and see numerous technologies
all around. Are you taking advantage of anyone of them? Does your business have a website? Mine does and we make money through them. Does your business use social media? Do you make money when sleeping because you
use a few technologies to make sales for you? At the end of the day, what separates people
who are poor from those who are rich is the ability of the rich to sell value instead
of time, use other people’s time, brain and energy and leverage heavily on the technologies. If you like this video, we invite you to join
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  2. Great tips. Other great rules of money I use in my life they work as a charm is Pay yourself first and surround yourself with successful people. This has helped me so much and my viewers testify to it too.
    Thank you again

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